Repurposing An Empty Coffee Canister: Dried Herbs

by Texas Homesteader ~

Coffee canisters are easy to repurpose for any number of things. And repurpose them we do!

Y’all know we love our coffee. We prefer Folgers to other brands of coffee. But at least their coffee canister is food-grade plastic. So in addition to other non-food repurposes, I’m able to do even more with it.

I can store large quantities of dried herbs in them.

Use those empty coffee canisters to store dried herbs. I have a huge harvest of dried rosemary stored to use in cooking & soap making. #TexasHomesteader

Repurposing Empty Coffee Cans

Although I hate that our coffee is sold in plastic, at least the plastic canisters are convenient to repurpose. 

I’ve used them for simplifying Garden Weeding Chores. And we’ve stored chicken feed and dog food in them too.

I’ve Painted Canisters for cute planters for our back porch. (and also a prettier way to share plants with friends). 

And I even FINALLY figured out how to Remove The Print from canisters so I can use them for cute decorative pieces in my kitchen. There’s a list of repurposes for coffee cans at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check it out.

Large Herb Harvest

Y’all remember I had to severely hack back my beloved rosemary plant recently to make room for the porch addition. That huge plant was over 6-ft wide and I had to cut a huge chunk away to make room for the porch. 

As much as it broke my heart I knew it needed to be done. So I took a deep breath and just started hacking.

But I’ll not let this precious rosemary go to waste. I’ll dry it and use it in cooking and in making RancherMan’s favorite Cold Process Rosemary Soap.

I ended up with quite the pile of dried rosemary! Where in the world will I store it? Those empty coffee canisters once again came to the rescue for storing dry herbs. 

I washed and dried an empty coffee canister and left it open to air dry overnight. That’s because I needed to make sure it was absolutely dry. Moisture is the enemy of dried herbs.

Reusable Chalkboard Labels

After the canister was clean & dry I dumped that fragrant rosemary into the canister. I used one of my *Reusable Chalkboard Labels to identify the contents.

Reusable chalkboard labels - waterproof and so easy to use. #TexasHomesteader

I bought these labels a while back and I love them. I use them all the time.

Originally I purchased them to use at parties. They’re waterproof so you can put a label on your drink and know which drink was yours.

And the after the party you can just wipe off the label, peel it from your glass and then save the labels for your next party.

But I find I use them for so many other things. I like to label jars in my pantry. Why not? When that jar of dehydrated carrots are empty I simply wipe off the chalkboard print and re-label when the jar is filled again. I Love these labels!

So although hacking back that gorgeous rosemary plant was painful, at least it will be used. That’s because RancherMan & I will be making rosemary soap soon. And now I already have some dried rosemary just ready & waiting!

There are many cute ways to reuse empty coffee canisters. #TexasHomesteader

How do you repurpose those handy coffee canisters?


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7 thoughts on “Repurposing An Empty Coffee Canister: Dried Herbs

  1. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    A decent sized air tight container is so useful … not our coffee either comes in foil packs ot glass jars. I have never seen it sold like this in France! #GoingGreen and #WasteLessWednesday

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Most are sold in foil packs here in the U.S. as well, Rosie. But there are several brands that sell in these plastic canisters. Our favorite brand sells in these red canisters and they’re so handy. But after you get so many of them, you really have to be creative to put them to good use. They’re so common here it’s difficult to even offer them to schools, etc because they have all they can use.


    I love these containers too. I’ve used them to store latex paint once the cans start rusting. Thanks for more great uses. Pinning. Thanks for sharing at To Grandmas House We Go Link Party.

  3. Ruth

    In the summer we use a lot of ice in coolers. Instead of buying ice we make our own. Right now I am using empty milk (silk) cartons to make block ice but I think I could use empty coffee canisters as well. I fill a container only about 2/3 full before putting it in the freezer. When I need it I just put the whole container in the cooler.

  4. Cecilia

    Love it! “Use what you’ve got”!
    My coffee comes in a bag so no canisters for me to use…bummer. I’d find all sorts of uses for them. Store bird seed in and then it would be easy to carry to the feeders, as a scoop for pet food, compost holder, and so on. Thanks for inspiring us to reuse things instead of just tossing them out.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Yes, yes and YES Cecilia. If you have coffee-drinking friends who buy their coffee in these canisters I know they’d be happy to pass some along. Like I said, you get so many of them you hate to throw them out but you’ve already got all you can use. I know folks often offer them to moms, schools or daycare centers for their use in holding crayons, play blocks, etc. There seems to be a never-ending supply and they’re so handy!

  5. ColleenB.

    Can store any number of things in these great containers.
    I do have some containers that I store precious heirloom Christmas ornaments in.


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