Big Honkin’ List Of Homemade Gifts They’ll Actually Love

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Homemade gifts are special. But how do you come up with homemade gifts they’ll actually LOVE? I’m sharing gifts we’ve made over the years that were very well received. Come see!

I'm sharing a list of homemade gifts that we've made & gifted - they've all been very well received. Beeswax candles, jars of home-preserved goodies, repurposed denim handwarmers, hummingbird feeders & MORE! #TexasHomesteader

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Deciding To Give Homemade Gifts

One year I just got completely frustrated with all the consumerism associated with the holidays. Every year we were struggling to equal or top last year’s gifts. Then there was the shopping, the crowds and the mounting EXPENSE!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not against gifts.  They’re a fun way to share our love with those around us. 

But whatever happened to my vision of the real meaning of Christmas? Those times when RancherMan & I focused on gathering with family & friends and spending time together in celebration of the birth Christ?? 

When did that get shoved aside & it all become about the GIFTS and the tunnel-vision mindset of “what’s in it for me??”

So RancherMan & I had a heart-to-heart talk with each other that year & decided although it would take much more effort on our part, we wanted to give more personal gifts. Something from both of us, straight from our hearts. 

We’ve now been doing this for several years – way before I had this website. So I don’t necessarily have pictures of everything to show you. But I thought it would be helpful to know some of the gifts that we’ve given that were well received.

~ Pretty Wax-Dipped Pinecone Fire Starters ~

Whether your gift recipient has a wood-burning fireplace or is a camping enthusiast, these wax-dipped pinecones are a great gift idea. And they’re super easy to make. You can even use old candles for the wax!

RancherMan & I have these in our home and we love them!

~ Repurposed Denim Pocket Warmers

This gift has been wildly successful with all our family members both old and young. Just warm them in the microwave for a few seconds and BOOM, delightful warmth. 

Place ’em in your pockets to keep you warm when you must go out on a cold day.

Pocket hand warmers, repurposed denim, denim, rice, essential oil Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteaderTexasHomesteader

My dad is probably the biggest fan EVER of these pocket warmers. He once asked me “Does anyone else know about these?  If so, why doesn’t everyone have one – they’re AMAZING!”  LOL.  Thanks dad…

~ Pasta & Pasta Sauce

We like to make consumable gifts whenever possible since we don’t often know preferred colors or designs, nor what the gift recipient already has or wants. Often our consumable gifts are food items because c’mon, everyone likes to eat!

Our gifts come from BOTH of us, not just me. When making our Christmas gifts RancherMan is right there beside me doing the work. It’s a true sacrifice for him since cooking & canning’s not something he enjoys. A true gift from his heart!

One year we planted extra paste tomatoes in our garden and when they were harvested we cooked and canned pasta sauce. We also made homemade pasta and packaged it all in stainless-steel colanders with stainless steel spaghetti utensils.

Homemade pasta and sauce. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~ Homemade Tamales

We also made homemade tamales to give as our Christmas gifts one year. We gifted those tamales in a small glass casserole dish so there would be no disposable plastic wrappings included.

Our tamale gifts were very well received and we had enough to store several in the freezer for ourselves too. You know that makes RancherMan a happy boy!

Homemade Tamales. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~ Homemade Food Gift Baskets

One of our favorite things to give are homemade food baskets. The contents of these baskets obviously change year to year based on what I’ve been able to grow in the garden or make & can throughout the year.

One year we shared my favorite Pumpkin Granola packaged in a huge reusable hinged glass jars.

Food gift baskets. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

Of course work on this gift started waaaaay back in the spring with the planting of heirloom pumpkin. Then the weeding/watering/harvesting of that pumpkin. Followed by cooking that pumpkin down into puree and then finally using that puree in my recipe.

I felt good knowing we’d put so much of ourselves into this gift. Even the pecans are harvested & shelled from our own trees! 

The dried fruit in the granola can be dehydrated plums, or perhaps dehydrated apples shared from my aunt’s trees. Some years I’ve dehydrated jujube from our own trees.

Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

One year our gift basket was entirely apple themed. My aunt invited me to pick the apples from her tree and we came home with bushels of delicious apples. RancherMan & I spent weeks in the kitchen peeling, chopping cooking and canning apple products.

We made apple-pie filling so our little bakers could just plop that jar of pre-made filling into a crust and have homemade apple pie in a flash.

We also made and canned creamy apple butter, Cinnamon/Vanilla Applesauce, cinnamon-spiced apples and apple slices in light syrup.  Another big hit was the dehydrated sugar-cinnamon apples perfect for snacking.

~ Homemade Preserves

A fun thing to include in a food gift basket is homemade pear preserves. A sweet friend shared her pear preserves recipe that has always been RancherMan’s FAVORITE. And another dear friend allowed me to harvest the leftover pears from her tree. The results were this delicious pear preserves.

Homemade Pear Preserves. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~Beeswax Lip Balm

Since we have a small apiary, I typically have a supply of beeswax. One year for Christmas we decided to make beeswax lip balm for our grandbabies.

I tinted them with KoolAid (but be careful it’s easy to make the flavor too tart using it) I now almost always tint my lip balm with a bit of lipstick instead.

(Note: If I have extra, I sell beeswax from our hives on my Online Store)

Homemade beeswax lip balm. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~Candy Snowman & Gloves (with CASH!) –

It’s always a puzzle how to present a gift of cash. I mean, you hate to just hand over the dough. Surely there’s a cute way to present money as a gift.

Whether you’re including cash for those gift recipients or leaving the cash out to make a cute inexpensive gifts for your children’s classmates or your office co-workers, this candy snowman gift comes together quickly and costs precious little to assemble.

Snowman theme Candy box with gloves and money gift cash Christmas #TexasHomesteader


~Gifts Packaged Beautifully

Sometimes if I was giving a jar of home-canned goodies to a neighbor or friend, I wanted a lovely, rustic way of presenting my gift. Mama always says: “Presentation is half the gift” and mama’s always right. 

I started making these fun and oh-so-cute denim baskets using repurposed denim from RancherMan’s worn jeans. I love that they are so easy to make even with my beyond-novice sewing skills. And can be embellished in so many cute ways.

Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! Repurposed denim baskets #TexasHomesteader

~ Homemade Jerky

RancherMan’s a skilled hunter and he keeps all manner of meat in our freezer. A couple of years ago we gave homemade wild-game jerky using venison and elk meat. You could just use ground beef if you wanted.

It was easy! We bought a * jerky gun and a couple of flavoring kits. Then it was simply a matter of taking the ground meat, adding the seasoning, mixing it all up and “shooting” it onto the dehydrator trays and drying the meat.

This gift was very, very well received by all of our gift recipients.

Homemade jerky made easy using ground beef or wild game meat #TexasHomesteader


~ Wild Game Summer Sausage

One year we gave processed wild hog meat. One of the wild hogs that RancherMan harvested right here on the ranch was processed by a wild-game meat processor. 

Some of the meat was made into summer sausage and jalapeno-cheese snack sticks. The meat was presented in a new small soft-side cooler with reusable ice pack.

~ Dehydrated Salsa In A Jar –

Now this is clever! One year I took various vegetables from my garden and dehydrated them in my Excalibur dehydrator.

I dehydrated diced tomatoes and onions, garlic, even cilantro. When all was ready I assembled my dehydrated salsa gifts.

Into each jar and measured each dehydrated ingredient along with my homemade seasoning mix and BOOM! Dehydrated salsa in a jar.

My gift recipients only needed to add hot water & allow everything to rehydrate. It was certainly a popular gift that year.

~ Homemade Cold-Press Soap

One year we made a couple of kinds of homemade soap.  This was a really fun and unique idea that everyone loved. One of the soaps was made using rosemary from my plants right out back that were dried and crushed. We made gentle unscented Castile soap as well rosemary-scented and vanilla-scented soaps.

UPDATE:  I’ve posted about our homemade Rosemary/Lavender Soap using botanicals from right here on the Homestead. I’ve also posted about our Vanilla-Scented Shampoo Bars. They were both very well received by our gift recipients. And of course RancherMan & I are able to spoil ourselves with some pretty incredible homemade soap too!

Homemade soap. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~ Soapberry Infusion & Soap Boxes –

The homemade soap a few years ago went over so well I had family members asking for them for gifts again. So we obliged, yet expanded upon the gift idea. This gift would be a box of various soap/cleaning items.

I purposely grew luffa that year so I could include them in these gifts. So planning for that year’s Christmas gift started waaaaaaaaay back in the later winter months when I was Planning My Garden

Along with the home-grown luffa we added a few bars of different homemade soaps. But we added something else. 

I harvested Soapberries from our remote property and made Soapberry Infusion with them. I used small repurposed jars and heated the infusion and poured it into the small jars. Then I turned the jars upside down to heat the jar’s seals.

Although this would never be good enough for sealing food, it worked great for sealing the infusion so the gift recipients could either use it for shampoo or general cleaning whenever they were ready for it.

The soaps were all packaged in boxes I made from Repurposed Christmas Cards.

~ Hummingbird Feeders & Nectar

When we bought this property there was a large area of trash tucked away in the trees of one of our pastures from the previous inhabitants. Now the house that was on this property burned over 50 years before we ever purchased it. So I’m guessing that’s just the way they did things back then. 

There wasn’t much plastic in those piles but lots of glass, metal, old cars, etc. We cleaned up that area by taking all the metal to a recycling facility and much of the glass as well.

But some of those glass jars were just so cool and obviously old. Maybe there’s something we can do with them…

We took some of the more interestingly-shaped ones and washed them up. We bought glass paint pens and painted a different design on each one.

Then we bought rubber-cork/flower *hummingbird feeder tips and made our own very cool hummingbird feeders. We included a package of homemade hummingbird nectar along with the instructions so they could make more homemade nectar when it ran out.

Here's a list of homemade Christmas ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~ Something For Fido

Can’t forget those pups! Many of our friends & family have dogs and my healthy Homemade Dog Treats is a fun thing to include in our gift baskets for their fur babies.

Homemade pet treats. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~Solar Light Feature

Although not technically a gift for Christmas, RancherMan & I also made this gorgeous solar light feature from Bois d’Arc trees on our property as a gift for our daughter.

It was personalized specifically for her with her love of elephants. She loved it! And the cost to make it was minimal.

Solar Light Feature made with Bois d'Arc wood. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

~Pure Oak Cutting Board

One year we made homemade cheese as our gift. We wanted to present that cheese on a small  Cutting Board (ie: cheeseboard).

But we were shocked at how expensive this small cutting board was going to be. So we made them ourselves.

We even personalized them. It was easy and they turned out beautifully for a fraction of the cost.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas - wood cutting board. Here's a list of homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't wait - get started NOW for a homemade Christmas you and your family will LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

So there’s a list of some of the fun homemade gifts we’ve presented over the years.  What are your favorite homemade gifts to give or receive?


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16 thoughts on “Big Honkin’ List Of Homemade Gifts They’ll Actually Love

  1. Keri

    I wish I were on your gift list! 😉 These are awesome gift ideas!! I love that so much of you and rancher man’s time and efforts went into these gifts making them that much more special to the recipients.

  2. shelley

    I’d much prefer any of the gifts on this list than something from a store! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas – perhaps I’ll get inspired for next Christmas.

  3. sahana

    Homemade gifts are the best. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again next week.

  4. Julie Bagamary

    What practical and wonderful ideas. I particularly like the hummingbird feeder and nectar!

  5. Lady Locust

    Another great thing(s) about gifts like these is that they don’t have to be eaten right away, and you aren’t decorating someone else’s house – you know, like the pink crocheted toilet seat cover:)
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Bobbie

    Love Your Blog!
    After reading your Homemade Gift ideas and seeing your Homemade Cold-Press Soap, I was wondering if you have made anymore soap. I’d love to learn to make cold-pressed soap for next year as Christmas gifts. You’ve truly inspired me to get crackin’ on this for next year. I plan on printing out many of your recipes and ideas and putting them in a 3-ring binder. I’m seeing all sorts of possibilities through your generous blog. Christmas now is only a few days away, so I’m collecting (and most likely will be practicing on a few of these) for next year. I hope my family catches-on like yours have. I love this idea of dropping the rat-race-shopping for the Holiday Season and sharing the love through homemade gifts.
    I sure hope to hear from you about the cold-pressed soap. Sounds perfect!
    Happy Holiday and Many Thanks!

  7. Rachel

    Homemade gifts are the best and everyone loves good food and little treats. These ideas sound delicious. I want to keep the pear preserves and pumpkin granola all to myself, haha. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

  8. Jenna

    These are great gift ideas. I love homemade Christmas gifts! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop!

  9. Kimberly

    This looks like perfect ideas! I wish I could take a bite right now of everything! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for being a part of our party. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. It wouldn’t be a party without you!
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  10. Terri Presser

    Great post, great ideas, thanks for sharing. Blessings

  11. Jayleen @ How Do The Jones Do It

    What awesome gifts! I would love that pumpkin granola or homemade sauce! My hubby looks forward to the homemade barbecue sauce he gets every year from a co-worker. My favorite gift to give is homemade flax seed heating bags. Looking forward to seeing your post on how to make soap!

  12. Patti

    Wow, your homemade goodies look like great gifts. I would love it if someone gave them to me.

  13. Amy

    In our family, homemade is always best! You’ve put out many sweet and attractive homemade gift ideas, and I thank you!

  14. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    There is nothing as nice as receiving a wonderful home made food gift for Christmas like the ones you’ve made. I particularly like the tomato sauce!

  15. Terry

    Home made gifts are great, I know I have received several. I also make some home made ones. This year many are getting Christmas pillowcases, and one grandson is getting a Christmas quilt. It is really fun to make gifts for others too.

  16. ColleenB.

    I feel by giving and receiving homemade gift baskets are the Best as they are given from the heart and made up of love. Nothing pleases me more than receiving a homemade gift item cause I know great thought had gone into it. My daughters where younger they would always make me a homemade card for Christmas and for my birthday which always meant a lot to me and I still have them items that they had given.
    It is so much fun; yes time consuming, making up gift baskets so each individual on their likes from homemade baked goodies ; seasonings, meat rubs, different varieties of Chex Mix party mixes, right down to a homemade ornament of sorts. I even sit down and make All homemade cards for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and everything in between. I haven’t bought a store bought card in years. The nice pretty store bought cards are getting so expensive and I can make them cheaper and make them more personal and meaningful.
    Yesterday in fact I made 2 batch of homemade Ritz Bits candy; one chocolate and one vanilla flavor.
    I had always told the girls, cause they would always ask what I would want so I would tell them; if you’re going to get me something, make it homemade; even if it’s a plate of cookies. Over the years I haven’t had to mention that fact cause they automatically know .

    Going to Christmas Eve candlelight services as a family is one of the greatest gifts of all. Just being together and then coming back to the house afterwards for some good, down home, homemade soup supper.


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