Homemade Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise – BACONNAISE!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’ve made my own homemade mayonnaise for a long time. But recently I got to thinking… BACON! Now I almost always make bacon-flavored mayonnaise instead. It’s easy!

Mayonnaise Baconnaise Recipe - egg, lemon juice, oil, bacon grease, mustard #TexasHomesteader

How We Use Mayonnaise

There are so many ways I use mayonnaise:

Sandwiches of drained tuna on mayonnaise-covered bread. 

Homemade sandwich spreads such as Egg Salad or even smoked Ham Salad.

My delicious Homemade Coleslaw.

Creamy coleslaw with cabbage, carrots and creamy dressing mayonnaise, vinegar, celery seed #TexasHomesteader

Homemade Thousand Island Dressing

In place of butter for grilled cheese sandwiches.

I don’t typically buy commercial mayonnaise. It’s so easy to make myself. I’ve written before about making Garlic-Flavored Mayonnaise and I do still make that flavor from time to time.

But I began experimenting with various flavors and different oils & fats when making my mayonnaise. I wondered, “What if I added a tablespoon or so of bacon grease?”

Who doesn’t love the flavor of bacon??!! And Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise? BACONNAISE! 

Homemade Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise?

Bacon Grease is king in my Homestead kitchen!

There are many ways to reuse bacon grease to add flavor and save money too! #TexasHomesteader

It’s a necessary ingredient in my Buttermilk Biscuits and homemade Sandwich Bread too. So I have several people saving this bacon byproduct for me.

What Is Homemade Bacon Mayonnaise Made Of?

There are only a few simple ingredients necessary for my bacon-flavored mayo:

One large egg

Lemon juice

Bacon grease

Oil (I prefer canola oil, but I’ve made it with olive oil or vegetable oil in the past as well)

Salt (typically not necessary with bacon grease)

Mustard powder

UPDATE: I now prefer to just squirt about a teaspoon of prepared mustard instead of using mustard powder. It turns out just as tasty and there’s no measuring needed. LOL

Bacon-flavored mayonnaise ingredients. Bacon greas, oil, egg, dry mustard and lemon juice. I've made our mayonnaise homemade for a long time but recently got to thinking... BACON! Now I almost always make Baconnaise! #TexasHomesteader

Homemade Mayonnaise & Room-Temperature Ingredients

Do you need to make sure the ingredients are room temperature when making your own mayonnaise? I’m not sure, but I’ve read that’s a necessary step so I always do it.

So I cracked the egg into a repurposed wide-mouth jar and added the other ingredients. Then I gave ’em a light mix together and let the mixture sit out on the counter for about 10 minutes to attain room temperature.

A Stick Blender = Fast Results For Homemade Mayo

Now that everything’s room temp, here’s the difficult part. I pulled out my stick blender and pushed the blade all the way to the bottom of the jar.

I turned it on but left the blender at the bottom of the jar without moving it. The magic started to happen pretty immediately.

I left the stick blender operating from the bottom of the jar for about 20-30 seconds. Then I gently rocked the blender to make sure everything was getting incorporated. More & more it was looking like mayonnaise!

When things started to thicken up I slowly raised the stick blender toward the top of my mayonnaise to get everything incorporated.

Finally I lowered & raised the stick blender throughout the mayo a few times just for good measure. It was now thick like mayonnaise. success!!

I can make my own bacon-flavored mayonnaise in minutes. #TexasHomesteader

Now remember, you’re using bacon grease. So there are two things to consider.

  1. Bacon grease gets more firm when it gets cold. So even if your mayonnaise is somewhat thinner than you like, it’ll thicken right on up once it’s cold!
  2. Bacon grease tends to be salty, use caution when adding any additional salt. It’s easy to go overboard here.

But yeah, making homemade baconnaise really is just that easy!

A quick label by writing directly on the jar & then my baconnaise is stored in the fridge.

Did you make this bacon-flavored mayonnaise? Please rate the recipe in your comment below!

Homemade mayonnaise is easy to make yourself.
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Homemade Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise - BACONNAISE!

I've made our mayonnaise for a long time but recently got to thinking...  BACON!  Now I almost always make Baconnaise instead by adding a touch of bacon grease along with the oil. #TexasHomesteader

Course Condiments
Cuisine American
Keyword bacon, Mayonnaise
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 3/4 cup mayonnaise
Author www.TexasHomesteader.com


  • 1 Extra-Large Egg (at room temperature)
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice (at room temperature)
  • 1 teaspoon Prepared Mustard (at room temperature)
  • 1 Tablespoon Softened or Melted Bacon Grease
  • ½ Cup Mild oil such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Canola or Vegetable Oil
  • Salt to taste (note, bacon grease is often salty enough)


  1. Crack the egg into a wide-mouth canning jar and add the remaining ingredients. Blend together and let the mixture sit until it gets close to room temperature – about 5-10 minutes.

  2. When all is room temperature, with an immersion blender at the bottom of the jar start blending, leaving blender head on the bottom of the jar until ingredients are fully blended & thickened.

  3. Gradually raise the blender toward the top of the mixture to make sure all is blended and your mayonnaise is thick.

    (Note: the bacon grease will thicken your mayo a little more when it gets cold)

  4. Store in the refrigerator for a week or so.

Recipe Notes

NOTE: If using melted coconut oil in your oil mixture, only use a couple of tablespoons since it will harden in the refrigerator and make your mayonnaise too thick.

We go through our mayo pretty quickly so I don’t really know how long it will keep, I’ve read that it will keep several weeks but I’ve never had it long enough to test that. Let me know how long your Baconnaise lasts!


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9 thoughts on “Homemade Bacon-Flavored Mayonnaise – BACONNAISE!

  1. Thelma Briggs

    5 stars
    This is delicious. I’ve made homemade mayo before but the addition of a little bacon flavor is amazing. And the consistency tends to be a little thicker when it’s chilled with the addition of bacon grease too. BACONnaise for me from now on!

  2. DavetteB

    4 stars
    Next on my ‘Try This Year’ list: we go through a lot of mayo.
    Just need some grassfed bacon.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      We went through lots of mayo too DavetteB, that’s why I wanted to learn to make it in the first place. But BACONnaise?? Oh yeah!

  3. Mrs Shoes

    4 stars
    Oh my goodness………. yes. Yes to Baconnaise.
    In January we butchered a couple of pigs & (for the first time) brined our own bacon & then had it smoked. The stuff is gold to us – never had better, honest. I never used to cook in bacon grease from store bought bacon because I didn’t think it added much flavour. Now, I’m a total convert. I run every batch of grease through a coffee filter & use it in SO many dishes for a strong hint of bacon flavour; I even started making a COOKIE recipe with bacon fat!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Homemade in its entirety, huh?? How wonderful! Yes, definitely try this baconnaise with your homemade bacon grease!

  4. Jean

    5 stars
    Why didn’t I think of this?
    Love you forEVER!!!!

  5. ColleenB.

    This sounds heavenly.
    Will be making this for sure. Will bring a whole new flavor to deviled eggs I bet; sprinkled with tiny bacon bits


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