But… Don’t We ALL Want To Be Younger?

by Texas Homesteader ~

I’m over 60 years old, y’all. But here’s the thing – I’m not ashamed of my age. I love being In My 60’s!

Wait, don’t we all want to appear younger than we are? It’s true that many folks try to do everything they can to fight against showing their age.

In a society that seems to glorify youth, I guess they just feel better about themselves if they look younger than their years. And here’s the important thing – that’s OK!

There’s NO shame in that, y’all – do what makes you happy.

But personally, I’m not in constant pursuit of looking younger than I am. And I’m not gonna lie – it feels pretty good! I’m very happy in my own skin – gray hair, wrinkles & all!

Don't we all want to look younger?? Sure there were great things I enjoyed in my 20's, 30's & 40's. But my 50's are glorious! I'm not ashamed of my age! #TexasHomesteader

Don’t get me wrong, my younger years were awesome. But I’ve exchanged some of those awesome things in my 20’s for something that typically comes ONLY with years of living. Wisdom.

Yep, it takes walking down that road of life before you can learn those life lessons. And they all stack up as the years go by, making you richer & richer in your accumulated wisdom.

Oh sure, my 20’s were filled with that physical youth. You know, a tiny waistline and shiny auburn hair.

And no wrinkles! Plus exciting life-steps & lots of stamina to get things done.

Many of those attributes have faded somewhat for me as the years have gone by. But they’ve been replaced by other things just as awesome.

Life in My 20’s

You see, my 20’s were filled with having my children and setting up a stable home for them. I was busy raising them to be healthy, happy, responsible, caring adults.

Plus I was also pursuing a corporate career. It was a busy time indeed, and included lots of important life steps make no mistake.

It’s good I had all that stamina of my youth back then!

30’s Life

My 30’s were good in their own right as I climbed the corporate ladder. I looked to the future as I focused on padding my retirement fund for the future.

I held my children’s hands and guided them through their teenage years. It was a confusing time for them as there were relationships, acne, peer pressure and more to guide them through.

But they knew I would give them space when they required it, yet I was right there for anything and everything they needed too.

My children were my strongest focus during these years, the same as they were when I was in my 20’s.

Life in My 40’s

RancherMan & I became empty-nesters in our 40’s as one by one our children graduated high school and moved off to begin their own lives as adults.

Them moving out on their own shifted the primary focus away from raising our children and more into setting up our home and life to our new normal. 

Then in my later 40’s we became grandparents. Now I don’t have to tell you how much love can be crammed into one of those precious littles!

The 40’s were our transition years as RancherMan & I went from raising our children to watching them fly the nest and begin lives of their own.

So you see, each season of my life has had its ups and downs but I’ve lived life well and come through it all strong. Each season is precious in its own right.

My Glorious 50’s

Then the 50’s hit. Oh sure, at this age the gray hair was coming in large swaths now! But RancherMan & I were empty nesters and there was a whole different freedom that we felt.

Want to skip supper tonight or opt for fend-for-yourself cold cereal instead? Sure, as long as missing a balanced meal doesn’t happen often.

We’re not trying to nourish the young growing bodies of our children anymore. So meal times are now always flexible. (although we typically eat pretty healthy and almost always homemade food)

There’s a concert in a nearby town tonight? Let’s go!

We don’t need to check to see if there’s a soccer game or PTA meeting. Again, the freedom of flexibility is a beautiful thing!

Or RancherMan decides on a romantic weekend at a B&B in a nearby town? Heck yeah, let’s go. No arrangements need to be made for the kids. 

We’ve become like newlyweds again. Our focus is now on each other and not on the busyness that surrounded our life with a young family.

Yes I’m sporting quite a bit of gray hair these days and my fair share of wrinkles too. But I’m not ashamed of my age!

I’ve grown quite a bit from my young 20’s self and I’ve come a long way.

I enjoyed my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. But I’m absolutely loving my 50’s & 60’s. And I’m living a honorable life so I’m proud of the reflection I see in my mirror.

And isn’t that all any of us could wish for in life??

So I don’t bother fretting over looking my age. Don’t look for me to be covering those grays any time soon. They’re proof of life well lived & I’ve earned each & every one of them!


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12 thoughts on “But… Don’t We ALL Want To Be Younger?

  1. Mary

    The fifties are a time of getting to know yourself now that the kids are all grown up and you also get to discover what your interests are at this age. I think it is like a new beginning with more wisdom! And all those wrinkles have been hard earned!

  2. Nancy

    Hey Tammy,
    I know the same feelings. I raised my kids and was looking forward to being a grandma. And then I started again. With Kaleigh calling me “Mama” many people think that I am, but I do quickly set them straight. I had to get used to changing from Grandma to parent again (and sometimes I do fall back into Grandma mode). I am a little more easygoing with Kaleigh then with her mom or the others, though. I also am doing some things I did with my kids, movie night, game night (and not video). I have some grey hairs, and I’m sure i’ll have even more when Kaleigh gets older. But she’s worth every one of them!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      The dual roll you play is wonderful, Nancy. I’m sure there are some challenges with raising your granddaughter but as you said, she’s worth every gray hair. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to know the positive impact you’re having on her young life? You GO girl! ~TxH~

  3. Anna

    I love middle age, too! Tho I’m FAR from being an empty nester, or a grandparent yet! (tho not far from your age : ) I started turning grey at 12, and by 30 was REGULARLY being offered the “senior discount” – so, yeah, I do dye my hair – but make no secret of it. And it’s not to make me look “younger” so much as to make me look younger than my Mother-in-Law! ; ) Seriously, you couldn’t pay me enuf to go back in time, I really enjoy getting older (not to say I always enjoy the health issues)

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I got my first gray hair when I was 16 Anna, so the shock factor of it is long gone for me. I always looked younger than my age too until a breast-cancer diagnosis made them come in like gangbusters. I’m cured, praise God, but it must be true that stress causes grays! But I’m pretty comfortable in my skin and haven’t taken any steps to cover them up. I’m proud of the years I have under my belt these days. ~TxH~

  4. Patty

    I am 67 year old and had a lot of gray hair with streaks of white. I just finished my sixth round off chemo and am now as bald as a new born baby. My husband tells me I’m still beautiful and he is the only one I care about. Age is a number and beauty is in the eyes of the beloved. Relax and enjoy what you havePa

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Patty, prayers have been lifted up for you. Prayers for healing, prayers for comfort, prayers that you feel His love as you deal with cancer, chemo and the steps you’re forced to take to kick cancer to the curb! (HUGS) My breast-cancer diagnosis in 2013 caused many of my silvery grays just from the stress of it all, the uncertainty, the fear. I ended up not needing to take chemo, but you are my warrior sister! And you’re absolutely right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. RancherMan assured me that should chemo have been necessary for me, I would be as beautiful as I’ve ever been to him. (blushes) The heart sees beyond the physical. The heart sees much deeper than that – and what a beautiful feeling! ~TxH~

  5. Patti

    Girl you nailed this one hooray for 55!!! I’m at that point in my life where I let things roll off the shoulder and don’t take everything to heart. After a bilateral mastectomy in my 30’s and hysterectomy in my 40’s I’m just happy to wake up each day not pushing up the daisies. Grey’s have been a part of my life for as long as this Irish girl can remember. I look 10 yrs younger than my age and use no fancy creams or surgeries. We eat healthy and homemade 95% of the time. We’re moving 400 miles from our current home next year and we can’t wait!! ( I live in Illinois and any direction is an improvement ) Happy to be here as long as the good Lord allows!!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Love, love, LOVE it Patti – you’re a survivor! And with such a positive outlook, how could you NOT be?? We try to eat healthy homemade food as often as possible here too. I feel the right food is one of the greatest medicines. My veggie garden and my drive to make as much as possible from scratch helps that along. And how exciting you’re about to start a new chapter in your life in a new location. A blank slate to make your own. Enjoy! ~TxH~

  6. Evelyn Edgett

    I love this, and I agree 100 percent. Heck, I didn’t get INTERESTING until my 40s! My personality and creativity started emerging, and I love it. If I color my hair, it’s because I just want to change something for a time (I had ‘purply red’ hair for several years in my 50s, just cause I liked it).

    Yes, I want to look my best, but I want to look my best as a woman who is 60 odd (and getting odder every day, just ask my family!). Look around–there are gorgeous women out there in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

    Seriously, have you looked at the so called ‘beautiful’ young women out there? Most of them are spoiled, bitter, self centered brats who believe the world owes them. They wouldn’t know what to do with a broom if it bit them on their tiny hiny.

    Okay Evelyn, breathe…

    Sorry, getting off soap box now.

    By the way, what I can see in your little mirror is quite cute.

    1. Patti

      Evelyn, two thumbs up!!!!!

    2. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Ya know Evelyn, I don’t fault anyone for finding importance in things I don’t (heaven knows I find importance in things that others don’t! LOL) But I have several people in my life – both women & men – both younger & older than I, that are comfortable in their own skin and they’re beautiful. Beautiful silvery-gray hair, distinguished wrinkles and all. I’ve shunned the idea that younger is somehow better or more glamorous. Because to me, it’s not. Youth is of course quite lovely in its own right. But so are the signs of years well lived. ~TxH~


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