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Homestead Hack: Eliminating Ants In Pet Food Bowls

by Texas Homesteader ~

This time of year we’re often dealing with ants coming into the house. And they always seem to find Bailey’s pet food bowl. 

We feed her small amounts twice each day. So there’s typically not food left in her bowl for any length of time. But sometimes she leaves her food in the bowl a little longer. 

It’s then when we’ll notice it’s attracted the attention of ants. Oh how we hate to have ants in the house. And Bailey REALLY hates them to be in her dish!

But we found an easy fix. Check out this Homestead Hack.

Ants were invading Bailey's dog food bowl. So we turned to a poison-Free Homestead Hack to eliminate them. #TexasHomesteader

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Securing Our Underground Cistern: Use Whatcha Got!

by Texas Homesteader ~

When RancherMan & I bought this piece of NE Texas paradise we were enamored with the rich history of the property. Apparently over the decades it’s been home to several homesteads, I’m assuming one of the first was in the 1880’s when our barn was built! The most recent home was located at the front of our property but it burned down in the late 1950’s. We’ve discovered whispers of their past lives that they left behind – so amazing!

There were two deep cement cisterns located where we think were either side of the house.  One had to be covered up when we moved here, but we preserved the deeper one to use as our Outdoor Irrigation for my veggie garden.

At the time we were living in the big city. Someone had a small cedar fence that they pulled down – it was almost brand new. That would be PERFECT to frame in our little cistern! So we brought it here and constructed a cute little wishing well with that discarded fencing & some leftover metal roofing. It looked cute & kept the cattle out of trouble when they were around the cistern.

When our cistern enclosure deteriorated we tore it down but we needed a way to keep our mini Schnauzer safe around it. Use Whatcha Got! #TexasHomesteader

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Successful Obedience Training For Our Ranch Dog

by Texas Homesteader~ 
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We adopted our sweet mini-Schnauzer Bailey from a local no-kill shelter a year ago and we adore her. But oh she needed some obedience training!

She didn’t sit/come/stay at all, she lunged & growled at the cows & chased the chickens. And oh my goodness any time the door was opened she skirted around our legs & busted outside, running as fast as she could for the highway with no turning back.

Now these are all bad behaviors that needed to be corrected, but out here on the ranch it’s super important to have immediate obedience from her.

Life can be dangerous for her out here. For instance in the very recent past we’ve had to call her in from the back yard as a coyote was trotting toward the house. If not for her immediate unquestioning obedience she could have easily gotten injured.

Or what about her curiosity about a copperhead snake? Or potentially rabid skunk? Immediate obedience from her is non negotiable out here. It’s a MUST.

Obedience training for our ranch dog has gone very well with persistence, positive reinforcement and yes... a training collar. #TexasHomesteader

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