Throwback Thursday

 by Texas Homesteader~ 

Well, summer is upon us y’all. Temps are heating up and gardens are growing. Whether you’re growing a veggie garden or landscaping areas, those plants need to be watered from time to time during the hot summer months.

But it’s never made sense to me that such a precious resource as water is treated to make it safe for drinking and then piped from miles away for me to just spill out of a water hose & throw on the ground. So I  use only rainwater for outside watering & irrigation. But there can be long spells without rain in the summer months. I needed catchment systems to capture and hold rainwater until I need it.

To celebrate Throwback Thursday I thought I’d share with you the three simple rainwater catchment systems we use here on the Homestead. They’re inexpensive and easy to use. Come see!

Three rainwater catchment systems we use at the homestead. #TexasHomesteader

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