How To Repurpose Those Empty Coffee Canisters

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I love our coffee. We enjoy that hot cup-o-joe each morning. Although I hate plastic, our favorite coffee comes in a plastic canister. Of course when they’re empty I offer those handy containers to others around me who I feel could use them.

But when I could no longer give them away I started looking for ways to repurpose them myself. If you’re looking for inspiration too, come see what I’ve been able to make with them. Links to details are in the titles.

Come see different ways I've been able to repurpose those empty coffee canisters. They're handy for so many things. #TexasHomesteader

Removing The Print

I wanted to make some of my canisters into decorative food containers. So I didn’t want to paint the outside for fear paint might chip off over time into our food. But I found that removing the print could be a challenge. I also found there’s a trick to it. So if you’re going to be storing food in your canister and don’t want to paint it, be sure to check this out.

Cute Bread Box

After I got that print removed from the surface I made an empty coffee canister into a cute bread box. I use it to hold the Homemade Bread I make for RancherMan. This bread box looks great in our kitchen and keeps our bread fresh too.




Flour Canister

After I made my bread box, I removed the print from a larger canister and made it into a matching flour canister. I typically buy a 25-lb bag of flour at a time and store it in my freezer to keep it fresh. Then I refill this cute canister to keep a handy supply in my kitchen.




Container for Covered Dish Affair

We were invited to our daughter’s home for supper as part of our Push To Spend More Time With Family. When I asked what I could bring to contribute to the meal, she requested that I bring Cake Mix Cookies. Easy enough! I transported those freshly-baked cookies in an empty coffee canister. It’s made of food-safe plastic and I’m not concerned about whether or not my container comes home with me like I would my Tupperware. And again, I have a near endless supply.


Storing Dried Herbs In The Pantry

I had to harvest copious amounts of rosemary  to make room when we had our Porch Addition built. I use rosemary in so many things – my Homemade Hairspray, our homemade Lavender/Rosemary Soap and of course in cooking too. So I dried it and stored it in my pantry… in this empty food-safe coffee canister.



Low-Waste Chicken Feeder

We fashioned this chicken feeder with an empty coffee canister. I love that it has built-in handle to make carrying it easier. And c’mon, we pretty much have a never-ending supply of these coffee canisters. If for some reason we need to rework it, we should have no problem obtaining a new coffee canister to refresh it




Planter For Sharing

I often dig up and share various plants with my friends & family. To transport them, it’s these handy coffee canisters to the rescue! And I even painted a few of them and use them for potted plants on our back porch. Why not, they look great and I can make as many as I want.




 Repurposing In The Garden

These coffee canisters have a handy purpose in my garden too. I have a lidded container stashed out in my veggie garden. When I’m weeding, I toss those weeds into my container and pop the top back on. When it’s full I dump the contents into my *Tumbling Composter to help make that Black-Gold Compost that my garden loves!



Making EcoBricks. Come see different ways I've been able to repurpose those empty coffee canisters. They're handy for so many things. #TexasHomesteaderEcoBricks In The Garden

Planting a galvanized water trough is all the rage now. I’ve planted several myself! But just like you need to put small stones in a regular planting pot to aid with drainage, you need something in the bottom of the trough too. But it obviously needs to be bigger & chunkier than stones. I use EcoBricks. We didn’t have enough juice bottle EcoBricks, so we used some of our extra coffee canisters filled with used hay wrap. It worked great!



 Storm Shelter Supplies

I have a few supplies in our storm shelter in the event we must run to shelter in the middle of the night during a storm. One thing that was recommended by one of our smart Facebook followers was a lidded coffee can and toilet paper. That way if any children that may be present get a nervous bladder we can accommodate them.


So there are a few ways we’ve been able to repurpose these handy containers on our Homestead. What are some of your favorite ways to put these handy containers to good use?


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6 thoughts on “How To Repurpose Those Empty Coffee Canisters

  1. Ken

    I am going to start making “Ecobricks” I so love the idea of using empty coffee containers filled with haywrap. Lord knows I have enough of that stuff! Thanks for the idea Tammy.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Now let me tell ya Ken, depending on what size can you have and how heavily your hay was wrapped, it’s certainly a practice in tight packing! But I was finally able to get that net wrap tightly packed inside those coffee cans and the lids placed on. I put them lid-side-down so the soil would keep them pressed. LOL ~TxH~

  2. Pamela Gervais

    My husband has a big work garage/shed with lots and tools and supplies. He uses these canisters for all sorts of things but one of the ways he uses them most is to hold things like screws, nuts, nails, etc. He marks on them the size and then puts that size screw in that canister. He garage is very organized this way.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Um, love my bacon grease too Ken. We don’t buy lots of bacon (we love it, but it’s typically out of our food budget) But I loan my parents a canning jar and they save all theirs for us. When they bring it to us full we just swap it out for a clean, empty one each time. I use bacon grease in many dishes so I appreciate them saving it for me instead of just throwing it away. ~TxH~


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