Inexpensive Gift Ideas For The Eco-Conscious Mom

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Is your mom environmentally aware? Does she love being gentle with this gorgeous earth we call home?

Well you’re in luck, I’ve assembled a quick list of inexpensive gift ideas to spoil your crunchy, eco-friendly mom this year. Gifts mom will love – c’mon & see! 

Gift ideas for the eco-conscious mom #TexasHomesteader

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Show Mom How Much You Love Her!

Of course we appreciate our moms every day, but on special days we make it all about her! And isn’t it wonderful to give her special attention?

Whether she’s been there since day one
or came into your life sometime After You Were Born,
moms are special!

Soft Cloth Napkins An Eco-Friendly Gift Option

Let’s face it, a dining experience is just much more luxurious using a cloth napkin instead of a scratchy, cheap, disposable paper napkin.

You can of course Make Cute Napkins if you desire, but it’s super inexpensive to *buy cloth napkins instead.

And cloth napkins are eco friendly too since they last for years. RancherMan & I are still using daily this set of napkins we received as a wedding gift over 25 years ago. And they’re still like new!

Cloth Napkins are a decadant addition to mealtimes. Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

Our napkins go in with our regular laundry so there’s no special upkeep at all. I must say this is one of my favorite (and most luxurious) eco moves.

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Silicone Food ‘Huggers’ Eliminate Plastic Wrap

We have a set of these *Food Huggers that we’ve used for years. They’re made of silicone and they replace lots of plastic wrap for food storage in my kitchen.

Silicone Food Huggers. Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

They come in different sizes to fit approximately half an onion, half an apple, half a lemon and smaller. No need to reach for the plastic wrap.

I’ve always been amazed that there’s NO onion smell coming from it when it holds an onion in the fridge.

Apparently these food huggers seal it so completely that no aromas can escape. It’s one of my favorite low-waste gadgets in my Homestead kitchen!

Gardening Tools To Make Gardening FUN!

You know mom loves to be in the garden. Whether she’s tending to her beautiful flowers or playing in the vegetable garden, a *Gardening Set is a gift she’ll love.

Treat mom to garden goodies. Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

And the possibilities are endless. You can get a pre-assembled kit or assemble your own personalized garden kit:

*Thorn Proof Garden Gloves,

Cute *Garden Hand Tools,

A few *Heirloom Garden Seeds 

*Garden Tool Organizer – keeps her garden tools handy. 

A *Garden Cart With Wheels to take right to the garden and fill with veggie harvest or plant trimmings.

Such an easily customizable gift!

Make Gardening Easier With A Raised Bed!

I find with every year that goes by, it’s harder to get on my hands-n-knees when gardening. So I’m transitioning my beloved garden to raised beds.

Hopkins Hidden Homestead heavy-duty raised bed for gardening. #TexasHomesteader

THIS raised bed is by far my favorite! It’s not like the flimsy ones that need a brace just to hold soil.

So this is a great gift idea to make gardening easier and more pleasant for mom.

AND the Hopkins Homestead folks have allowed our readers to use this coupon code:

Hopkins Homestead Store galvanized steel raised beds coupon code. #TexasHomesteader

Travel Utensil Kit For Zero-Waste Dining Out

Maybe mom is like me & hates to eat from plastic-wrapped plastic utensils & just likes to have her own personal utensils when stopping by a fast-food eatery. Or maybe she’s a camping buff and likes to have a compact utensil set of her own.

Either way, *Travel Utensils or maybe *Camping Utensils are nice and an eco-friendly choice. Most of them come with their own pouch too.

If you have enough time, you can even make mom a compact travel Utensil Kit yourself the same as I did.

Zero-Waste Dining Out Kit. Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

Even with my novice sewing skills I made ours using a cloth napkin. That altered napkin holds the utensils and doubles as a reusable napkin when RancherMan & I dine out.

Bird Feeder To Enjoy Backyard Birds

Does mom love watching her feathered friends? Yeah, us too!

Why not give her a bird feeder to bring ’em close for her to enjoy? And you can easily choose from many different styles of *Bird Feeders online.

Bird feeder filled with inexpensive birdseed. Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

And while you’re at it, show mom how how she can refill that feeder from now on for VERY cheap! RancherMan & I Share our Secret for feeding our feathered friends for a fraction of the price of buying those bags of birdseed in the discount store.

We enjoy colorful cardinals, spunky juncos, sparrows, dove and many more feathered friends visiting our feeders.

Compost Containers

Cute little compost containers for beneath the kitchen sink or even countertop are all the rage right now. Why not get mom an attractive *compost container for her own kitchen? It sure makes composting convenient, and they’re kinda cute too!

And if mom’s really into composting, give her my all-time favorite composting tool – a *Tumbling Composter!

Compost tumbler. Looking for simple, inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your eco-conscious mom? We've made a list of our favorites. #TexasHomesteader

A tumbling composter makes composting easy. Dump in the contents of the kitchen compost bucket, give it a quick twirl and walk away. And it’s all contained until mom’s ready for it.

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But if you’re just not sure what to buy, Amazon makes it easy to find just the right gift for mom with this custom grouping:

*Amazon – Gift Ideas For Mom

Gifts for the eco-conscious environmentally-friendly mom #TexasHomesteader

So there are a few ideas to help you spoil mom. Oh, and listed below are more eco-friendly ideas if you’re still looking for a little inspiration.


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