Using Repurposed Coffee Canisters When Weeding The Garden

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Do you have empty coffee cans waiting for repurpose? They’re so handy with their snap-on lids.

Y’all know RancherMan & I are avid coffee drinkers. But we don’t want sweetsy, foamy flavored, overly-sugared drinks. We want coffee. Strong, black, delicious.

As a result we have lots of empty coffee cans to repurpose. We’re always looking for ways to put these handy canisters to good use. Here’s another simple way those empty canisters get repurposed on the Homestead.

Those plastic coffee canisters. You love 'em, but how many can you use? I'm sharing another way I'm able to repurpose coffee canisters. #TexasHomesteader

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Our Coffee Canisters

The plastic canister our coffee’s sold in has not only the snap-on lid, but also a handle molded right into the side of the can. So it comes in handy for many uses when it’s empty. We use several to store chicken feed and dog food.

RancherMan uses some of them in the shop to gather bolts & hardware together. And I’ve even spray painted them and used them for sharing plants from my garden with friends.

Heck we’ve even used them to make a chicken feeder. So many different ways to use them! Be sure to check the repurpose list at the bottom of this post for more ideas.


But I still have some I need to put to use. Our coffee consumption goes on, ya know??

Weeding The Garden

So I looked for uses in my garden. As most gardeners do, I go to the garden every day to look for anything needing to be harvested. I also check soil moisture and scout for weeds at the same time.

Now I don’t like weeding any more than the next guy. But you know how it is – if you tackle that weed today when it’s small it’s no big deal. If you wait until tomorrow it will have grown to twice the size and have fangs and green eyes, ready to destroy you. No?? Just me?

I know weeds are easier to eradicate if you tackle them early. So I spend a couple of minutes every day weeding the garden rows.

Because I weed so often, the weeds are always tiny with a small root system. It makes them much easier to pull up root & all. So my small weed problems don’t turn into large weed problems.

Repurposing A Coffee Can

I use a repurposed coffee canister to help simplify my daily weeding. Just for this purpose I keep a spare plastic coffee canister in my garden.

When I go down the rows pulling those small weeds I bring the canister along with me. It’s easy to drop the grassy weeds into the canister. And when I’m done I snap the lid back on and set it aside to continue its duty tomorrow.

Those plastic coffee canisters. You love 'em, but how many can you use? I'm sharing another way I'm able to repurpose coffee canisters. #TexasHomesteader

Using Contents For Compost

Then when the can’s full I toss the contents into my *tumbling composter. Since I’m pulling them young, there are no seeds on my weeds. So it actually benefits my compost by adding to my ‘greens‘ balance.

And every gardener knows how valuable compost is for your garden. Thankfully it’s super easy to make compost yourself. For FREE!

So there ya go, another easy way to repurpose coffee canisters. Making weeding the garden easier? Helping to make weed-free compost? Repurposing something to new use? Yes please!

In the future I may spray paint my garden-weed holder some color other than bright red so it’s a little more subtle in my garden.

In any event, it’s repurposing and it’s saved me much weed-pulling effort. And you know I love that!

How’s your favorite way to repurpose those great canisters?


Coffee Canister Repurpose Ideas:

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11 thoughts on “Using Repurposed Coffee Canisters When Weeding The Garden

  1. Tracy

    I use them for coin banks. I give them to my grandson for Christmas every year.

  2. Charlene Dryman

    My coffee comes in a cardboard can with a metal bottom. I use them to put food scraps in and when full I dump the contents in my compost pile or dig the scraps into my garden. I use plastic ice cream containers for small plants like radish, onions, & lettuce. Drill holes in the bottoms, fill with potting mix, and plant.

  3. Katy SkipTheBag

    Weeds are so tenacious! This is a good way to keep them out of the garden. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Texas Homesteader Post author

    I’ve printed them out & used them for Christmas gifts in years past, Jan. They were very cute and ‘wrapping’ has never been easier.

  5. Jan Hickerson

    Hi, Tammy, has several seasonal labels that are FREE to print. Jan

  6. Becca @ The Earthling's Handbook

    My coffee doesn’t come in that type of canister, but I snag them from recycling bins whenever I see them! They are great for buying bulk food in reused containers when it’s something you want in a large amount, like flour or oats.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Like you, I use these handy canisters for bulk supplies. My flour is purchased in 25-lb sacks and I don’t want to haul that big bag out every time I want to whip up a cobbler or something. So I store a nice supply of flour in these empty repurposed coffee canisters and tuck it into my kitchen. I refill it from the large bag in my chest freezer when it runs low.

  7. Ken

    Great ideas here! We like the Wallyworld Great Value brand, black of course. At any rate, my wife stores cat food on the back deck in one (they are not plastic), and last week a varmit chewed right through one. LOL! I love the idea of the weed disposal. Let ’em dry up in the container and put on the compost. Don’t want to upset anybody (I’m not politically correct, but one container can easily hide a concealed .38 or small auto in the upstairs closet. Or wherever. Oh yeah, just had another grandson Monday morning! Life is good.

  8. Carol ("Mimi")

    You are so right about weeds taking root again if you just toss them down on the ground. I keep an old bucket around for weeding. But, we have a ton of those plastic coffee canisters and can’t bear to discard them, even in the recycling. So, we have them full of screws, nuts, bolts, string, etc. etc. etc. They come in handy. You can write labels on them with a Sharpie.

  9. ColleenB.

    I use to store crushed egg shells in of which I use the shells when I do my veggie, flower, etc. planting. I have used as seed starter containers; use as scrap bowl – when full it goes to the compost tumbler; they make for nice popcorn ‘bowls’; paint and/ or decorate and  use as holiday  treat containers;    Fill pre-measured amounts of coffee into a filter, and then stack them up individually inside an empty coffee container. When you’re ready to make another pot of coffee just grab a prefilled filter and insert into your coffee pot.  I gave a couple to my daughter for her to store her pet treats in.   Husband uses some in his workshop to store nuts, screws, nails, etc. in.  I painted a couple in granddaughters favorite colors for her to store her markers, crayons, etc. in.  In my craft room, using small coffee canister I use to store my ball of twine in –  cutting small hole for the twine to go through so that Ii can just pull the string and cut off as much as needed.  Also use to store extra paint in leftover from a 5 gal. bucket.  Have found that the  canisters are great for holding a roll of toilet paper when going camping, etc.  The metal coffee canisters I have used to bake bread in.  I have made hamburger patties and froze in the canister. Make into a Bird Feeder.
    Face it; many uses for coffee canisters and saves from going to the landfill. Recycle; Reuse.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Those are great options for reuse Colleen. I know RancherMan will also use them when another product’s container goes awry. Last week I had a container of granulated plant food that cracked. The moisture in the contents was making for a mess in the shop. So RancherMan cut the label off the plant food contianer and affixed it to my coffee canister and transferred the contents, snapping the lid back on. Done & DONE! Plus that built-in handle makes it easier to carry. 🙂


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