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Announcing: The NEW Texas Homesteader!

 by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Hey y’all – I’ve got some exciting news! After many hours behind the scenes getting set up, RancherMan & I have made finding your favorite posts SO much better for you. Be sure to check it out!

Now the Home page is separated by categories with easier-to-find tags too! 

  • Category Listing –  Just click the category name and you’ll see all related posts. Want to see beekeeping posts? BOOM! Click the beekeeping title. You’ll be taken to all our beekeeping posts!
  • Better Navigation – Our readers have spoken! When you click to read an article we’ve set the navigation to open in a new page so you won’t have to figure out how to navigate back.
  • Easier Reading– Gardening? Beekeeping? Recipes? Raising Chickens? See all the posts that interest YOU by clicking the category.
  • Categories AND Tags – Complete and easier-to-use list of both categories and tags. (Think of Categories as chapters of a book, tags the more detailed index)
  • Narrow Down Posts – Now you can narrow down that list of recipes to see main entrees or solar cooking recipes by using the tag instead of the category!
  • Easier Search Bar – If you’re reading from your cell phone, you used to have to scroll aaaaaaall the way to the bottom to search. No more! It’s near the top on our home page! 

I know y’all are gonna love it – check it out! And feel free to comment below how you like it – especially if you have suggestions to make it even better for YOU!

(Click Here To See New & Improved Texas Homesteader Page)

Easy Homemade Applesauce A Delicious Zero-Waste Treat

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Applesauce is a staple in my Homestead kitchen. But even though I use it often I don’t buy it, oh no! It’s super easy and nearly effortless to make your own applesauce.

And the lowly slow cooker makes it so easy too. Check it out!

EASY HOMEMADE SLOW-COOKER APPLESAUCE recipe shared at Mother Earth News - it's easy to make homemade applesauce with fresh apples! #MotherEarthNews #TexasHomesteader

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Recipe: Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Cooked In Shell

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Are you wondering what to do with that garden-fresh spaghetti squash? I like to cook it in the microwave & then shred the strands with a fork.

Then I sauté onions, garlic & bell pepper, add the cooked squash, mix it all with cheese and serve the cheesy spaghetti squash right in its own shell.

RancherMan will happily eat his squash… if I serve it lasagna style!

GARDEN SPAGHETTI SQUASH cooked with cheese & sauteed veggies. Delicious, and a good way to use those veggies from your garden. #TexasHomesteader

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