Learn To Recognize Family Stress

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Anxiety is high. So high in fact that there are news reports of children suffering extreme abuse due to the stresses their parents were feeling about all that’s going on.

Child abuse cases are up. Domestic violence cases are up. Stress is high.

So y’all, be sure to recognize your own stress, or stresses experienced by your family members.

Learn to recognize stress and seek help if necessary. #TexasHomesteader

This Covid-19 thing has people nervous, scared. Their whole world has changed. In our area people had been requested to stay home from work. Some were struggling to home-school their children, necessities were hard to find in the grocery store.

Worries abound

  • Will my family get ill?

  • Will we have enough to eat?

  • What about my bills?


Learn To Recognize Stress In Your Family

Here’s a link  from Health & Human Services with tips for recognizing & managing stress in your family due to COVID-19.

In our area earlier this year, shelter-at-home had been ordered for all but essential reasons. Many people were feeling the pressure of being stuck at home for an extended length of time.

But as is typically the case, your perception could very well determine your outlook. Consider this:

You’re not stuck at home – you’re STAYING SAFE at home!

People are fearful & stressed. Learn to recognize stress in your family. Do what you can to find joy in your days. Seek help if needed. #TexasHomesteader

If shelter-at-home is ordered in your area, it’s an effort to stem the tide of new infections. If not for yourself, then please, please, PLEASE stay home for the sake of those whom you love!

Find Joy In Your Days

Do what you can to bring joy into your life. Get outside when you can and feel sunshine on your face. Putter in the garden. Serve lunch picnic style in your backyard or even your living room floor.

Turn on the music and have dance contests with your kids. Open the windows at home and let in some sunshine. People are fearful & stressed. Learn to recognize stress in your family. Do what you can to find joy in your days. Seek help if needed. #TexasHomesteader

Get dressed in the morning, don’t just languish in your pj’s. Play a game together as a family – laughter is the best medicine.

I don’t have all the answers y’all. But I do feel those same stresses of uncertainty just as all of you do, so I understand.

We’re in this together.

Please, take care of yourselves.

This too shall pass…

Love & peace to all.



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2 thoughts on “Learn To Recognize Family Stress

  1. candace ford

    I count myself lucky to be where we are – in the boondocks!!!
    Remembering your new acquisition – a bidet – It struck me how timely that was or are the people in your area not doing the toilet paper hoarding thing?
    As a country person w/ a fairly long drive weekly for groceries and other supplies and fast food lunch I have always been one who stocked up. Who knows when the roads might become impassable in winter especially.
    A week or so ago there was an article in the local paper, the police were telling people to stop calling 911 to report toilet paper hoarders and don’t call 911 to report people cutting in front of you in line.
    Seriously? Good grief have people lost their collective minds?
    Be safe!!!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      My bidet purchase was riiiiiight before the toilet paper craziness, I couldn’t have timed it any better. And really??!! 911 for toilet paper issues? LOL. I’d been considering a bidet for years anyway, so glad we decided to buy when we did. We’re so lucky too Candace for the same reason as you – living out in the boondocks with a well-stocked pantry & freezer. Even with this self-quarantine our days are pretty much the same. We still deal with fences & pastures, cattle & chickens, garden & bees. I already cooked from scratch and have never had a manicure. I cut my own hair and RancherMan’s too. So our days haven’t changed much. But it makes me ever mindful of those for whom schedules are massively different and who might be going through stresses. It breaks my heart to hear of the spike in child abuse and domestic violence cases because of the stresses. Hopefully folks will be on the lookout for the signs of stress in their homes and reach out for help if needed. Stay safe, sweet girl. Sooner or later, things will return to normal. ~TxH~


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