Living Life With NO REGRETS! What Does That Mean?

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’ve been reading lots lately about how to make sure you’re living in a way that when you come to the end of your life you have no regrets. But it seems I have no such regrets!

None? Really? Hummm…

Living Life With NO REGRETS! Quietly going about the natural rhythm of my days in ways that make sense to me - not some corporate head #TexasHomesteader

Discussing Living Life Without Regrets

Most mornings RancherMan & I engage in what I consider to be an emotionally-passionate conversation about any number of hot-button social topics.

In the past these topics have included religion, law, politics, elections, etc. (groan…)

Thankfully most of the other’s thoughts are met with an energetic nod and the words “Exactly!”.

So we’re typically on the same page but WHEW! Intensity sometimes reigns at during these conversations!

But a recent topic? Life’s regrets.

I wondered what the definition is, and whether I’m living my life in such a way that there are no regrets. But what does that mean?

What Does It Mean To Live Life With No Regrets?

Usually the sentiment of living life without regret is implying that you must do more than you’re doing now in order for your life to be considered ‘well lived‘. 

Of course in some cases that may be true.

If you have hard feelings toward friends or family that have festered for weeks, or years (or YIKES – decades) you definitely need to make some changes in your life so you’ll have no regrets.

Or if you always wished to travel to an exotic location, dreamed of it, longed for it, yearned for it yet were never brave enough to take that first step – yeah, make some changes.

And if it always bothered you that you never attained a much-desired level of education or professional certification – you should totally go for it.

Analyzing My Own Life For Regrets

But here I am with no regrets.


I’ve been examining my heart lately over this. I mean, c’mon – NO regrets??  NONE?  Perhaps I’m just not thinking hard enough. Maybe I should dig deeper.

Life’s Regrets: Relationship With Spouse

Do those whom I love know that I love them? Well yeah, I’m very vocal to my family & friends about my feelings for them. I try to make sure those things that matter most – my relationships – are placed in high priority before other things in my life.

Of course it’s well known that sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way. So I try to be very aware that although there are chores and demands that need to be taken care of, I always try to make time for those in my life whom I love through personal visits,  phone calls, fun outings, lunches, loving messages, etc.

RancherMan & I have a mandatory dating schedule. Even with the busyness of homesteading we make time to get away from this Homestead that we love and spend time focusing just on each other.

True love with my RancherMan, holding hands at the pond. #TexasHomesteader

We make sure to Find Time For Each Other In A Busy Life, it’s a priority. And it’s kept our marriage strong.

Life’s Regrets: Relationships With Children

And now that we’re living in a rural location and our grown children are living in big cities we didn’t feel we were able to spend as much time as we wanted with them and grandchildren.

So we changed that. Each month we travel to one of our children’s homes to share a meal and spend time with just them and their family.

Then the next month we travel to another of our children’s homes and repeat until we have spent special time with each of them, and then we start over and do it again.

It’s an important way  we’ve been able to Slow Down & Live MORE!

Life’s Regrets: When It’s Too Late To Say ‘I LOVE YOU’?

What about regrets of not telling someone how you feel before they’re gone forever? Let’s take my feelings for my grandmother for instance – she was a quiet yet powerful driving force in my life.

Although she lived in another state I made every effort to visit her often. I sat down with her and told her often how much she had influenced my life. How much I’d learned from her & how deeply I loved her.

Even as dementia began taking her memories, I wrote it all down and hung those heart-felt messages on her walls.

They were there for her every day so she would see and remember. I reminded her often that she was loved.

When she passed I knew in my heart that I’d left nothing unsaid. She knew how I felt. She knew she was loved. There were no regrets.

Life’s Regrets: Professional Regrets?

What about my profession? Well I worked for 21 years at an international trade association specializing in fire protection.

The work was fulfilling and my co-workers were like family. I enjoyed going to work every single day. Because I loved my job I was promoted in that career – it took me from a part-time bookkeeper all the way up to a Director of the association.

Although I’d absolutely loved working there for over 20 years, that last year I worked there took a negative turn in staff & corporate-ladder-climbing greed. I was now miserable. That stress was taking its toll on my health. What to do?

Life’s Regrets: Chasing A Dream?

No longer fulfilled I longed for a different path, to make a change. Those feelings (and RancherMan’s staunch support) prompted me to make that leap of faith & change professions.

I left corporate employment there over fifteen years ago and began walking down the Homesteading path. Now I live & work right here in a place that speaks to my heart.

What a dream come true!!

Yes there are monetary sacrifices to be made because of that change. But they pale in comparison to the beauty of this land which surrounds me.

Oh, and the empowerment of making my own working decisions. And the blissfulness of working side-by-side with my handsome RancherMan

Every. Single. DAY!

Living Life With NO REGRETS! Quietly going about the natural rhythm of my days in ways that make sense to me - not some corporate head #TexasHomesteader

Living & Loving A Worthwhile Life… For ME!

The thing is: although no life is without its trials, I don’t feel the need to do something daring like skydiving or drag racing to make my life feel ‘worthwhile‘.

Excitement to me is the birth of a new calf, or that first spring flower to peek out its colors. Or maybe strolling hand-in-hand to the pond with my handsome RancherMan to do a little fishing.

My heart is touched and my life sweetened by spending time with those whom I love. And sharing my days with my true soulmate. 

I’m able to volunteer my time for the benefit of those in my community and quietly go about the natural rhythm of my workdays in ways that make sense to me – not some invisible corporate head.

To me, THAT’S life well lived!

Living Life With NO REGRETS! Quietly going about the natural rhythm of my days in ways that make sense to me - not some corporate head #TexasHomesteader

Disappointments Are Not Regrets

It’s not that I haven’t had things go differently than I thought or experienced tiny disappointments along the way just like everyone else. I have.

But those daunting could’ve / should’ve / would’ve regrets in my life are nowhere to be found. I think I’ve lived thus far in a way that shows love to those whom I care for & I’ve lived an honest, meaningful, hard-working life of which I’m very proud.

And the bottom line is that If I can look in the mirror and be proud of the reflection I see staring back at me, well that’s a life well lived!


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2 thoughts on “Living Life With NO REGRETS! What Does That Mean?

  1. Joe

    WOW! What an incredible story. Amazingly I live that same wonderful life. It’s a wonderful feeling!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      It’s easy for any of us to get swept up into the day-to-day of life, Joe. But I think we all could benefit from taking a step back and assessing what’s REALLY important in or lives and making time for those things. I heard a nugget of wisdom years ago: “There’s always time for things you put first”. ~TxH~


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