How I Make Cheap ‘Oat Flour’ With Whole Oats

by Texas Homesteader ~
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I’ve experimented with sandwich bread recipes for several years. I prefer whole-wheat bread for the health aspect as well as the heartier feel of it. But I’ve not been pleased with bread made completely with whole wheat flour. It’s just too dry for our tastes. So I started mixing different ratios of all purpose and whole wheat flour for RancherMan’s Sandwich Bread to get the best of both worlds.

But whole wheat flour is expensive in our area. And I figured oatmeal’s healthy, right?? So I decided to offset a portion of whole wheat flour with whole oats ground into flour when I make my Oatmeal Sandwich Bread. or my Honey/Oat Bread Machine Recipe. We loved it. It still had the hearty feel that whole wheat offers, but cheaper! You’re not gonna believe how easy this is.

I grind whole oats into 'oat flour' and include it as a healthy ingredient in my homemade bread. The same hearty feel as whole wheat. #TexasHomesteader

Oats Purchased In Bulk

I buy whole oats in the huge 25-lb paper bag from Winco. It’s cheaper buying in bulk. And I love that it’s sold in a paper bag that just gets shredded and added to my Compost.

When I get that big bag home I repackage the oats into 5-gallon food-grade buckets and store it in my pantry.

When I need oat flour I’ll bring out my favorite *Cuisinart Grind Central coffee grinder. I bought it years ago because it grinds a full cup of whole oats at a time into the coarse oat flour I want. And it only takes a few seconds. So this coffee grinder is restricted to oat-flour duty only!

I grind whole oats into 'oat flour' and include it as a healthy ingredient in my homemade bread. The same hearty feel as whole wheat. #TexasHomesteader

I put a cup of oats into my grinder, whir it for a few seconds and BOOM! Oat flour! Now I’m ready to include it in my handsome RancherMan’s favorite sandwich bread recipe. It gives my bread the same hearty feel as the 100% whole wheat flour did.

Oftentimes I even replace all of the whole wheat with my oat flour. I’ve got plenty of oats, so why not??

Of course I’d be wary of replacing too much wheat-based flour with the oat flour, as I’d think it would change the bread too drastically. But so far we’ve been pretty pleased with the substitution of the whole-wheat portion in my recipies. 🙂

Of course the longer you whir the oats the finer the ‘flour’ becomes. But I prefer it about as coarse as the photo above because I enjoy the texture of it in our bread. But if you like a finer texture you can whir it longer, or even sift through a mesh sieve it after it’s ground. Whatever you like!


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