Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays??

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

December holidays are celebrated in many different ways. No need in bristling over ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’. You may not celebrate your holidays the same way your neighbor does. And that’s OK!

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? What a beautiful thing it would be to celebrate the season with the best gift of all: LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

This time of year we often see shouting from different sides of the fence about the holidays.  Some are incensed that someone would dare take Christ out of the holiday, some are angry that someone is pushing for only homemade gifts while others are angry that some families like to shop for their Christmas gifts.

I find this puzzling and oftentimes very much counter to the season itself. A season that typically promotes feelings of joy & peace. 

Celebrating Christmas Differently

RancherMan & I are strong in our Christian faith and Christmas is a holiday we embrace as such. We love keeping our faith at the forefront of the holiday. 

But it’s important to remember that not everyone feels nor celebrates the same as us. 

Some prefer to say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of Merry Christmas. I feel the way they embrace their holiday is none of my business. Just as the way we embrace our holiday is none of theirs. 

Each family has the right to celebrate in a way that works best for them. 

Santa or not.  –  Gifts or not.  –  Decorations or not!

What About Those Gifts?

Several years ago RancherMan & I took a long hard look at the gifts we gave. We decided to step off the consumerism bandwagon and restrict gifts to things we made ourselves. 

It’s because we wanted to live our values and felt these gifts would be from our hearts. (I’ve written before about our Homemade Christmas Gifts  as well as a Simplified Christmas Idea Roundup)

But some like to do a 4-gift system:  Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. 

It’s a cute idea and if it works for your family – go for it!

Others like to do a 3-gift system in honor of the 3 gifts brought to the Christ child by the Magi.  Another cute gift idea and one that reels in the sometimes overabundance children receive this time of year. If it works for your family, great!

Some families like to buy & wrap as many gifts as they can cram beneath the tree. They get much joy out of the excitement on their loved ones faces. If that’s your idea of a wonderful Christmas – do it!

The Most Important Thing To Remember

But here’s the important thing to remember for all of us. Remember that not everyone is a Christian, not everyone is a minimalist and not everyone will celebrate their holiday as you do. 

As a Christian I try to stay mindful of the love that Christ taught. So if my initial reaction toward someone else’s values is feeling provoked, well maybe I need to look inward & decide if my reactions are living up to my values. 

Are my actions helping me to make the holiday beautiful, or are they just creating dividing lines in the sand?

Remember the crazy outrage that exploded on social media one year over the design of a disposable coffee cup? Let’s not do that this year!

Remember the outcry in years past over whether someone said ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’? Let’s all remember that we have no right to force our beliefs and values on someone else.

If you value keeping Christ in the holidays, do that. (hint, there’s an easier & kinder way to keep Christ in Christmas)

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? What a beautiful thing it would be to celebrate the season with the best gift of all: LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

If you love the idea of Santa and dressing up, do that. Or if you love decorating every inch of your house, do that. 

And if you relish in shopping for that one special gift for someone you love by all means do that. Enjoy the holidays in a way that speaks to your heart.

And maybe – just maybe – we can all share a little love and tolerance this year and allow others to embrace the traditions they love as well. 

Wouldn’t that make a beautiful holiday even more beautiful for all of us?

What better gift than the gift of love?


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7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays??

  1. Nancy

    Hey Tammy,
    I have been making Christmas gifts for many years. When my children were young it was homemade bread to go with the homemade jelly I had canned during the summer. Fudge was usually in the gift, too. I made a lot of doll clothes and little quilts for kids. And one year I made mother/daughter matching aprons for the nieces (and sister-in-law). I think homemade is so much more personal.
    More recently I read a book called, “Year of Plenty”. I talked to the pastor we had at the time about teaching a bible study using it. It was a Presbyterian pastor who wrote it and, I don’t know maybe that’s why she kept making excuses, because she did ask if he was our denomination. The book starts out around Christmas. But if you get a chance, it’s a very good book (if you have time to read a book). And it’s kind of along the lines of your blog.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I love your ideas Nancy, and the mother/daughter aprons sound adorable! You’re so crafty! OMGosh I’m interested in checking out the book you mentioned – year of plenty. Wonder if the library has it? Hummmmm…. ~TxH~

      1. Nancy

        The author is; something Goodwin. Just looked him up his first name is Craig. Hope you can find it, I really enjoyed it.

  2. nana

    Loved reading your email as it was so heart felt. Thank you for that and may you and yours receive GODs blessings through out the year.

  3. Sondra Langle

    What a treat you are!! I love looking for your daily post and most times I love it to pieces. Today is the exception. I’m not sure where to put in on a chart of 1-10, about a 13 and a half? I so appreciate your feelings and the way you express them. I’ve told you before I’d like to live next door to you (if I could get you out of Texas) but instead of sweet tea on your porch, I bet you make a mean cup of coffee. As Christians we need to remember your comments from scripture: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome strangers and the unwanted child, care for the sick and love your enemies. What a perfect credo for all Christians. You’ve awakened my soul and activated my conscience, I’m going to start seriously thinking about how to accomplish this in the weeks to come. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sondra

  4. Patti

    You hit the nail on the head with this one! Where I’m at in North Western Illinois it’s changed IMO for the worse here. Many of the Dr.’s who were essentially forced into one big medical group because of ins plans aren’t saying anything and have it posted in their offices. It’s almost become the “don’t talk about holiday” as far as I see. I work animal rescue part time and we can’t call a female dog by bitch or a young female cow by hefer because we might offend someone. That leaves us with generic terms and there will be a day when that’s not PC. God Bless you this Christmas Season, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! Patti

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I’m taking the ‘live & let live’ mindset Patti. If someone wants to say ‘Happy Holidays’ that’s just fine with me. I’ll be wishing folks a Merry Christmas and I trust that’s fine with them. If others want to buy lots & lots of gifts for their loved ones, that’s just fine with me too. Whatever way they wish to celebrate the season my wish for them is to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll be doing the same! Merry Christmas to you too, sweet girl! ~TxH~


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