Homestead Hack: MYO Low-Waste Chicken Feeder

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I enjoy raising chickens.  But we’re also fans of doing things ourselves.  So when we needed a chicken feeder we took a trip to a thrift store.  We made our own feeder from thrifted supplies costing only about $2 total.  All we used was an old metal lid and a plastic Rubbermaid canister.  It served us well for years but finally the canister portion succumbed to the elements.  Now what??!

You know what I say: “Use Whatcha Got!”.  Check out this Homestead Hack & see how we easy (and with NO out of pocket) repaired our chicken feeder for many more years of service.

Check out this Homestead Hack & see how we used an empty, repurposed coffee canister to make a low-waste chicken feeder for cheap! #TexasHomesteader

The previous chicken feeder that we made worked well. And it was easy to assemble since that thrifted metal lid already had a hole in the middle when we bought it.   So we drilled holes in the side of the plastic canister for the seed to come out and attached the canister to the lid through the hole that was already in the lid.  Then we filled it with seed & sat it out in the chicken coop.

Goodwill finds helps us make a low-waste chicken feeder for cheap! #TexasHomesteader

When seed came out of the holes it was retained within the walls of the metal lid.  As the chickens ate the seed, more would gradually spill out for them.  And the small area for the seed kept the chickens from wasting feed because they couldn’t sling it around with their beaks. It worked beautifully! But after years of use the plastic tub cracked & fell apart.

Goodwill finds helps us make a low-waste chicken feeder for cheap! #TexasHomesteader

But we knew that metal lid would last forever.  No need to throw our feeder out and buy one, we only need another seed reservoir.  Hummmm…  what to do?  Eureka!  Using the same method of drilling holes for the seed to dispense we attached…

Check out this Homestead Hack & see how we used an empty, repurposed coffee canister to make a low-waste chicken feeder for cheap! #TexasHomesteader

one of our empty coffee canisters!  Now this feeder’s even easier to use than before because the coffee canister has a built-in handle.  So picking up the canister is even easier and can be done with one hand.  Just pop the top off the coffee can and refill.  Easy peasy!

The beauty here is twofold:  By reupurposing something to fill another need you have saved something from being recycled (or in some cases even perhaps being sent to the landfill.)  And a need has been filled by using something we already had. Plus we’re avid coffee drinkers so there’s a never-ending supply should the need arise in the future.

Repurposing, baby!  Now that makes my crunchy-green heart happy.  We’ve done many things with these empty coffee canisters.  Curious? Check out the other useful things we’ve done with repurposed coffee canisters.

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8 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: MYO Low-Waste Chicken Feeder

  1. Nancy

    I miss having chickens. I’m hoping to get a few when we get out of the apartment. They would be a relaxing past time to watch their antics. And they always came running to meet me when i drove in from work. As good as a dog!

  2. Nancy

    After reading about your other escapades with coffee canisters I felt a need to comment.
    I haveseveral coffee canisters from back in the day. I don’t drink coffee so when my parents were still with us if i saw a cool looking coffee can ( yes “can”) i’d buy it and they’d drink the coffee. I often wonder why coffee companies can’t do the same with their plastic canister in this day and age.

      1. Nancy

        Well, they didn’t always get the brand they liked. I remember one time I saw a really cool set (Currier and Ives-ish) so they had to drink some other brand. I ended up with 3 cans before they ended the promotion. At least it wasn’t the large size I think they are 2 lbs, possibly 3. I think it was Yuban(?). They, also had a certain brand they bought.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Ya know, Evelyn, even when you’re starting out raising chickens – the ~TMH~ battle cry applies: Use Whatcha Got! 🙂 You’re gonna love raising chickens, they’re so much fun. And, you know, EGGS! ~TMH~


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