Homestead Hack: More Efficient Slow Cooker Hack

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’ve found a way to speed along the cooking times while keeping my slow cooker on set to a tiny energy-sipping ‘Low’ power. Check out today’s Homestead Hack.

Would you like your slow cooker to cook your food a little faster on 'Low' and save a little energy too? Check out this Homestead Hack! #TexasHomesteader

Slow Cooker Simplicity

I sure love all my slow cookers here at the Homestead, and I use them a lot. Oftentimes for preparing our supper.

I mean, what’s not to love??! You plunk ingredients into the slow cooker’s vessel, push a button and walk away. The slow cooker does all the work! 

Then when you drag in tired from a day at work you can instantly smell the delicious aroma of supper – already ready & waiting to serve!

But my slow cooker’s not reserved only for cooking supper. I also I use my slow cooker for overnight cooking.

Such times as when making Homemade Applesauce or simmering bones for a delicious Homemade Broth. I know a slow cooker is more energy efficient than using the oven or even the stove top in many cases.  

But no matter what I’m cooking I want that slow cooker to do its job with the least amount of time & purchased energy possible. Don’t you?

Secret To Efficient Slow Cooking

Whether my slow cooker uses a glass lid or one of those plasticy-looking ones, insulating that top will help my slow cooker work more efficiently.

And it oftentimes cuts the cooking time drastically, even though the dial is set to ‘Low’

What’s this big secret?  Lean closer.  (shhhhh….) I simply lay a clean kitchen towel over the top of my slow cooker’s lid.

Easy?  Yes.

Simple?  Yes.


Would you like your slow cooker to cook your food a little faster on 'Low' and save a little energy too? Check out this Homestead Hack! #TexasHomesteader

I’m tellin’ ya – this simple ‘why-didn’t-i-think-of-this-earlier trick allows the slow cooker to heat up faster and stay at those higher temperatures longer.

Who knew??!! So simple, yet so effective. Give it a try next time you’re running a little short on time in preparing your next slow-cooker meal – you’ll be amazed at how much more quickly it’ll cook.


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8 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: More Efficient Slow Cooker Hack

  1. Dee

    I have a glass top to my crockpot. Turn it upside down and arrange foods to be heated on it. Can even bake potatoes,etc if a long cook time is planned. Cover with tinfoil sheets from Dollar tree}save sheets and reuse many times. Add other layers if desired.Cover again and I use my Mothers metal dishpan to cover all. Fun to see how many foods you can heat/cook at one time with only the crockpot. Also a pizza pan works well as a cover for the pot.Thank you for all the great ideas you send to us. ps,once foods are layered up,they should not be disturbed until time to serve.

  2. Dee

    Great idea! I have a glass cover to my crockpot.Turn it upside down and place food to be heated in it, even potatoes for baking. Cover all with tin foil sheets from Dollar Tree,save and use again. Keep stacking foods as desired and cover with my Mothers Metal dishpan. Heating tower,as used to be done in home demo with cooking pots stacked up 3 or 4 high. Longer cooking foods will yield many additional uses for this Tower. Energy efficient!!!!!!

  3. Wanda Jouett

    You are so smart!! Keep good news coming and helpful hints!!

  4. Pam Kaufman

    Great tip! Will definitely try this next time I use my slowcooker. Another helpful hint for those of us in colder climates-use a heating pad set on low to rise bread. I love homemade bread but in the winter it can take forever to rise. Works great!

  5. ColleenB.~Texas

    Clever Idea.
    I use my cookers; crock pots almost everyday as well. I own 5 crock pots (all different sizes) along with 3 different sizes of Nesco cookers and some days I may have 2-3 going at once
    I’m having one of them V-8 moments; (slapping my forehead) like; why didn’t I think of doing that : -}


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