Preserving The Bounty: Freezer Breakfast Burritos

by Texas Homesteader~ 

After waiting 21 weeks we are finally collecting eggs each day from our small flock of free-range chickens. Studies by Mother Earth News show that pastured poultry lay more nutritious eggs than the supermarket counterparts.

The benefits include 1/3 less cholesterol and 1/4 less saturated fat, and also 2/3 more vitamin A, 2 times more omega 3 fatty acids, 3 times more vitamin E, 7 times more beta carotene and 4-6 times more vitamin D!

Wow, that’s a powerful nutritional punch! You GO girls! I want to make sure none of these precious eggs goes to waste so I’m coming up with ways to use them while they’re fresh, nutritious and delicious.

Homemade Convenience Food! I made breakfast burritos for the freezer so I could make sure none of our pastured eggs go to waste. #TexasHomesteader

Today I’ll be making breakfast burritos. I’ll make a lot so we can enjoy one of our favorite supper options; ‘Breakfast For Dinner’ tonight. Then I’ll assemble & freeze the remainder for future meals. Here’s what I did:

Making Breakfast Burritos

First I grated a raw potato into my oiled cast-iron skillet and cooked it until it was tender. Then I added a couple of cubed pre-cooked breakfast sausage patties and heated it all through. 

(NOTE: sometimes I make my own Breakfast Sausage using the ground pork we aaaaalways have in the freezer. It’s so much cheaper to just add these Homemade Breakfast Sausage Seasonings and go!)

Finally I added the scrambled eggs and cooked everything to a fluffy goodness. A handful of shredded cheddar cheese stirred into the mix is delicious too.

RancherMan & I really enjoyed this first taste of pastured-egg goodness topped with salsa and rolled into a tortilla. Having breakfast for dinner is one of our faves.

My Own Convenience Food In The Freezer

To preserve the remainder I lined up tortillas, added some of the egg mixture to the middle of each tortilla, topped with some shredded cheese and rolled them up into an open-top envelope.

Homemade Convenience Food! I made breakfast burritos for the freezer so I could make sure none of our pastured eggs go to waste. #TexasHomesteader

Once they were rolled up I put them into a zippered plastic bag (actually a repurposed zippered bag from the tortillas!) and placed them in the freezer. 

After they are fully frozen I’ll place this bag into a freezer bag to further protect them from freezer burn. Although to be perfectly honest I’m not sure these will stay in the freezer long anyway! 

Homemade Convenience Food! I made breakfast burritos for the freezer so I could make sure none of our pastured eggs go to waste. #TexasHomesteader

This MIY convenience food will make quick heat-n-eat meals for RancherMan & me. Those fresh eggs get put to a good use and I have my own freezer convenience meals at my fingertips.

Plus, you know, they’re delicious!


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14 thoughts on “Preserving The Bounty: Freezer Breakfast Burritos

  1. CJ

    we do the same but put canned green chilies and browned crumbled sausage and cheese in them. I also wrap individual burritos in parchment paper then foil, then into freezer bags. When time to eat – take off foil only and place in microwave for 1 min. easy and good CJ

  2. Helen at the Lazy Gastronome

    Look good!! I love homemade frozen meals! Thanks for sharing on the What’s for Dinner link up and don’t forget to leave a comment at the party – Next week’s features that also leave a comment get pinned, yummed and tweeted!

  3. Alicia Owen

    I did this recently also to use up some eggs. I need to make some more, actually! My next adventure is using up eggs is quiche. 😀

  4. Janet Vinyard

    Your breakfast tortillas sound so yummy and what a convenience to have in your freezer! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Janet

  5. Ashley @

    We love breakfast for dinner! I’ve never frozen tortillas before, do they hold up alright after freezing? They look delicious 🙂 Thanks for sharing and linking up to Share Something Sunday Link Party ! Have a great night 🙂

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Oh yeah Ashley. As a matter of fact since I haven’t learned to make tortillas to my own satisfaction yet, we buy tortillas in bulk & store them in the freezer – it’s much the same as storing your bread in the freezer. They freeze beautifully and thaw perfectly. (and in this case, get made into breakfast burritos and REFREEZE beautifully

  6. Betty Taylor

    I wish I had fresh eggs from free range chickens. I bought some a couple of years ago from a friend of mine whose daughter was raising them for 4-H. They were so delicious. The recipe sounds delicious and pretty easy. I will have to give it a try. I am pinning it.

  7. Jenny

    Mmm! I was just thinking of making breakfast burritos this week. I never would have thought to put potatoes in them! Do they freeze ok with the potatoes and the eggs? I will definitely be trying this. Thank you!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Jenny, I like to put potatoes in my breakfast burritos and I’ve never had a problem with them coming out of the freezer any different than going in since the potato is cooked first. But potatoes can get watery when thawed if you use too many or slice them too large. A handful of grated potatoes is perfect!

  8. Caroline

    Great idea! Although I’ve seen freezer breakfast foods in the grocery, it didn’t occur to me to make them myself. 🙂 I’ll have to give this a whirl for my family. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Rosevine Cottage Girls

    This is such an AMAZING idea! I wish we would have thought of this when we had so many eggs. 🙁 I will try it next year when egg production is back up again for sure. We are here from New Life On A Homestead’s link up. We are having a linkup over at our blog too at We would like to invite you over to come and link up some of your great posts. Have a blessed day!
    The Rosevine Cottage Girls
    Brianna & Cheyenne

  10. Cynthia L.

    We were lucky enough to have chickens at one time and I just loved them. I wish we could have them again. Thank you so much for sharing this at the Living Big on Less Money link party!

  11. Heather

    This is such a great idea! One that I really need to do…my chickens are starting to slow down on their egg producing for the winter. Thanks for sharing at what i am eating!


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