Homestead Hack: Peace Of Mind Before A Trip

by Texas Homesteader ~

When you leave home for the weekend do you worry that you’ve forgotten something? Me too! Check out this easy Homestead Hack that gives you peace of mind when leaving for a trip.

We don't travel often but every time we do I feel that familiar "what did we forget" dread. But no more! Check out this Travel Checklist homestead hack. #TexasHomesteader

Planning A Few Days Away From Home

Our trips away are often during a weekend. But sometimes the duration is a week or so.

Travel posts, tips and tricks. #TexasHomesteader

But after all the excitement of planning a quick trip away together, sometimes the joy is sucked right out before we ever drive away.

Clouds of doubt circle my head as we drive down our driveway: 

“Did we unplug the coffee pot? What about the garden pump, did we turn it off? Uuuggg, I forgot to take the compost bucket out to the tumbler before we left. It’ll surely be a mess by the time we get back!”

We don’t travel often but every time we do I feel that familiar “what did we forget” dread. I know most of you must feel the same. 

Checklist Of Reminders Before A Trip

This is a simple solution and one we’ve used successfully for years. I use the note section on my smart phone. (OMGosh y’all, how did we ever get along without smart phones??) 

I’ve created a note page on my phone called Travel Notes. In that note page is a checklist for things to remember to do before we leave, things to pack and even a home security section.

We don't travel often but every time we do I feel that familiar "what did we forget" dread. But no more! Check out this Travel Checklist homestead hack. #TexasHomesteader

Things To Do Before A Trip

For instance under things to do I’ve noted such tasks as:

      • Stop mail delivery

      • Adjust the HVAC thermostat for our absence

      • Clean the used coffee grounds from the coffee pot

      • Empty the compost bucket

…and many more.

These are usually the things we always want to do before leaving for a weekend (or longer).

Things To Pack For A Trip

Under things to pack I have items we typically like to pack for a trip. Things such as our:

      • Insulated travel mugs

      • Medications

      • Dog food & supplies

      • Sunblock, etc. 

There are about a dozen options in this section. But not all items will be needed on every trip.

So I just read off the items & RancherMan notes whether they’ve already been packed, or whether they’re even needed this time.

Keeping Home Secure When Away From Home

There’s even a section on security. It reminds us check to make sure things are locked, such as:

      • The feed shed

      • RancherMan’s tool box,

      • The gun safe, etc. 

Also noted here is to set our security alarm and adjust the notification settings on our security cameras if any movement or sound is detected.

Peace of Mind When Traveling

Let me tell ya, this simple list sure brings us some peace of mind when traveling.

These travel checklist notes solve the conversation:
“Did you lock the shed?” 
“No, I thought YOU locked the shed!”. 

So when we’re finally all ready to leave for a fun trip – before the bags are zipped up and placed in the trunk, I simply open this travel checklist note on my phone. RancherMan and I only need about 60 seconds to go through the list. 

We don’t necessarily need to pack or do all of the items on the travel checklist depending upon the destination or our length of absence. But all items to consider are brought up just in case.

And we can easily update this list whenever we find another item that needs added. It’s a very flexible, ever-changing and very helpful tool for us.

But as simple as this solution is, it sure offers us a peace of mind that was always missing on previous trips. No more leaving the house with that dread, wondering if we forgot something! 

If you don’t have a smart phone this checklist just can just be written up, printed out and stored in your suitcase instead.

Let me tell ya, that kind of peace of mind when you’re away from home is priceless!


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4 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Peace Of Mind Before A Trip

  1. Brenda

    Great idea, Tammy! Now that I’m the only one in the house, sometimes I forget items, and have to borrow or buy a duplicate. I’m going to implement this now, and have a lot more peace of mind when I take off for a few days! Thank you! (And hello to Rancher Man!)

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I’m tellin’ ya Brenda, it brings so much peace of mind knowing you didn’t forget something. Now that list may grow longer as the years go by when we add items that may be needed on certain trips or as things change, but it only takes seconds for us to go down the list – check, check, check! I feel so much more comfort as we head down the road knowing nothing’s been forgotten. Give it a try! ~TxH~

  2. Miss B

    Making a list is a great idea. It would’ve saved us some time when we turned back 1 1/2 hours from home to come back and unplug a battery charger! That was a bad start to a great vacation to be sure. Anytime I leave the house I check the basics – coffee pot, curling iron, etc., and I check and say (or, let’s be honest, I sing) aloud that I’m confirming each item has been turned off. I read a tip that if you use a silly voice or clap or whatever differently each time, you will definitely remember that you checked the coffee pot today rather than yesterday, for example. It might feel silly, but it does the trick. Your way seems way more efficient for times when we will be gone for extended periods of time with more items to check! I’ve also read that for those of us who are prone to second guessing ourselves, it can reduce some anxiety to just snap a few pics with the camera on your phone. That way, you have photographic evidence that the gate is locked or the breakers have been switched off. Those are all good tips, and I’m definitely going to add a checklist similar to yours in my reminder lists!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I think it’s made more stressful since there are two of us doing these things. “Did he already do that? He did it last time we took a trip. Should I do it instead? Maybe I should check just in case…” Even though we go through our checklist each & every time we leave for a few days, almost always when we go through our list & “check – check – check – Oh yeah, I still need to do that!” so it certainly helps make sure it’s all done. Plus, as I said, it’s peace of mind for me not worrying that something was left plugged in or the planters weren’t watered. Dead plants when returning from a short trip will not make me smile! LOL ~TxH~


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