Candy Snowman And Gloves – Last Minute Gift Idea & Cute Way To Gift Money

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Need a last-minute gift idea? I love these cute snowman gifts that include candy and a new pair of gloves. I like to use one-size-fits-all gloves and a box of candy or larger candy bar. And it’s a fun way to present a cash gift too! Snowman gift gloves, candy and cash Christmas present #TexasHomesteader

Inexpensive Snowman Gift: Candy & Gloves

Whether making a gift for kids in your child’s classroom, an inexpensive gift for your co-workers, a little sumpin’ for the mailman or your favorite hair stylist, these gifts can be whipped up literally in minutes for very little cost!

The snowman is made of a box of candy and his toboggan hat is fashioned from a new pair of gloves. And c’mon, how cute is this??

Snowman gift with gloves, candy and money cash present #TexasHomesteader

What a fun, quick and inexpensive gift idea. We made each of our grandchildren one of these snowman gifts. It was easy!

All you need for these snowman candy & glove gifts:

    • Larger 3-oz Box of Candy or Large Candy Bar
    • 1 Sheet Printer Paper
    • Black Marker
    • Orange Marker
    • Pair of New Gloves
    • Festive Ribbon
    • Cash (optional for cash gift – see below)

Snowman cash gift - gloves, candy money present Christmas #TexasHomesteader

Candy Options To Consider For Snowman Gift

If you’ll be making these cute snowman gifts there are a few things to keep in mind:

Size of Package – you’re slipping the small wrist of a stretchy glove over the candy box. So try not to choose something overly wide so the glove fits snugly without overly stretching it out. We opted for a larger 3.10-oz box of M&M’s candy. You could also use a large candy bar.

Allergy Considerations – If you’re making these snowman gifts for several children (such as when gifting to your children’s classmates), keep in mind there may possibly be allergy considerations. Peanut allergies are common, so it’s best to avoid peanuts. Perhaps a box of skittles or regular M&M’s would be a better option?

Kids With Braces – Some of our grandchildren are currently wearing orthodontic braces. So we checked with their parents beforehand to make sure peanuts wouldn’t be a problem for them. (The parents said peanuts were fine.) If you’re not sure if your gift recipients require orthodontic considerations you might stick with candy that won’t be an issue for children with braces, – especially overly chewy/sticky candy. 

Making A Snowman Gift Using Candy And Gloves

Making the snowman-themed gift couldn’t be any easier. Start with a box of candy or perhaps a large candy bar. RancherMan loves peanut M&M’s best, so of course he preferred those for each of these gifts for our grandkids.

Then we went to the dollar store and chose a pair of stretchy one-size-fits-all gloves for each of our grandchildren.

I even found these cute 3-in-1 gloves for our granddaughters. They included a pair of coordinated fingerless gloves that could be worn alone or as an additional outer wrap on top of the glove for a little extra fashion sumpin’. So cute!

Gloves with coordinating fingerless gloves to use for snowman gift. #TexasHomesteader

Then I wrapped a sheet of white paper around each of the boxes of candy to make a blank canvas for each of our snowman gifts. 

I used a black permanent marker to draw the coal eyes and mouth. Then I used an orange marker to draw the carrot nose.

When all was ready I placed the elastic wrist of one of the gloves over the top of the candy box. Then I used a festive ribbon to tie the fingers of both pair of gloves together to make a toboggan hat for our snowman.

And we’re DONE!

I really think these turned out cute. And of course all of our grandchildren love candy and will enjoy the gloves for keeping their hands warm during these cold winter months.

Creative Way To Give Money As A Gift

Here’s another way to use your snowman gift too. Sometimes you are at a complete loss on what to buy someone. “What do they want? What do they already have? Will they even like this gift I’m considering?” AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

So instead you’ve decided to gift cash this year so they can buy what they want in the size or color they prefer.

But c’mon, you don’t want to just hand over the bills. You still want a nicer way to present your thoughtful gift of cash.

These snowman candy boxes fit the bill quite nicely for gifting money.

Snowman theme Candy box with gloves and money gift cash Christmas #TexasHomesteader

You can just place the dollars between the hat and the white paper outer wrapping. Keep in mind (especially if you’re not going to be present when they open their gift of cash) you want to make sure it’s hard to miss. So I leave a little green of the money peeking out from the snowman’s toboggan.

Lookie there! Now you’ve got THREE gifts in one: Candy, New Gloves and CASH!

So if you’re looking for a cute way to present a cash gift or are just looking for an inexpensive last-minute gift you can make in minutes, these candy snowman gifts are so cute, fun and easy to make.


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2 thoughts on “Candy Snowman And Gloves – Last Minute Gift Idea & Cute Way To Gift Money

  1. Laurinda

    What am adorable & clever idea! I’m going to Pin this for next year!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Laurinda, I love that this is not only super fast & easy to do, but a very cute yet inexpensive way to gift cash. Heck you’d probably pay more for one of those special cash-gift envelopes than this cute snowman gift. Plus this way your gift recipient gets candy and gloves to boot! 😀 Hope you & your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas. ~TxH~


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