Securing Our Underground Cistern: Use Whatcha Got!

by Texas Homesteader ~ When RancherMan & I bought this piece of NE Texas paradise we were enamored with the rich history of the property. Apparently over the decades it’s been home to several homesteads, I’m assuming one of the first was in the 1880’s when our barn was built! The most recent home was […]

Homestead Hack: More Flavorful Rice #UseWhatchaGot

by Texas Homesteader~  I make rice a lot. It’s inexpensive and lends itself to many different flavors of your meal. But I’ve found a free way to make my rice even more flavorful and nutritious over cooking it in plain water. And it’s FREE! Check out this Homestead Hack. Use Whatcha Got is what I […]

Homestead Hack: Use All Of Your Spray Cleaner

by Texas Homesteader ~ Cleaning – we’ve all gotta do it #amiright??!! My favorite cleaner is much simplified from my younger days.  Back  then I’d prance down the highly-scented cleaning aisle picking up whichever cleaner spray had the most eye-catching label. But I recently wrote about how cleaning has become complicated.  So my cleaner of […]

Homestead Hack: Use Residual Heat To Dehydrate

by Texas Homesteader ~ *affiliate link (Note: Some links in this post are for further information from earlier posts I’ve written. But links preceded with * are affiliate links. If you click them and buy something (almost anything, not just the item noted) I could receive a small purchase. But the price you pay will NOT change. It’s […]