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Happy Easter. Glory, Hallelujah – He Is RISEN!

by Texas Homesteader ~

Easter celebrations may look a little different this year. But celebrate where you are! Go ahead & let the kids hunt Easter eggs in the back yard, or even in the house like we used to do when the kids were little and rain hampered an outdoors celebration.

Attend your favorite church service online and praise the Lord! Celebrating shouldn’t be a gathering this year, but it certainly  can and should still be CELEBRATING!

Gatherings may be canceled, but Easter has certainly not been canceled!

For all my Christian friends - what a glorious day today is. Happy EASTER. He Is Risen! #TexasHomesteader

For all my Christian friends – what a glorious day today is.

He Is Risen!




Learn To Recognize Family Stress

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

In our area, shelter-at-home has been ordered for all but essential reasons. Many people are feeling the pressure of being stuck at home for an extended length of time.

But as is typically the case, your perception could very well determine your outlook. Consider this:

You’re not stuck at home – you’re STAYING SAFE at home!

People are fearful & stressed. Learn to recognize stress in your family. Do what you can to find joy in your days. Seek help if needed. #TexasHomesteader

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A Comforting Tradition When Going Through Hardship

by Texas Homesteader ~

In my family we have a tradition. It’s one that brings comfort again & again. We each have a small cross that we keep with us.

The ladies in my family keep it in the lipstick pocket of their jeans. When things get tough in life, we can reach into that pocket, feel that cross and know this comfort:

We do not walk the path alone. God is with us.

I carry a pocket cross with me when going through life's trials. It's brought much comfort. The message on my pocket cross says BELIEVE! #TexasHomesteader

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Living Life With NO REGRETS!

by Texas Homesteader~ 

Most mornings RancherMan & I engage in what I consider to be an intense conversation about any number of hot-button social topics. In the past these topics have included religion, law, politics, elections, etc. (groan…)

Thankfully most of the other’s thoughts are met with an energetic nod and the words “Exactly!”. So we’re typically on the same page but WHEW! Intensity sometimes reigns at during these conversations!

But a recent topic? Life’s regrets.

Living Life With NO REGRETS! Quietly going about the natural rhythm of my days in ways that make sense to me - not some corporate head #TexasHomesteader

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Our Blessings Abound. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

by Texas Homesteader ~

Thank you Lord for food to nourish me, a warm bed for rest, and the love of family to warm my heart! #TexasHomesteader

Thank you Lord for food to nourish me, a warm bed for rest, and the love of family to warm my heart.  From our family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!


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The Importance Of The Family Supper Table

by Texas Homesteader ~

When our children lived at home we always sat at the table and ate together as a family. It was an important and non-negotiable family tradition of ours. So much so that there were no distractions allowed during our meals together.

Our rule was that everyone stayed around the table until the last one was finished before anyone was allowed to leave the table. Oh, and no phones were to be brought to the table. If a phone did ring somewhere in the house, it was not answered if we were still having supper.

And even if one of their friends showed up at the front door during supper, the door was not answered. All of that could wait until after we’d spent this important family time together.

Do you know the importance of a family supper table? When family shares a meal together many benefits are realized. See what the studies say #TexasHomesteader


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The Fast Life: Slowing Down, Living More

by Texas Homesteader ~

It seems we all get caught up in the rush-rush-rush part of life. You know the one, where this task is hurried through in order to rush to that next task which is already behind because that other task had to be done?

Maybe the ability to live slow is being pushed out of our lives and replaced with ‘busy’ to the point where all we want to do at the end of the day is plop down onto the couch & watch tv.

I hear ya – we feel it too! But is the push to cram more & more into our days shadowing our ability to live slowly & more purposely?

Are your days packed, leaving you feeling like a hamster on a wheel? Us too! See how we've taken a hard look at what fills our days & made changes - for the BETTER! #TexasHomesteader

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An Emotionally Volatile Day For Me Today

by Texas Homesteader ~

Today as I do each year, I tiptoe into a powerfully emotional & volatile day. It’s the anniversary of the day I kicked breast cancer to the curb. First & foremost, I Praise God for my healing!

I’m grateful for my health but… this particular day each year just always sends me into pretty hard emotional turmoil.

Fear, dread, maybe survivor’s guilt? I don’t know, but it grips me each year. Hard.

As I celebrate the anniversary of the day I kicked breast cancer to the curb, I'm racked emotionally with some powerful feelings. #TexasHomesteader

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How RancherMan & I Keep The Spark In Our Marriage

by Texas Homesteader ~

Those who know us personally often refer to RancherMan & me as newlyweds.  And I guess it’s true, I do still get a little tickle-in-my-tummy feeling just from seeing that oh-so-handsome man of mine.   We are always holding hands or touching lightly on the arm because we just wanna be that close. And you know how some folks are afraid of spending a little too MUCH time together?  Nah, that’s not us. We actually prefer to be together.

Now I realize that each personality is different and what works for some won’t work for others.  But I thought I’d share a little about how RancherMan & I stay in the newlywed phase even though we’re nearing our 20th wedding anniversary.

Many who know us say we're like newlyweds. There are several simple little things we do to keep the spark in our marriage. #TexasHomesteader

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My Journey May Not Be Your Journey – And That’s OK!

by Texas Homesteader ~

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my low-waste/no-waste journey.  I’ve been on this path for quite a few years.  I was environmentally sensitive since way, way, way before it was the ‘in’ thing to do.

I started off by reducing my trash and redirecting appropriate materials into the recycling bin instead of the landfill.

Then I started eliminating plastic shopping bags by taking reusable bags to the grocery store. Let me tell ya, that baffled many a cashier back then!  That was followed by learning to compost, cook from scratch and repurpose things.

Over the years I’ve worked into the stage I’m at now, purposely refusing single-use items when possible and pushing for PRE-cycling before recycling. 

I realize my journey may not be everyone else’s journey. Still, several friends & family members sometimes bristle with discomfort when they’re doing their own thing. They often apologize for using plastic or disposable items when I’m around. 

What? Do they think I’m judging them? Hopefully not!

We all have causes we're passionate about. But my journey might not be your journey. Wanna know a secret? That's OK! #TexasHomesteader

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