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8 Simple Zero-Waste Swaps In The Kitchen

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Did you ever wonder how you could eliminate single-use waste in your kitchen? Thankfully it’s easy to find simple zero-waste kitchen swaps.

Recently while entertaining family for supper, my sister saw me incorporating several zero-waste efforts. She exclaimed “Oh wow, I would have never thought to do that!”

It got me thinking, maybe I should share the various ways I’m able to reduce (or even eliminate) those single-use items in my kitchen. There are many easy ways I’m able to make zero-waste swaps for those things.

Here’s a list of single-use items I no longer buy. I’ve been able to reduce or eliminate these things completely:

I'm working on eliminating single use waste with these simple zero-waste kitchen swaps. It's remarkably easy to do & can save money too. #TexasHomesteader

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Repurposed Coffee Can For Deep Soak Watering                 

by Texas Homesteader~

In the heat of summer, the rain taps typically turn completely off here in NE Texas. It’s typical for us to struggle keeping everything watered.

I suppose I complicate things by insisting that all outside watering be done only though Captured Rainwater. I’ve never liked the idea of treated, drinkable water being pumped from miles away just for me to pour on the ground.

So with a few exceptions such as during drought when the trees could die if I don’t offer assistance, plants are watered only with rainwater. But keeping plants watered during the hot, dry Texas summers requires some conservation. Come see my conservation tips.

A repurposed coffee can can be used for deep soak watering in the garden. It conserves water while allowing water to slowly drip. #TexasHomesteader

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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For The Eco-Conscious Mom

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Of course we appreciate our moms every day, but on special days we make it all about her! And isn’t it wonderful to give her special attention?

Whether she’s been there since day one
or came into your life After You Were Born,
moms are special!

Is your mom environmentally aware? Does she love being gentle with this gorgeous earth we call home? Well you’re in luck, I’ve assembled a quick list of inexpensive gift ideas to spoil your crunchy, eco-friendly mom this year. Gifts she’ll love – c’mon & see!

Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

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Happy Earth Day!

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Happy Earth Day, y’all! By now most of you know earth day is April 22nd each year. It’s a special day to highlight our environment.

Many people celebrate by doing something good for Mother Earth. Some pick up trash on the beach, some plant trees, others figure out ways to live more gently on this big, blue planet we call earth.

Happy Earth Day, y'all - it's like Mother Nature's Birthday. There are lots of gifts we can give to Mother Nature, come see my faves. #TexasHomesteader

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How I Make A Healthy, Creamy Salad Dressing In 1 Minute!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Aaaaah, spring! The trees are turning green & the daffodils are blooming. And there’s all those fresh greens in the garden for a healthy salad.

I LOVE salads! The freshness, the crispness and the healthy aspect of it. To me, it’s like welcoming spring after the long winter season of eating more comfort-foody types of meals.

But ya know, although a healthy food may start out healthy, the health aspect can be changed drastically based on what you add to it.

I mean, heck – an apple is about as healthy as it gets. But add flour, sugar, seasonings, butter and a thick buttery crust and it’s an apple pie dessert instead!

So I really (really) wanted to make my own healthier yet creamy salad dressing. After doinking around a bit I made a delightful, creamy, healthy and tasty salad dressing that I can just mix together in a minute.

And you can’t get a more worthy topping for those fresh greens than that, #amiright??

I wanted a creamy salad dressing, but I wanted it to be healthy. And fresh. And CHEAP. This is the zero-waste recipe I came up with. #TexasHomesteader

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How A Bidet Can Be An Eco Win

by Texas Homesteader ~
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What with all the toilet paper shortages & such, I’m reading about quite a bit of shopping/stockpiling anxiety for folks out there. But not me. I’d wanted to get a bidet (pronounced bid-day) for a long time. It can replace toilet tissue, and cleans with a gentle stream of water instead.

But it wasn’t toilet paper shortages that made me consider this purchase. Out here we’re on a septic system, so keeping toilet paper out of the system just keeps it healthier and allows us to go longer between times that it must be pumped out. So it can be a cost savings too.

We went paper-towel, paper napkin & paper plate free over a decade ago. Disposables in any of their forms are always shunned here. So a bidet can be an eco win as well.

Plus I’ve heard folks singing the praises of the cleanliness difference between using toilet paper vs. a bidet. So I asked RancherMan if he would research and find the best model for us.

I've wanted a bidet for years. We decided on a model that has dual nozzles and adjustable settings. Installation was fast too. But there's an issue with some toilet seats #TexasHomesteader

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Building A Cheap, Temporary Cold Frame With Hay Bales

by Texas Homesteader ~       

I typically have an ‘indoor greenhouse‘ that I use when I plant heirloom seeds in the late winter months. This means I’ll be able to actually put seedlings in my garden come spring instead of planting the seeds directly into the soil later in the season.

But this year I wondered if I should attempt to set up a cold frame to take my plants from tiny seedling to ready to plant. So to experiment I started looking around for a good southern-exposure location & items I could use to build a temporary cold frame. Why not use hay bales?

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Homestead Hack: Disposing of Confidential Documents

by Texas Homesteader ~ 
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This time of year after RancherMan & I gather documents needed for our income tax return, we always do a quick cleanup of the remaining confidential documents that we no longer need.

We utilize electronic bill-pay for almost all of our bills. And we enroll in paperless billing whenever possible. But there are still some cases where paper receipts are received such as packing slips, receipts, etc. So even though we fight against extraneous paper coming into our home, come it does!

Many people shred these documents for security’s sake. But we don’t have a shredder and I don’t fancy ripping all the paper by hand. So here’s what I do to actually USE that ‘trash’ instead. Check out this Homestead Hack:

Come see how we easily dispose of confidential documents without using a shredder. And that 'trash' actually serves a purpose! #TexasHomesteader

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