Breakfast Quesadillas A Simple, Inexpensive Meal Any Time

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Have you ever heard of breakfast quesadillas? It’s fluffy scrambled eggs, sautéed peppers/onions and melted cheese between a couple of toasted tortillas. They’re a delicious, inexpensive meal option since eggs are cheap. Come see how I whip them up.

Breakfast quesadillas are made with flour tortillas stuffed with grilled onions & peppers, breakfast meat, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. #TexasHomesteader

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Most folks around these parts love quesadillas. It’s a flour tortilla topped with cheese, a filling of some sort, more cheese to anchor all the fillings and topped with another tortilla. The quesadilla is then toasted on both sides on a hot griddle until the tortillas are lightly browned & crispy.

But when I heard of BREAKFAST quesadillas, well, color me intrigued.

I mean, it makes perfect sense.

Other Quesadilla Options

As bonafide Tex-Mex food lovers, RancherMan & I enjoy quesadillas often. I’ve cooked a delicious quick Spinach Quesadilla using the fresh spinach from our garden when we had unexpected company stop by. 

I’ve also whipped up a Southwest Quesadilla using grilled sliced onions and peppers, some sweet corn and black beans. It’s a delicious veggie quesadilla version that comes together quickly.

Southwest Quesadillas are easy to make with flour tortillas stuffed with grilled peppers & onions, corn and black beans and cheddar cheese. #TexasHomesteader

If I want I can add cooked chicken here, but more often than not I just use veggies. The southwest quesadilla can be topped with sour cream or salsa verde. It pacifies the Tex-Mex food craving for me for sure.

And I’ve used the meatloaf from restaurant leftovers to make a Ground Beef Quesadilla for a quick meal.

Heck the meat was already cooked with onions & peppers. And serving up leftovers in a whole different meal is one way I’m able to keep our food waste to near zero at our Homestead.

Ground Beef Quesadillas are easy to make with flour tortillas stuffed with leftover meatloaf, grilled peppers & onions, and cheddar cheese. #TexasHomesteader

Actually I’ll use all manner of leftover cooked meats to make quesadillas. Leftover steak or grilled chicken make delicious quesadillas and FAST!

If I’m doing Planned Leftovers cooking for instance, I’ll take advantage of RancherMan’s urge to fire up the charcoal grill. Then I’ll just add extra chicken breasts and onions/peppers for him to grill at the same time.

That way supper the next day is a flash. Just bring out cooked chicken breast & peppers/onions, slice it up and assemble it into quick fajitas or quesadillas.

Using these shortcuts has made it possible for me to serve Homemade Meals Daily, The EASY Way.

Breakfast Quesadilla Options

Now we’ll make some breakfast quesadillas. Depending upon what kind of meat I want to use (or even IF I want meat added) I’ll cook the meat first. Sausage or bacon are good breakfast-meat choices.

But I’ve also diced up leftover meat from previous meals, whether chicken or beef. Really, it’s hard to go wrong with any of it.

Otherwise you can simply opt for a veggie-heavy breakfast quesadilla by sticking with onions, peppers, and any other veggie you typically enjoy with your eggs.

On this day I decided to use a couple of leftover chicken patties as the meat. They were already cooked so I simply diced the cooked patties into very small pieces and set them aside.

Then I sautéed some chopped onion in a small amount of bacon grease. (when deciding on butter or bacon grease, Bacon Grease Is King at our homestead!).

For breakfast quesadillas, first Sauté onions in bacon grease until translucent. #TexasHomesteader

Sometimes I’ll add bell pepper to the mix. Or if I want it spicy I’ll add jalapenos, or mildly-spicy fresh pepperoncini pepper. Just whatever fresh peppers from the garden that I have needing to be used.

Shootin’ from the hip, y’all! Flexibility is a major player in eliminating food waste at our Homestead.

Once the onions/peppers are ready I’ll add my cooked, chopped meat and stir it all together. Now I turn my attention to preparing the eggs.

I pull out a mixing bowl & a whisk and mix up some fresh eggs with a splash of milk and a touch of salt and pepper to taste (about a teaspoon of each, depending upon how many eggs I’m cooking).

Mix fresh eggs to make scrambled eggs for breakfast quesadillas. #TexasHomesteader

Then I pour the mixed eggs into the meat and onion/pepper mixture and scramble them up until they’re nice & fluffy. Now it’s showtime!

Grilling The Breakfast Quesadillas

I have a *Double-Burner cast iron Griddle that I love and use often. This bad boy will make up to 3 of these breakfast quesadillas at a time when using fajita-sized tortillas.

Of course you can use whatever you typically use to make quesadillas, whether flat griddle or a skillet. Heck, they even sell special *Quesadilla Cookers these days. Whatever you typically use is fine.

Now I heat the griddle and add a little butter or bacon grease to coat the surface. This small amount of grease helps your tortillas crisp lightly as they brown. 

When the grease is all melted I plop on a tortilla and rub it around the griddle surface to coat the surface of my tortilla. Then sprinkle a little cheese on the tortilla surface to begin its melting.

I top that melting cheese with my egg/onion/meat mixture and spread it evenly over the tortilla. How much filling you add here depends upon the size of your tortillas and how ‘stuffed’ you want your breakfast quesadilla to be. I often go a little overboard in the quantity of stuffing I add to the tops of those tortillas.

But I have to warn you: if the quesadilla is overfilled it makes it super hard to keep all that stuffing inside the quesadilla when you flip it to toast the tortilla and melt the cheese. #askmehowiknow. So try not to overstuff your quesadillas like I typically do!

Easier Quesadilla Flipping

OR if (like me) you’re quesadilla-flipping challenged, you can just use a larger tortilla. Place your cheese & fillings on one side of the larger tortilla and fold the other half over the top. This at least gives you a folded edge to help keep everything inside while you’re doing the flipping.

It's easier to flip quesadillas if you use larger tortillas and just fill half & fold the tortilla over. #TexasHomesteader

If I have larger tortillas in my kitchen that’s what I’ll use. But more often than not I have the smaller fajita-sized tortillas. So I’ll just fill a tortilla then top it with another tortilla and try not to overfill it. (but I usually fail, I can’t help myself!)

Can You Use Mix-n-Pour Tortillas for Quesadillas?

I’ve also made these breakfast quesadillas using my favorite simple Mix-n-Pour Tortillas. Those tortillas are a combination of a corn street taco and a flour tortilla.

Mix & Pour Tortillas roll beautifully without cracking. #TexasHomesteader

We really enjoy these homemade tortillas and use them in all kinds of dishes. (or eating fresh)

But what about using them in quesadillas? Well the results of using these tortillas for my quesadillas are certainly palatable. But because there’s no fat in my mix-n-pour tortilla ingredients I haven’t really been pleased at how they toasted as quesadillas. They seem to end up tougher and not light & crispy.

I have plenty of other delightful uses for my mix-n-pour tortillas, such as when enjoying Homemade Hummus or many Tex-Mex dishes. But traditional flour tortillas actually work better for me when making quesadillas.

Topping Options For Breakfast Quesadillas

When both sides of your quesadilla are nicely toasted, you’re done! I like to cut my breakfast quesadilla in halves or quarters and add a few condiment extras such as sour cream, chopped jalapenos or chives, salsa, etc.

I especially love when RancherMan whips up some Homemade Pico de Gallo – a delightful mix of fresh tomato, onion, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro and lime juice. Plus he doesn’t mind making pico at all since he can whip it up in mere minutes.

Fresh pico de gallo made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and lime juice. #TexasHomesteader

No really – MINUTES! (there’s a secret to making it so quick – the blade! (We have this *Crank Vegetable Chopper)

Breakfast for Supper Menu Option

One of our favorite meals is breakfast-for-supper. Since RancherMan & I don’t really eat breakfast at the traditional time in the morning, it’s a real treat for us to get to enjoy it as an evening meal.

Whether Breakfast Burritos, Scrambled eggs, Breakfast-On-A-Biscuit, fun muffin-sized All-In-One Breakfast or even Homemade Pancakes. We love it all!

Homemade pancakes are an easy breakfast option. #TexasHomesteader

But on this occasion I invited the folks over to enjoy supper with us. I’d told them I planned a breakfast-for-supper meal, and I wanted it to be something fun. I’d decided to make these breakfast quesadillas.

Quesadilla Serving Options

So I cut the prepared breakfast quesadilla into wedges and they placed them in their plates.

They could add whatever toppings they wanted – sour cream, some Spicy Hatch Chile Sauce, chunky picante sauce, chopped tomatoes and/or onions or some of RancherMan’s homemade Pico de Gallo.

They both loved these breakfast quesadillas.

Breakfast Quesadillas are flour tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, breakfast meat, grilled peppers and onions and cheddar cheese, then grilled until crispy. #TexasHomesteader

But for my own plate I decided on some ultra-spicy specialty habanero salsa and a hearty helping of RancherMan’s pico. (I’m not gonna lie, there’s always precious little of RancherMan’s homemade pico de gallo left after our meal)

Now that our plates are filled with deliciousness, it’s time to dig in!


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2 thoughts on “Breakfast Quesadillas A Simple, Inexpensive Meal Any Time

  1. Ken

    While my wife and I enjoy quesadillas, we had never even thought of them for breakfast. Until now! Thanks for the idea. Really enjoyed them.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I’d never really thought of them before either. I made them a few weeks back and we loved them. Now they’re on tight rotation now to use up those fresh eggs. Simple, inexpensive, filling & delicious. ~TxH~


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