Where To Find FREE Repurposed Lids To Fit Canning Jars

~ by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I use canning jars for many things here on the Homestead. Everything from actual food canning to storing leftovers in the refrigerator to storing dehydrated food in the pantry. 

Although I shy away from using glass in my freezer, many people repurpose canning jars to freeze foods as well. (using proper headspace recommendations of course

Since you can only use traditional 2 piece canning flats & rings once for actually canning food, often I’ll utilize previously-used canning flats & rings to top those canning jars I’m using for other food storage.

But sometimes doinking around with a 2-part lid is inconvenient.

Come see what I’ve found to replace that 2-part lid for food storage on the cheap.

Well, for FREE actually.

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Finding Free Shaker-Top Lids

Y’all probably already know I’m a big fan of repurposing various lids for convenience purposes. Remember my search for those valuable (yet FREE) parmesan cheese lids??

I have several Parmesan Cheese Lids that I’ve repurposed onto canning jars for various purposes.

I’ve got one of those handy repurposed shaker lids on a small half-pint canning jar that holds RancherMan’s favorite BBQ Spice Rub.

The large holes make it very easy for him to apply to the meat to be grilled. And the flip side has an area large enough for a measuring spoon if he wants measure out some of the rub for his beer-based mop sauce recipe.

I also have one of those handy repurposed parmesan cheese shaker lids on another half-pint canning jar that I use to hold baking soda.

This one is kept in my baking supplies since one of the sides flips up for easy measuring with my measuring spoon.

Since the other side’s a sprinkle shaker-type lid I use that side for sprinkling baking powder on my pots & pans when I’m washing them and need a little extra Baking-Soda Scrubbing Power

Canning Jar Food Storage

But for regular storage of food in my canning jars I’d always just try to repurpose used canning flats & rings. But is there a better way?

I was thrilled when I found that you could buy one-piece plastic *Canning Jar Storage Lids. And I bought a box of them to use in my kitchen.

And use them I do! Especially for jars holding leftovers going into the refrigerator. They’re so convenient.

No more rummaging around for first the flat and then the ring. That lid is all one piece.

Grab one, slap it on the jar & GO!

Free Plastic Canning Jar Storage Lids

But then I began to stumble across food items that were sold with lids that fit my canning jars perfectly. It was like getting FREE canning jar storage lids from various purchased products.

I mean, instead of recycling or just throwing it away, I might as well put those handy lids to use, right??!

It’s true that many brands of peanut butter are sold with lids that fit a standard-mouth size canning jar.

I’m a big proponent of Using Glass In The Refrigerator. So I’m often using these when I’m using my canning jars for storing leftovers in the fridge. It’s quick & easy to grab one and go.

And for those who store food in glass canning jars in their freezer, these lids might provide a free resource for a rust-free lid.

And although I’ve made my own Homemade Mayonnaise for years, I understand many mayo brands are sold in jars that have plastic lids that fit standard-size canning jars as well.

I’ve been able to score a couple of free plastic lids from mayonnaise purchases made by other family members.

Free Metal Lid Options

I’ve also found that jars of Classico pasta sauce and another product labeled ‘Safeway Select’ often have metal lids that fit standard-mouth canning jars too.

Although I don’t typically purchase those food products for our home, I have family members who do. They’re happy to save those handy lids for me instead of chunking them in the trash or recycling bin.

These metal lids are great for times when I’m incubating Homemade Yogurt In The Oven.

Although the incubation temperature I use when making yogurt isn’t really high, I’m more comfortable with a heat-proof lid than a plastic one for that purpose.

Wide-Mouth Canning Jar Lids

I’ve not yet found a readily-available free source for wide-mouth-sized canning jar lids. So I’ll still buy *Wide-Mouth Jar Storage Lids for those times when I need a lid for food storage in those handy wide-mouth canning jars.

But I’ll be watching for resources for free replacement lids for those wide-mouth jars.

In the meantime at least for regular-mouth jars I have all the lids I need for FREE!

I've found out where to get FREE lids to fit standard canning jars. Come see! #TexasHomesteader

So before you toss that empty jar in your recycling bin, eyeball that handy lid. Could it be a free lid for you to use on your canning jars?

Be sure to check it out!


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