Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

So you say you’ve had lots of company over the past few weeks? Like most of us I’m guessing between Christmas, New Year’s and other gatherings you’ve really had some foot traffic on your carpets, huh? I hear ya. So what now, do you need to call a carpet cleaning company?

Well, maybe. But RancherMan & I have a small  carpet machine that we use to spot clean our carpets. In our case it’s typically cleaning pet stains but I hated to buy an expensive and chemical-laden commercial cleaning solution. I wanted something less toxic. So I researched & found an easy yet effective homemade version.

To celebrate Throwback Thursday (and to help you along your ‘saving money‘ New Year’s resolution), today I’m sharing the oh-so-simple homemade carpet cleaning solution we use here on the Homestead.

Throwback Thursday - Carpet cleaning solution recipe #TexasHomesteader

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