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Today’s a big day – I’m Finally 5 Years Cancer Free!

by Texas Homesteader ~

Five years ago today I said “Goodbye and good RIDDANCE” to breast cancer.  It was one of the darkest and most scary times in my life.  And yet, one of my most blessed times as well.  Sound odd?  Believe me, it does to me too.  But I guess sometimes when you’re at the lowest and most fearful point in your life, things happen.

Breast cancer - a frightening diagnosis. Today I'm 5 years cancer free. As frightening and emotional as the experience was, there were many blessings to behold too. Read my story. #TexasHomesteader

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But… Don’t We ALL Want To Be Younger?

by Texas Homesteader ~

I’m 55 years old, y’all. But here’s the thing – I’m not ashamed of my age. I love being Fifty-Five!

Wait, don’t we all want to appear younger than we are?  It’s true that many folks try to do everything they can to fight against showing their age. In a society that seems to glorify youth, I guess they just feel better about themselves if they look younger than their years. And here’s the important thing – that’s OK!

There’s NO shame in that, y’all – do what makes you happy.

But personally, I’m not in constant pursuit of looking younger than I am. And I’m not gonna lie – it feels pretty good! I’m very happy in my own skin – gray hair, wrinkles & all!

Sure there were great things I enjoyed in my 20's, 30's & 40's. But my 50's are glorious! I'm not ashamed of my age! #TexasHomesteader


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2017 – Top 10 Homesteading Posts of the Year!

by Texas Homesteader ~

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the waning days of 2017!  And we’ve got a bright new year in front of us, full of possibilities & promise.  But I’d like to take a moment & reflect on 2017 first.  Today I’m sharing the top 10 homesteading posts of 2017.  This list includes a few recipes such as no-knead Boule Bread and our favorite Planned Leftovers Meal – Carnitas Tacos.  And it also includes some crafts such as making your own chalkboard labels with things you’ve already got.  There are also some posts about interesting social observations that y’all really liked this year.  Grab a cup of coffee & c’mon in, y’all!

Come see the Top 10 Most Popular Homesteading Posts on my blog! Some crafts, some recipes, and some social observations too! #TexasHomesteader

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Wordless Wednesday: Still CANCER FREE!

by Texas Homesteader ~


Today's a special day for me, since April 12th, 2013 was the day I Kicked Cancer To The Curb! Praise God, today I'm still cancer free! #TexasHomesteader

Today’s a special day for me, since April 12th, 2013 was the day I Kicked Cancer To The Curb!  Praise God, today I’m still cancer free!

My prayer today is for strength & healing for those still struggling with this awful disease, and to remember those gone way too soon because of it.


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The Power Of Love: Helping Our Neighbors In Need

by Texas Homesteader ~

It seems our world is filled with turmoil. Everywhere I look I see dividing lines of “us” versus “them”, with so much anger hurled towards each other that it hurts my heart. Sometimes people have so much passion for their point of view that it almost becomes a shouting match to see which side of the line can shout louder to win the game.

Win the game?

I’m not sure there’s much to be won that way. It seems we all lose when there’s hate, no matter what side of the line you’re on.

But recently I was reminded that it’s not all pushing & shoving in our little corner of the world.  So I figured amid the ugly stories we’ve all been pounded with, I’d share with you something beautiful. A story that demonstrates the power of LOVE!

Amid the ugly stories we've all been pounded with daily, I'll share with you a beautiful story of community love & support. #TexasHomesteader

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Many Flowers Makes For A More Beautiful Bouquet

by Texas Homesteader ~

We each have the right to feel the way we do. I may not agree with you, and you may not agree with me and here’s a secret: That’s OK!!

But I wish we could all practice a little more tolerance for opinions that differ from our own. And I wish we all could show a little more love toward our fellow humans. What a wonderful world it would be!

Let's show kindness & tolerance for others whose opinions may not exactly mirror our own. Remember: Many Flowers Makes For A Beautiful Bouquet! #TexasHomesteader

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Generosity Shouldn’t Be Judgmental – Just Show LOVE!

by Texas Homesteader ~

It’s easy to overlook others when your life is going well. You know, when your career is holding steady, your children are healthy and happy, your marriage is strong and you have no sudden unexpected medical conditions to plunge you into that place where no one wants to land…

But what if that weren’t the case?? Think about these real-life circumstances for just a moment: What if your spouse left you or died?  What if your child developed a serious and very expensive medical condition?  What if you were laid off from your posh well-paying career without warning?

Don’t kid yourself, these things can happen to any of us.

We're all just one terrible situation away from being on the receiving end of others generosity. Don't judge a book by its cover! #TexasHomesteader

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Our Way Of Life: Sunrises FOREVER

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I have a saying: “Sunrises Forever”.  It means that every new sunrise is a blank slate, a new beginning, a brand new start. 

Today’s sunrise is fresh & new – different from yesterday’s and even tomorrow’s. Today’s sunrise is full of possibilities. What will you do with it?

Will you make that leap of faith & follow your passion today? Will you build on yesterday’s success to make it even better? Will you wipe away yesterday’s failure and do something great? 

Our sunrise may look different than yours and that’s ok. Today is a day to start new – to do something amazing that works for YOU.

What will you do with today's possibilities? Don't waste it, today's sunrise is a fresh opportunity great things! Sunrises FOREVER! #TexasHomesteader

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Why Can’t We Get Along? We’re Different Yet The SAME!

by Texas Homesteader ~

I read the news stories and I’m shocked, sickened & saddened beyond belief. How could this be?? An evil person filled with a dark, boiling hate strolled into a place filled with happy people – and just instantly eliminated several innocent lives.

Not just names in a news story, but sons and daughters, friends and beloved family members.  People who got up that morning and went about their normal day, not knowing the terror that lied ahead.

My mind screams “no, no, NO!” but as I see these images on the nightly news I’m forced to accept its reality.

Hate cannot drive out hate - only LOVE can do that. I pray that one day we may all just accept our brother or sister for just what they are... Fellow Humans. #TexasHomesteader Continue reading

Let’s Support Others In Their Simple-Life Journey!

by Texas Homesteader ~

Recently I shared a post I’d written about eco-friendly living. I was trying to encourage readers, pointing out a few simple everyday steps that might easily be made for those wishing to lower their footprint. Most of the comments from others were helpful and positive. But there were a few snarky comments too about how some of these tips were nothing new.

But it got me to thinking – unless you’re talking about solar panels or new technology, almost NONE of our environmentally-friendly living steps these days are new! Not everyone can afford to install high-tech equipment on their home to live simply. But almost anyone can take easy daily steps in their own home to move along that simple path – and it costs little or nothing!

SUPPORT OTHERS ON THE SIMPLICITY PATH! Remember we're all in different places in our lives, let's support each other in our path to living simply! #TexasHomesteader

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