Repurposed Coffee Canister to Store Bulk Flour

by Texas Homesteader ~
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I typically buy my flour in 25-lb bags. I’ll store it in the freezer for at least 24-48 hours just to make sure I’m not bringing home pantry moths. 

Yeah, you have those little beasts only once before you make sure you’ll never EVER have them again!

So as long as I have room I’ll just store my flour in the freezer. But I don’t want to drag out a 25-lb bag of flour each time I want to make RancherMan’s favorite Light, Fluffy Sandwich Bread.  So I keep a small supply of flour in my kitchen cabinets.

Another use for a repurposed coffee canister - to store bulk flour. A reusable chalkboard label makes it look nice in my kitchen! #TexasHomesteader

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Oh y’all know how I love these handy coffee canisters we always seem to have on hand. I’ve written about all the different ways I’ve been able to Repurpose Those Canisters

But here’s a very simple yet very useful way to repurpose them. I use one to store my kitchen cabinet measure of flour!

But I wanted it to look a little more kitchen-canister-like. So I Removed The Print (there’s a trick to it, y’all!)

Reusable Chalkboard Labels

After the canister was clean & dry I used one of my *Reusable Chalkboard Labels to make it into a bonafide flour canister.

Reusable Chalkboard Labels. Waterproof and easy to use. #TexasHomesteader

I bought these labels a while back and I love them. Originally I purchased them to use at parties. They’re waterproof so you can put a label on your drink and know which drink was yours.

And the after the party you can just wipe off the label, peel it from your glass and then save the labels for your next party.

But I find I use them for so many other things. I like to label jars in my pantry. Why not?

When that jar of dehydrated carrots is empty I simply wipe off the print and re-label when the jar is filled again.

And for projects like this when I want the chalkboard label look but prefer a permanent label, I just write with a white paint pen instead.

Truly, I love these labels!

Another use for a repurposed coffee canister - to store bulk flour. A reusable chalkboard label makes it look nice in my kitchen! #TexasHomesteader

And I love my new flour canister too. I don’t keep my canisters on the counter, but if I did I could make a whole set for flour, sugar, etc. How cute would that be??

This canister is an environmentally friendly option because I’ve repurposed the used container to another life. 

It’s cheap because I didn’t have to buy a flour canister. 

Plus I think it looks great in my kitchen cabinets. Love it!


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3 thoughts on “Repurposed Coffee Canister to Store Bulk Flour

  1. Margy

    I read your process about removing the labels. I’m pretty lazy, I just turn them backwards on the self. I don’t have that many so I just know what is in each one.

  2. Jan Hickerson

    If I click on the Amazon icon on your page do you get the credit?
    Which size of chalk labels did you buy?
    I love the labels. Jan

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Yes ma’am Jan – I receive a small commission for being the Amazon portal but the price you pay does not change. I love those labels too and I’ve linked in this post to the ones I bought. There are various other sizes as well so if you decide to buy one of the other sizes I still get credit provided you click & buy after entering Amazon through the portal I provided in this post. I use these labels for dehydrated goods stored in glass jars in my pantry too – love ’em! ~TxH~


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