13 Quick Inexpensive Last-Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Do you need a fast, simple but inexpensive gift idea? No worries, I’m sharing a fun list here. Everything from a cute Santa sleigh made completely with  candy, to a fun way to present cash – and everything in between. Fast & inexpensive for gifts for children, neighbors, co-workers, groups and more.

Last minute gift ideas for teachers, kids, neighbors, co-workers, more #TexasHomesteader

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Save Money, Save Time – Homemade Gifts

Below is a list of quick inexpensive gifts we’ve been able to make give over the years. And they’re easy to multiply for a group such as co-workers, neighbors, clubs, etc.

If you click on the titles you’ll be taken to a detailed post about that craft item.

I’ve even included links preceded with * so you can check out individual components of the gifts if you need. That keeps you from having to brave the stores – you can buy those makings of your homemade crafts to be delivered right to your house! #WorkSmarterNotHarder

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You can see all our gift posts here –> Our favorite gift ideas in one place. #TexasHomesteader

Also, there’s a whole list at the bottom of this post for all things holiday. Gift ideas, wrapping ideas, low-waste tips, etc.

Santa Sleigh Made With Candy

This Santa Sleigh is made entirely of candy! It can be put together very quickly. Go ahead & make several!

A cute but easy Christmas gift idea - Santa and his sleigh made with candy! #TexasHomesteader

A few snack-sized candy bars, a couple of candy canes and a chocolate Santa is all you need!

Snowman Made With Candy and Gloves

This cute snowman is a nice gift all by itself using *inexpensive gloves & a bulky candy bar or boxed treat. We purchased ours at a dollar store. Snowman theme Candy box with gloves and money gift cash Christmas #TexasHomesteader

But it can also be a cute and inexpensive way to gift cash or gift cards too.

Snowman Treat Jar

When we gifted Christmas Trail Mix to our grandchildren we presented it in a super-cute way. Using a repurposed jar with a snowman theme.

Repurposed large plastic jar filled with Christmas Trail Mix & painted to look like a snowman. #TexasHomesteader

Just fill the snowman jar with whatever you like. I like sweetened popcorn because it’s so fast & easy. Just pop *Bulk Popcorn and bake it for a few minutes coated a simple syrup made of water/sugar/butter.

Make the popcorn into more colorful Christmas trail mix if you like – tips below.

Christmas Trail Mix

This is a cute and delicious treat. Christmas trail mix!

Christmas Trail Mix is sweetened popcorn & other additions. #TexasHomesteader

You can buy *Christmas Trail Mix already prepared. But we wanted to make our own.

The bulk of our sweet trailmix was just Sweetened Popcorn. (Oh so easy, and oh-so-cheap!)

Then we added various other things to add sweet/salty blend and color. For our Christmas trail mix we used:

*salted peanuts,

*cheese crackers,

*mini pretzels

colorful *sweetened cereal

It all combined perfectly to make the color pop & taste combination we wanted for our Christmas trail mix.

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Pecans

Sweet, salty, crunchy. These sweet candied pecans have it all and are delicious!

Candied pecans cinnamon sugared pecans sweet ,salty and crunchy #TexasHomesteader

I never knew how easy it was to make candied pecans. But really – coat pecans in:

      • Whipped egg white,

      • Sugar,

      • Cinnamon,

Slowly roast in an oven for 60 minutes.


Gardener’s Hand Scrub

For those gardeners in your life – Gardener’s Hand Scrub.

This homemade gardener's hand scrub helps clean hands after gardening. #TexasHomesteader

I mixed it up & put it all in a repurposed flip-top jar and added a cute label.

This hand scrub is simply made with

*Epsom salt,

*Body wash

*Coconut oil.

I scented my gardener’s hand scrub gift with *Lavender Essential Oil.

Pink Himalayan Mineral Bath Soak Gifts

I made these cute gifts for a ladies group I belonged to.

Mineral soaking salts decanted into a small 1/2 pint mason jar for an easy gift. #TexasHomesteader

I used small 1/2-pint mason jars but you can use any repurposed glass jar. Then fill them from a larger bag of inexpensive *Mineral Salt Bath Soak.

You can make a jar for everyone in your office fast & for very little money and almost no time at all.

Repurposed Denim Hand Warmers

We made these for our grandchildren and also a slightly larger set for my dad one year. (Oh, and pairs for ourselves too – we love these!)

These cute pocket-sized hand warmers are made with repurposed denim and rice. It makes a quick, cute and useful gift. #TexasHomesteader

Just cut out squares of denim from old worn jeans, fill with cheap *Bulk Rice mixed with a few drops of *Essential oil fragrance.

You can embellish the front by drawing a design using a permanent marker. So fun, so quick & so easy.

Wax-Dipped Pinecone Fire Starters

For someone with a wood-burning fireplace or a camping enthusiast, these waxed pinecone fire starters were a hit.

Cute wax-dipped pinecones for the camping enthusiast or as a quick, inexpensive and useful gift. #TexasHomesteader

Simply pick up a few pinecones and gather a few old half-burned scented candles. Melt the wax and roll the pinecone in the wax to coat the tips.

I like to gift them in a large thrift-store basket. It makes a beautiful gift that’s functional too, and it costs almost nothing.

Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Pint Size Jar

I wanted a gift to go with some homemade vanilla I made one year. So I grabbed a clean pint jar and mixed up a chocolate chip cookie recipe in a jar.

Chocolate chip cookie mix in a 16-oz pint size canning mason jar #TexasHomesteader

I like that I could use a 16-ounce pint jar instead of the larger quart-sized jars.

So you can make lots of these cookie mix jars in minutes with standard pantry ingredients & clean repurposed mason jars.

Cocoa Mix in Big Mugs

Homemade hot cocoa dry Ingredients can be placed in bags and tucked into large coffee mugs.

Homemade hot cocoa couldn't be easier to make with just a few simple ingredients. #TexasHomesteader


Add a candy cane stirring stick and you have a gift that comes together in minutes.

You can make this gift even faster using chunky thrift store mugs with packets of *Hot Cocoa Mix inside!

Experience Gifts

This has always been one of our favorites – experience gifts!

Experience Gifts are a great gift idea, and you can be part of the gift too! #TexasHomesteader

We often get to enjoy the gift right along with the gift recipients. We’ve gifted a ‘dinner with us at a favorite restaurant’ to our parents, and for our grandchildren we’ve gifted several different experience gifts that we enjoyed with them:

If you live far away you can still gift experiences such as zoo membership, concert tickets, museum passes,  etc

Quick Homemade Food Gifts

Sometimes you want to present a food gift, but still don’t want it to take too much time or money. I’ve gifted Homemade Granola and No-Knead Bread on numerous occasions.

Rosemary bread baked in a cast iron skillet & topped with fresh minced rosemary. #TexasHomesteader

The Pumpkin Granola can be dressed up in a pretty jar. Add a festive ribbon & you’re done.

The No-Knead Skillet Bread can be made & gifted in a brand new *10″ Cast Iron Skillet as part of the gift. Or simply wrap the bread with plastic wrap and embellish with a pretty bow.

These gifts of homemade food have always been very appreciated.  

What are your favorite fast last-minute gift ideas?


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