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Emergency Preparedness on the Homestead: Solar Oven

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Emergency preparedness for any situation is a good thing in my book. I especially plan about how to keep our homestead going when we lose electricity. 

Times such as hurricane season when I see on the news all the devastation suffered by those in the storm’s path, it brings preparedness once again to the front of my thoughts. You too?

Don't wait for a natural disaster, make a solar oven part of your preparedness kit now! #TexasHomesteader

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Why Bother With This Homesteading Thing?

By Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’ve often thought about other people’s perspectives wondering why I work so hard to provide for myself. Why strive for self sufficiency? What are my reasons?

Food production is a main driver I suppose. But homesteading encompasses providing many items for yourself, not just food. 

Are you wondering: “Why bother with this homesteading thing in the first place??!!” Well read on, dear friends.

Why bother with homesteading? Health, finance, independence and self sufficiency. #TexasHomesteader

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Tour Of Our 1880’s Barn, Part I

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I love our old barn. As a matter of fact it’s the main reason we decided this was the place RancherMan & I wanted to settle in and start our new Homesteading life.

We looked at many pieces of property. And there were beautiful places for sale that’s for sure.

But as RancherMan & I stood there at the cobbled-together gate and gazed over the overgrown and neglected landscape, we envisioned how wonderful our lives could be living here.

And then I saw that old barn. That old, tattered barn. And I fell in love with it. We had a contractor repair the warn & missing skin in sections of the barn. But we asked him to leave the inside – the gorgeous original barn building’s inside – completely intact.

Many people have asked about the beautiful old barn so c’mon in – join me for a tour!

D'ya ever wonder what it looks like inside an 1880's barn? Well come along with me for a tour of the inside! #TexasHomesteader

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