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5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Old Socks To New Life

by Texas Homesteader~
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I’m constantly trying to repurpose things that are no longer suited to their original purpose. By doing so I’m lowering my eco footprint, and usually even saving some money too.

But I’ve found repurposing is super simple to do and often requires no sacrifice. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Take that old, clean sock for instance. Once socks get a hole in them, are they really any good for anything but the trash?

Well, as it turns out, surprisingly, YES!

Come see the 5 different ways I’m able to repurpose that old sock to actually fill helpful needs at the Homestead. And in some cases replacing things I used to have to buy!

5 simple ways to repurpose an old sock. Kitchen Scrubber, cast-iron care, ponytail holder, and MORE! #TexasHomesteader

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Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader~

Do you have a stack of empty coffee canisters and wonder what to do with them all? Me too! 

But they’re so handy, there just must be another way to repurpose them. Yes, yes there is! Today I’m sharing with you 12 simple ways we’ve been able to repurpose those handy containers.

To celebrate Throwback Thursday, grab a cup of coffee, sit back & enjoy!

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Easiest Texas-Style Spanish Rice Recipe

by Texas Homesteader~ 

Spanish rice (or some call it Mexican rice) is a super-simple dish to make. And it’s a good thing too. We’ve been eating lots of rice lately, y’all.

I’m trying hard to keep us fed using what’s in our pantry & freezers so I don’t have to mingle among the masses at the grocery store. And there’s lots of rice in our pantry.

Rice is a pantry staple for us. And there are lots of ways I enjoy serving it. RancherMan’s favorite is Buttered Garlic/Sage Rice. If I’m having company over I’ll often opt for Fresh Rosemary Rice. And if the cilantro is growing in my garden and we’re having Mexican faire, I love Cilantro/Lime Rice.

But another of RancherMan’s favorites is Spanish Rice. If it’s past season for cilantro in my garden, this is my go-to for our many Tex-Mex meals like Carnitas Tacos, our homemade Tamales or even Pulled Pork Enchiladas. Here’s my oh-so-simple Spanish Rice recipe.

This is the easiest Texas-Style Spanish Rice recipe ever. Long-grain rice, chunky picante salsa, onions, garlic & broth. #TexasHomesteader

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What To Do With Leftover Chili-Cheese Fries          

by Texas Homesteader~ 

I had leftover chili cheese fries and didn’t want to just throw them away. My superpower is eliminating food waste. I’m not kidding, y’all!

I’m typically able to fully (yet deliciously) utilize all the food we we have in various ways so it’s not wasted. Come see what I did with those unappealing leftover Chili-Cheese Fries.

What can you do with leftover chili-cheese fries? I make them into a delicious frittata. Good food you can eat with one hand! #TexasHomesteader

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Can You Reuse Canning Lids? YES!

by Texas Homesteader~ 

Did you know you can get canning lids that are reusable? Yep, that’s right – use them over & over again… for years!

Right now it’s super hard for many to locate traditional canning supplies. It seems everyone has been bitten by the home-canning bug due to the pandemic.

And even if you do find canning lids – boy howdy have the sellers taken advantage of these hard times. WHEW! The price has spiked to a shocking amount. Price gouging, anyone??!!

But that just means I’m even more thankful that I’d purchased my reusable canning jar lids years ago.

Tattler reusable canning jar lids for home canning. Did you know there are reusable canning lids? I bought my Tattler reusable lids almost 10 years ago and they're used over & over again. It's an eco-friendly choice. #TexasHomesteader

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Planned Leftovers: Chicken Fajitas

by Texas Homesteader~

Recently we had my parents over for supper. RancherMan grilled boneless chicken breasts as well as different garden veggies. I made Rosemary Rice & chocolate Crazy Cake to go with the meal.

The whole shebangie only cost about $15, much less than treating them to a restaurant meal. So we saved some money yet enjoyed a hearty meal together. We all ate our fill (plus some!) and there was still plenty leftover for RancherMan & me for subsequent meals. 

But after a few days all I was left with were a couple of grilled chicken breast & some leftover grilled veggies. Since we’d already enjoyed some of the leftovers over the last few days, I decided to finish off these last leftovers with a completely different meal – chicken fajitas!

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How To Make & Personalize An Oak Cutting Board

by Texas Homesteader ~

This past Christmas our primary homemade gift to our children & other loved ones was homemade Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese. (Be watching, I’ll be sure to share our different flavor recipes including our trial-n-error steps)

But how to present the cheese to our gift recipients? When RancherMan & I were brainstorming about presentation ideas, we decided we wanted a cheeseboard to go with our gift. So we started looking online.

We were pretty surprised at how expensive even a very small cheeseboard was. Even at the discount shops.

Plus – as is our norm – we really wanted to personalize them anyway. So we decided to make the cutting boards ourselves.

How to make your own oak cutting board. We presented these cheeseboards with our homemade cheeses as a very personal homemade gift. #TexasHomesteader

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5 Frugal Things: Food Waste, Free Landscaping, Cheap Equipment, Etc.

by Texas Homesteader~
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Keeping your expenses low is often as easy as watching your everyday actions & looking for a way to accomplish the same thing for less money. And it’s often easier than you think!

Today I’m sharing 5 frugal things we did this week to save cold, hard cash with no sacrifice at all. (And, you know, isn’t ‘No Sacrifice‘ the best way of all to save money??!!)

Come see the 5 Frugal Things we did this week to save money, including eliminating food waste, free landscape material, equipment & more #TexasHomesteader

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