The Ripple Effect – How You Affect Those Around You

by Texas Homesteader~ 

Did you ever notice when you throw a small stone into the water ripples form and migrate outward in a wide circle further & further from where the rock initially landed? I’ve watched those ripples keep going until they reached all the way to the other end of our pond. The action of that one small stone affected its surroundings much further than its initial point of contact.

I’ve been thinking lately that our actions are much like that stone tossed into the water. There’s a ripple effect that touches those surrounding us – either negative or positive – and radiates outward much further than our initial point of contact.

Our actions are much like a stone tossed into the water, a ripple effect that touches the surrounding area & radiates outward. #TexasHomesteader

Random Acts of Kindness

Think about this: If you do a random act of kindness for a stranger, how is it likely to affect that person? That small gesture from you makes the recipient more likely to want to Pay It Forward, doing a similar random act of kindness for someone else. That’s the ripple effect in action.

But let’s say instead of an act of kindness you did something negative to that person. Wouldn’t your negative act have a negative effect on the recipient, making them more likely to pass that negativity on to the next guy? This is also the ripple effect, but in a more negative way.

You can often see that effect in action in your own life. If your boss is harsh or co-workers are snarky to you on any given day, doesn’t that affect your interactions with others? Which of course would have a negative effect on their interactions with yet others, and so on…

I’m trying to remember that my actions each day have a ripple effect, whether negative or positive. And I’m trying to make sure the ripples I create are mostly positive. C’mon I know we can’t feel sunshine & roses every single day, we’re only human. But with just a little effort we can very easily spread a little kindness. And if we would all just do a small part, what a beautiful world this would be!

It’s Easy To Be Kind

So compliment that co-worker on a new blouse, tell that boss how much his leadership means to you and the company, reach out to the neighbor going through hard times. And yes, a random act of kindness for a complete stranger you’ve never met before and will likely never meet again will create a very positive ripple. And so will theirs, and theirs, and…


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24 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect – How You Affect Those Around You

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  3. Rebecca

    I loved this post. It made me again focus on the fact that in my life no act stands alone. We sometimes think that our actions effect no one else but us and this is so untrue. I will go about my day thinking anew about how what I do or say effects others. Blessings 11111

  4. Tracy @ Our Simple Life

    It is amazing how those random acts of kindness will come back on you. Our goal everyday should be to make someone else smile. I was having a rough morning one day a few weeks ago and had stopped for gas, as I was filling the tank the man at the pump next to me said hello and complimented me …at first I laughed it off, said thank you and went about getting my gas. Once I got back on my way I started to think how he was just trying to be nice and how much that little hello had meant to me. That event changed my whole day and I was able to pass that random act of kindness on to a co-worker when I got to work…so it made a full circle that all start with a hello!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I agree Tracy. And like I said, when you touch someone else it changes their outlook for the day and allows them to pass it on. It’s easy to do too, it just takes slowing down from this busy life of ours. ~TMR~

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  8. Karen

    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”… World sure could use a whole lot more of it. Thank you for the reminder.


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