Repurposed Coffee Canister to Store Bulk Flour

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link I typically buy my flour in 25-lb bags.  I’ll store it in the freezer for at least 24-48 hours just to make sure I’m not bringing home pantry moths.  Yeah, you have those little beasts only once before you make sure you’ll never EVER have them again! So […]

Repurposing Empty Coffee Canisters – Covered Dish Affair

by Texas Homesteader ~ Y’all know we drink coffee that comes in plastic canisters.  When the coffee’s gone the canisters are handy and I’ve used them for so many things so far.  I’ve removed the paint & made them into a super cute bread box.  They’ve been painted & used for planters to share plants […]

Repurposing an Empty Coffee Canister to a Cute, Country BreadBox

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link I’ve been sharing various ways I’m able to repurpose those handy coffee canisters once they’re empty.  I’ve painted them and used them for a Back Porch Planter to hold mint transplants.  (This also makes a cuter way to share plants with friends.)  I’ve also used them to hold […]

Repurposing An Empty Coffee Canister: Dried Herbs

by Texas Homesteader ~ Y’all know we love our coffee.  We prefer Folgers to other brands of coffee.  Although I hate that it’s sold in plastic, at least the plastic canisters are convenient.  I’ve used them for simplifying Garden Weeding Chores.  And we’ve stored chicken feed and dog food in them too.  I’ve Painted Canisters […]

Repurposing Coffee Canisters – Removing The Print

by Texas Homesteader ~ *affiliate link I’ve written before about repurposing those handy empty coffee canisters to a new life.  They’ve been used in my garden to simplify chores, and I’ve painted them & planted in them for my patio.  And those painted canisters make a cute presentation when I want to share plants with […]

Another Great Use For Repurposed Coffee Canisters

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link So y’all know RancherMan & I are coffee drinkers. But we don’t want sweetsy, foamy flavored, overly-sugared drinks.  We want coffee.  Strong, black, delicious. That plastic canister our coffee’s sold in comes in handy for many uses when it’s empty.  We store chicken feed and dog food in […]

Repurposed Coffee Canister To Cute Planter

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link This post may contain affiliate links (marked with *) If you decide to make a purchase through one of the links contained in this post I may receive a commission. But the price you pay will NOT be changed.  It’s an easy way to support this blog without […]

Our Low-Waste Morning Coffee

by Texas Homesteader * includes affiliate link Coffee makers have certainly gotten bigger, more expensive and much more complicated over the years.  Many people really love their specialized coffee makers with all those push-button bells & whistles, single-cup brew options, multiple brew settings and timers to have the coffee start  brewing all by itself. And […]