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Finding Time For Each Other In A Busy Life

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Relationships require tender loving care to stay strong. RancherMan & I are 25+ years in love, y’all. It makes us smile that so many people (including complete strangers) comment that we must be newlyweds.

But like any relationship, it doesn’t just grow on its own. We take steps to keep it strong, we make sure to find time for each other.

Keeping Your Relationship strong by finding time for each other. #TexasHomesteader                   

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Gift Ideas For Dad – RancherMan-Approved Gifts

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

In thinking about gift ideas for dad, I asked RancherMan to share his opinion. What do dads really want???

He listed several things in many price ranges, which was helpful. Here’s a list of gifts he thinks would please any dad.

You can click the link or the photo for each item to get further details.

Gift Ideas For Dad #TexasHomesteader

(NOTE: If you need a little more inspiration a helpful, categorized Amazon list is included at the end of this post for your convenience)

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Meal Ideas When Bringing Food For A Family

by Texas Homesteader ~  

Whether mourning a death in the family, dealing with illness or even just feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new baby, those going through hardships are comforted when others bring food.

I’m sharing a handy list of meal ideas when taking food to a family, whether for illness, grieving families or ‘just because’.

The Gift Of Food: Meal Ideas When Bringing Food To Families #TexasHomesteader

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Don’t Forget This Important Estate Planning Step For Your Heirs

by Texas Homesteader ~
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A legal will is important. But it’s also important to document those private account numbers, passwords, final wishes and more. Don’t leave your heirs in the dark! Now’s the time to document that important information. This easy estate planning step will help ease their burden after your death.

Documenting electronics passwords and log-in information. Don't leave your heirs in the dark! Now's the time to document those important numbers. This easy estate planning step will help after your death #TexasHomesteader

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The Gift Of Time: 6 Fun Experience Gift Ideas

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Experience gifts last much longer than that plastic toy under the tree. You get to spend special time with the gift recipient, you get to enjoy the experience gift too and those memories last a long time for both gift giver as well as gift recipient.

Are you looking for experience gift ideas too? C’mon in, I’m sharing the experience gifts we’ve given to our grandkids over the last several years.

We opted for an experience gifts over toys for our grandchildren at Christmas. Come see examples of the fun times we've spent with them. #TexasHomesteader

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September 11th, 2001 – Where Were You?

by Texas Homesteader

September 11th, 2001, a day most Americans were changed forever.  I worked at an international trade association and they held a huge convention each year in September. 

As the Director of Administrative Services, it was part of my job to attend this convention each year along with other executives of our association. It’s a huge amount of work and it takes many hands to assure a smooth successful convention.

This year the convention was in Florida. So I packed the night before to make sure I can get to the airport the next day to make my early-morning flight. 

Little did I know this day would change my life and the lives of all my fellow Americans forever!

September 11th, 2001. Little did I know this day would change my life and the lives of all my fellow Americans forever! Where were you? #TexasHomesteader

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The Fast Life: Slowing Down, Living More

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I decided life seemed to be too busy for the things we felt were really important. So we decided to slow down but live MORE!

But how? And what to replace our busy lives with? We took matters into our own hands to slow our busy lives down. But oh what we replaced it with is priceless.

Are your days packed, leaving you feeling like a hamster on a wheel? Us too! See how we've taken a hard look at what fills our days & made changes - for the BETTER! #TexasHomesteader

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