Using Oats As A Cheap Substitution For Breadcrumbs

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I love a multi-purpose product, don’t you? Take oats for instance. It makes a hearty, hot & healthy breakfast option. I like to drizzle some Honey From Our Hives and maybe sprinkle a little fruit on top. But there are other things you can do with oats besides make oatmeal for breakfast.

For instance, I often grind oats into oat flour for use in my Honey/Oatmeal Sandwich Bread recipe. It’s a low-cost yet healthy substitute for the more expensive whole wheat portion of flour that I used to use. And it maintains that heartier whole-wheat feel to the bread too.

But there are still more uses for this cheap, healthy product. I often use it as a substitution for breadcrumbs!

I use oats for a healthy yet cheap substitution for breadcrumbs. Whether using in my meatloaf or coating my potato cakes, it's easy! #TexasHomesteader

Uses For Oat-Substituted Breadcrumbs

The other day I was making meatloaf. My Meatloaf Recipe calls for breadcrumbs, but y’all know there’s no way I’ll use my precious homemade bread for breadcrumbs. I’m very careful to make sure all of it gets used for it’s delicious intended purpose and none gets stale or goes to waste.

I could buy breadcrumbs of course, but… I never have to! When a recipe calls for breadcrumbs I often use either quick-cooking style oats (because they’re in smaller pieces than whole oats) or I’ll grind the oats into Homemade Oat Flour using a coffee grinder that I have just for that purpose.

When I’m substituting my oats for breadcrumbs I’ll often add a touch of seasoning since oats aren’t quite as flavorful as actual breadcrumbs.

Typically it’s just more of the seasonings I’m going to use in my recipe – just a little. But it always works beautifully!

As I’d mentioned, I’ve used oats in my meatloaf. But RancherMan also uses it when he’s making hamburgers to grill. And when I’m making Potato Cakes I like to roll them in breadcrumbs before tossing them in the skillet.

Many times when I need breadcrumbs it’s this inexpensive seasoned oat flour to the rescue!


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