Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader ~

This time of year is so busy for us.  We’re currently weaning calves, preparing pastures for winter pasture planting and preparing for a fall garden.  But since I suffer with severe ragweed allergies that means RancherMan’s outside tending to the fences, pastures & cattle.  I’m currently tucked inside preserving fresh fruit.   I mean there’s so much fresh produce available!  My aunt always shares massive quantities of amazing fresh apples from her tree.  This year she shared TEN bushels with me!  TEN!!  Oh don’t worry, I shared some of the apples with family & friends and then I got to canning.  I wanted to make sure none of those delicious apples went to waste.

I typically also can pears that a sweet neighbor shares with us this time of year.  And all this fruit preservation happens at one time.  Oh sometimes it’s really a comedy of errors too.  I turn into Crazy Canning Lady!


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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. nana

    The read more did not work for me either

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      My apologies Nana – mea culpa! I’d like to blame technology, but unfortunately the error was all me this time. Ragweed has me out of sorts these days… The link has been corrected. Thanks! ~TxH~

  2. Mrs Shoes

    hmm, for the 1st time the read more link didn’t work for me.
    Tell you a secret, I don’t love the link… nor the comment verification (although, maybe you get so many comments & spam that you really need it. I don’t have that problem likely because I don’t have many readers, haha). I’d really rather read the whole story without having to click again. But that’s probably just me.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Thank you for your candid feedback Mrs Shoes. You’re a valued reader here, I assure you. The ‘read more’ link today is specifically placed because it’s a ‘Fall-Back Friday’ post where I’m bringing a past post that I think the readers will enjoy to the surface so it’s not buried forever. But today my allergies had me foggy-headed enough to not include the link to the original post. My apologies.

      Other than Fall-Back Fridays, all our blog subscribers click over to the actual post (ie: Not the homepage with only the 1st paragraph of the last 10 posts) so they see that day’s post in its entirety without clicking a ‘read more’ section. If that appeals to you and you’re not already subscribed, then you might try that.

      Otherwise, the ‘read more’ link when a reader lands on the home page is purposefully there so a reader who, say, isn’t interested in beekeeping post that might show up first doesn’t have to scroll down through much text and photos to get to the next post they may have interest in. Just a personal preference on my part since I don’t enjoy scrolling for long periods of time on other’s blogs looking from one post to the next.

      And the comment verification was necessitated by automated bots hitting our blog so hard that our web hosting company repeatedly had to shut our blog completely down for several hours on several occasions. (blame the bad guys with nothing better to do than spam legit websites on that one). I certainly don’t want to make reading the blog hard on our subscribers, but sometimes these security measures are necessary.



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