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Personal or familial relationships or living in a community of humans with different values. #TexasHomesteader

Learn To Recognize Family Stress – Tips To Relieve Anxiety

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The world is sure a stressful place these days. And all that stress can take a toll on your health and family life. So during particularly stressful times it’s doubly important to learn to recognize your own stress, or stresses experienced by your family members.

Learn to recognize stress and seek help if necessary. #TexasHomesteader

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Don’t Forget This Important Estate Planning Step For Your Heirs

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A legal will is important. But it’s also important to document those private account numbers, passwords, final wishes and more.

Don’t leave your heirs in the dark! Now’s the time to document that important information. This easy estate planning step will help ease their burden after your death.

Documenting electronics passwords and log-in information. Don't leave your heirs in the dark! Now's the time to document those important numbers. This easy estate planning step will help after your death #TexasHomesteader

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The Gift Of Time: 6 Fun Experience Gift Ideas

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Experience gifts last much longer than that plastic toy under the tree. You get to spend special time with the gift recipient, you get to enjoy the experience gift too and those memories last a long time for both gift giver as well as gift recipient.

Are you looking for experience gift ideas too? C’mon in, I’m sharing the experience gifts we’ve given to our grandkids over the last several years.

We opted for an experience gifts over toys for our grandchildren at Christmas. Come see examples of the fun times we've spent with them. #TexasHomesteader

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