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A Comforting Tradition When Going Through Hardship

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

In my family we have a tradition. It’s one that brings comfort again & again. We each have a small cross that we keep with us.

The ladies in my family keep it in the lipstick pocket of their jeans. When things get tough in life, we can reach into that pocket, feel that cross and know this comfort:

We do not walk the path alone. God is with us.

I carry a pocket cross with me when going through life's trials. It's brought much comfort. The message on my pocket cross says BELIEVE! #TexasHomesteader

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Want To Keep Christ In Christmas?

by Texas Homesteader ~

For fellow Christians who really want to keep Christ in Christmas, there’s no need to demand that companies say ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays‘ or fight the masses about the design on a disposable cup.  It’s actually much easier than you’d think.

Let’s all strive for a kinder, gentler holiday season this year.

Keep Christ in Christmas. Let's all strive for a kinder, gentler holiday season this year. #TexasHomesteader



When The Holidays Feel Sad or Lonely – Keeping the JOY in Christmas

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

The holidays are typically met with joy & excitement. But not everyone feels happy this time of year. Whether grief, divorce, stress or something else, some have a hard time finding the joy in Christmas.

Is there anything you can do? Read on, dear friends.

I'm working on staying out of the Christmas Funk this year. Many things about the holidays are being re-examined. How do you stay positive? #TexasHomesteader

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Easier Way To Keep Christ In Christmas

by Texas Homesteader ~

This time of year is known for cheer and excitement. Trees trimmed with sparkly decorations & cheerful gifts under the tree.

It’s known for an awareness of sharing and giving to others. A gentle season pushing us to remove the focus from ourselves & think of others. 

But oftentimes there’s an uglier side too. Think about all the hateful rhetoric flung about on social media this time of year about Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays.

Sometimes it calls for action, snarkily responding to those wishing us a Happy Holiday that we want to hear only MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

It’s a well-meaning but oftentimes harsh push to keep Christ in Christmas. But that unnecessary ugliness is really disturbing to me.

Do you REALLY want to keep Christ in Christmas? It's easy to do without mean-spirited hatefulness or separating 'Us' from 'Them'! #TexasHomesteader

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Wordless Wednesday: Be Still And Know…

by Texas Homesteader 


Be Still And Know That I AM GOD. I put my faith in Him and He saw me through breast cancer diagnosis. There's nothing that God can't do! #TexasHomesteader

RancherMan & I ran across this old weathered country church years ago in the mountains of New Mexico. I used that picture to write my favorite phrase: Be Still And Know That I AM GOD. That phrase brought me much comfort last year as I was dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis. But I put my faith in Him and He saw me through it.

There’s nothing that God can’t do! Today, give it all to Him – you’ll be amazed at where your life can go.


Looking Forward – God’s Grace Sees Us Through Hard Times

by Texas Homesteader ~

Here we are once again at the end of one year and the beaming threshold of a brand new one.  I’m the eternal optimist by nature and look forward to each new year with anticipation of exciting things to come. 

Last New Year’s Eve was no different as my excitement of planning fun new directions for our Homestead danced in my head.

But we could have never known the breast-cancer diagnosis that was in store for me only a few short weeks after that hopeful new-year’s celebration.

What a trying year we've faced, filled with both fear and abundant blessings. Next year promises to be awesome! #TexasHomesteader
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The Love Of God Through The Love Of Others

by Texas Homesteader ~

Do you know how it feels to be comforted by the arms of God? I was diagnosed with breast cancer & my world started to spin. There were frightening and painful procedures to endure, many hours on the road and away from the ranch to attend doctor visits and test facilities and many long tense hours awaiting test results. It was an unbelievably stressful time for us.

Although we didn’t necessarily wish our predicament to be a secret, we didn’t feel like talking about it to anyone other than immediate family. But little by little the news came out. Friend after friend voiced their concern and comfort, offering to do anything they could to ease our burden.

We’re pretty fiercely independent so we didn’t even know what to ask for. So we simply smiled and nodded, grateful for their friendship.

Do you know what it feels like to be hugged by God? Recently I experienced the unmistakable touch of God through the love of others. #TexasHomesteader

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