Homestead Hack: Expanding Your Muffin Tin

by Texas Homesteader ~

I was baking homemade blueberry muffins for a Sibling Vacation recently. I typically make jumbo-sized muffins for RancherMan. But this time I used my smaller muffin-sized tin because there would be several of us in attendance. It’s easier to eat two small muffins than to waste part of a larger one, ya know?

So I whipped up my Blueberry Muffin batter, placed my silicone muffin pan on a cookie sheet & filled the muffin cups. But there was still about 4 muffins worth of batter remaining.

Do I overfill the muffin cups? Do I bake this dozen and then refill 4 of the muffin cups and bake them separately? What a waste! Ugh, what’s a girl to do?

Need more muffin cup spaces? No worries! I used wide-mouth canning rings for those last 4 muffins. Everything baked up at the same time. #TexasHomesteader

Canning Jar Rings to The Rescue!

I’d read this before but this is the first time I’d actually attempted it.

I pulled out 4 wide-mouth canning jar rings and placed them along the edge of my baking sheet next to my muffin pan, screw-side-down. Then I slid a paper muffin liner into each one and added my batter.

Need more muffin cup spaces? No worries! I used wide-mouth canning rings for those last 4 muffins. Everything baked up at the same time. #TexasHomesteader

Those extra muffins baked up right alongside the others – no extra kitchen time needed for the leftover batter!

Regular or Wide Mouth Canning Ring?

I experimented with the regular mouth vs the wide mouth sized rings. The regular mouth size squeezed the muffin papers a little too much so I didn’t use that size, but I suppose you could if that’s what you had. The wide mouth rings seemed to be about right for me.

Keep in mind that unlike a muffin tin, using these rings means the top of the muffin papers are not supported.

So these 4 muffins did spread a little more than the muffins baked in the muffin tin. But the difference was negligible.

And I left a small space between the muffins so they didn’t bake into each other. For me, it worked perfectly.

And I’d think if you didn’t have a muffin pan at all, you could substitute with just using the canning rings instead.



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6 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Expanding Your Muffin Tin

  1. Sheryl

    Great idea. I wonder if you could stack two to keep them from spreading?

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Hummm… Not sure Sheryl but that’s a great idea. I really didn’t think they would spread much at all, as the muffin papers were pretty wedged in. But they did end up spreading a little. Not too noticeable I guess. Just wanted to warn folks in case they were trying to make perfect muffins. 🙂 ~TxH~

  2. Pam

    What a great idea! My blueberry muffin recipe also has excess batter that I never know what to do with. I’m definitely trying this next time!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      It’s so hard to know what to do with ‘just a little bit’ of leftover batter, Pam. I usually divided it up into the existing muffin cups. But it always overfilled them & makes the muffins ugly when they’re baked. Now I just make more muffins! 🙂 ~TxH~

  3. ColleenB.-Tx.

    Great thinking there Tammy.
    I use the wide mouth rings sometimes for frying an egg when I make my sausage, egg, cheese biscuit breakfast sandwiches. The rings also work great for making mini pies.


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