Handheld Breakfast! Just 3 Ingredients: Ham, Egg & Cheese

by Texas Homesteader ~

How handy is it to have a breakfast you can eat with one hand? And just 3 ingredients: eggs, cheese & ham. It’s so easy to make too.

Easy ham egg & cheese breakfast muffins. Quick to make, easy to transport, and they're delicious! Serve with cream gravy. #TexasHomesteader

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A Family Gathering

RancherMan & I were getting together with my brother & sister and their spouses for a fun sibling vacation to Broken Bow, OK. We were staying in a gorgeous cabin with a full kitchen. To keep our expenses down we planned to enjoy some of our vacation meals right there at the cabin.

All three families were bringing food to contribute to specific meals. I brought Blueberry Muffins to snack on one day, Chocolate Crazy Cake for dessert after one meal, and promised to bring breakfast for the group one morning too.

I decided to make these all-in-one breakfast muffins. They are not only easy to make but they would transport well. I decided to make these breakfast muffins in advance & freeze them so I could be on vacation too while we were on vacation!

Our hens are laying lots of Healthy Free-Range Eggs for us these days. So I’m always looking for delicious ways to use them up.

Our free-range chickens provide many eggs. #TexasHomesteader

This breakfast recipe works great for that! I used about 8 large eggs for these muffins. Here’s what I did:

Mixing Up The Breakfast Muffins

I had some leftover smoked ham so that’s what I used. You can also use cooked & crumbled bacon or breakfast sausage instead if you like. (I like to Make My Own Breakfast Sausage when I’m using it for this recipe)

Easy ham egg & cheese breakfast muffins. Quick to make, easy to transport, and they're delicious! Serve with cream gravy. #TexasHomesteader

In a bowl I mixed up 8 eggs, the chopped ham & the shredded cheese. A little salt & pepper & I was ready to bake ’em up.

See, I told you it was easy!

I poured it into my *Jumbo Muffin Pan. Remember not to fill the muffin cups all the way. You know how eggs will puff up when they’re baking!

Baking The Breakfast Egg Muffins

Then I slid the pan into a 350-degree oven & baked the breakfast muffins for about 30 minutes. Oh man did those eggs puff up!

When they were done I pulled them out of the oven & let them cool. It’s funny to see them deflate as they cool down. LOL

Because my muffin pan is silicone the cooled breakfast muffins easily popped out of those muffin cups. 

3-Ingredient All-In-One Breakfast. Sausage or ham, eggs and shredded cheddar cheese. #TexasHomesteader

I put the cooled breakfast muffins into a freezer bag & froze them in preparation for our trip.

When we got to the cabin I placed the bag of frozen muffins in the fridge to thaw. Then when it was time to eat breakfast I simply warmed the muffins and served them with cream gravy. It was delicious and oh so easy!

Easy Breakfast On The Go

I’d think this might also be a great breakfast-on-the-go idea. When the kids were pre-teens I was constantly trying to find quick things they could make themselves for breakfast before heading out the door to school.

Back then I’d bought the expensive breakfast biscuits that came individually wrapped. They could pull one out of the freezer and heat it in the microwave and be fed and ready to head out the door.

Oh how I wish I’d had this recipe back then. I could bake up a whole pan of these all-in-one breakfasts and they’d be ready and waiting for fast eats at a mere fraction of the cost of the purchased ones.

I’d think yo could make these egg muffins in the regular-sized muffin tin too, then slice them in half and place a hearty slice of this egg muffin between two layers of a buttermilk biscuit

All so easy and so inexpensive. Oh if I’d only known then what I know now! Go ahead, give it a try!

Quick homemade breakfast bite with egg, ham and cheese. #TexasHomesteader
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Easy Ham, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Muffins

An all-in-one breakfast you can eat with one hand! Or make these egg muffins and place inside a biscuit for egg, ham and cheese biscuit breakfast. So delicious, so easy. Makes 6 jumbo or 12 regular 'muffins' #TexasHomesteader

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword breakfast, cheese, eggs, muffins, sausage
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Servings 12 Small or 6 Jumbo
Author www.TexasHomesteader.com



  • 9 large eggs
  • 2 cups Chopped smoked ham (or cooked & crumbled bacon or breakfast sausage)
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 tsp each, salt and pepper
  • Optional: Finely-chopped peppers, onions or spinach Optional add-ins



  1. Chop cooked ham. (If using bacon or sausage instead, brown, drain & crumble bacon or sausage).

  2. In a bowl, beat eggs thoroughly.

  3. Add meat, cheese, salt/pepper, and any optional ingredients to eggs. Stir to mix.

  4. Pour into greased jumbo size muffin cups. Don't fill all the way to the top to allow for expansion during cooking.

  5. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes for jumbo-sized egg 'muffins' (or 20 minutes for regular-sized muffins) or until eggs are set.

Recipe Notes

Note: Although I typically make 6 jumbo sized 3-in-1 egg bites, you can make them in a regular muffin sized 12-count pan as well. Just shorten the cooking time to about 20 minutes for the smaller-sized egg bites, or until eggs are set.


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One thought on “Handheld Breakfast! Just 3 Ingredients: Ham, Egg & Cheese

  1. Thelma Briggs

    5 stars
    I’ve made these several times now, both with chopped ham or with breakfast sausage. It always goes over well and I love having some leftover to enjoy later. I’ve never frozen them but I’d think they would freeze beautifully. So convenient!


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