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Come with me as we travel to different areas & states. I’ll share it all here. #TexasHomesteader

Hitting The Road: Broken Bow, Oklahoma

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Every year my siblings get together for what we call a ‘Sibling Trip’. My Brother and his wife, my sister & her hubs, and RancherMan & I pick a fun location and then vacation together. We’ve been to many fun places, but on this occasion my SIL suggested Broken Bow, OK.

I’ve heard of Broken Bow, but I don’t think I’ve ever been there. We’d decided to rent a 3-bedroom, 3 bath cabin so we could all stay together. It had a fully stocked kitchen so we could bring food and cook at the cabin a couple of nights to save some cash. Love it! Let’s get on the road.

We traveled to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for a weekend sibling trip. A delightful cabin was rented and we enjoyed some breweries, restaurants & Bevers Bend state park. #TexasHomesteader

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Surfside Beach, TX: Make Time To Spend With Family

by Texas Homesteader ~

In a continuous push to purposefully spend more time with our family, RancherMan & I always look for opportunities. We have a tradition to drive to one of our kids’ homes once a month to have dinner together & spend the day with them. They fix whatever they’d be having for supper that day, but with two more servings to accommodate RancherMan & me. We bring something to go with the meal such as dessert, a side dish, or maybe a bottle of wine – hostess’ choice!

We also try to drive to Oklahoma when we can to visit my dad, or to west Texas to visit my favorite aunt & uncle. There’s an important message here:

Spend time with the ones you love. If life is busy – make time! Tomorrow is never promised…

But recently RancherMan & I enjoyed a weekend at Surfside Beach on the Texas coast with several family members. What a special time! And RancherMan really loved the beach fishing too. (Always wearing his cooling UV-Protective Shirt of course)

Beach fishing. Make time to spend with family! Life's short and there's no promise of tomorrow. Recently we spent family time at Surfside Beach, Texas. #TexasHomesteader

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Hitting The Road: Granbury, Texas

by Texas Homesteader ~

As our anniversary drew near, RancherMan suggested we take a short road trip somewhere relatively close to home.  We didn’t want to spend lots of money but we wanted a fun, romantic getaway.  After much discussion we decided to drive to Granbury, Texas.  We’ve been there on several occasions and it’s a fun town to visit.

Road trip to Granbury, Texas - a fun anniversary trip. What a wonderful time we had! Come see my kind of souvenier shopping. #TexasHomesteader


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Ft. Worth, Texas – Big Fun In Cowtown!

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I often get together with my siblings and their spouses and go away for a fun vacation.  We’re running off together typically on a long weekend once or twice a year. I love that our family is still that close!  We’ve been to many various places, mostly within the great state of Texas but also out to New Mexico. We’re even planning a cruise together.

On this occasion we conceded that our lives were all too busy to get away for a long period of time.  But we still needed to plan a fun getaway. Family is important! So we decided to stay close to home & go all touristy in Ft. Worth, Texas.

OMGosh what a great idea!  I’ve lived in the Dallas area almost all my life, so of course I’ve been to Ft. Worth many times. But it was always to drive to a specific location or event, never to stay & play.  Now this is gonna be fun!

We took a vacation in Ft. Worth, Texas. I've lived in the Dallas area most of my life, so of course I've been to Ft. Worth many times. But it was always to drive to a specific location or event, never to stay & play. Now this is gonna be fun! #TexasHomesteader

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A Fun Trip To Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Texas Homesteader ~

Like my other siblings & myself, my brother has lived in Texas almost all his life. But when he married MST3K star Mary Jo Pehl (aka: Pearl Forrester) several years ago they lived in Austin for a short while, then moved waaaaay up north to Minneapolis Minnesota. 

Wow, now that’s a long way away for a Texas gal to visit – it’s a 14-hour drive! So each time they asked we promised we’d look into a visit soon but ranch duties, calving issues, garden chores, community commitments, etc. just kept us from being able to carve out enough time to be away from the ranch. 

But RancherMan stumbled upon a ‘Wanna Get Away’ fair on SW Airlines that made it affordable for us to fly out.  Less time away from the ranch – let’s DO IT! First we had to drive into Big D to catch a flight…

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