Homestead Hack: Faster, Easier Deviled Eggs – No Mess!

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I’ve learned an easy, mess-free way to make prettier deviled eggs. No more spooning filling into hollowed boiled eggs, making a huge mess along the way.

I can fill a dozen deviled eggs in a minute! I can’t believe I spent so many years making them the hard way! 

Homestead Hack to make life simpler. #TexasHomesteader

Deviled Eggs A Family Favorite

RancherMan & I have free-range hens. That means there’s no shortage of farm-fresh eggs in my kitchen at any given time.

Fresh brown eggs from our own laying hens in a wire basket. #Texas Homesteader

So when we have a family get-together and I ask what we can bring to contribute to the meal, it’s often requested that I bring deviled eggs.

I mean, everyone loves deviled eggs, right?

You might have a small amount leftover from any other dish you might bring to the gathering. But there’s never deviled eggs left. Never.

Deviled Eggs Can Be Messy To Make

Now in past years I’d be using a spoon to try to scoop that prepared deviled egg filling into the hollowed halves of the cooked egg whites.

And I’d try my best not to make a mess. But make a mess I did.

Every.  Stinkin’.  Time!

Now I use an easy shortcut to take the drudgery out of filling those deviled eggs. Oh yeah, check out this easy Homestead Hack.

Repurposed Plastic Bag Makes Deviled Eggs Easier

First I boil and peel my eggs as I normally would. Then I allow them to cool slightly before I begin making my deviled eggs.

Fresh eggs boiled and peeled. #TexasHomesteader

Then I seek out a repurposed plastic bag to make filling my deviled eggs easy.

Whatever I’ve got handy works here. I most often use the bag I got when I bought dry beans or rice. The bag’s small enough to do the trick and I’m able to put that blasted plastic bag to another good use before finally trashing it.

Why yes I hate plastic, why do you ask? LOL.

Anyway – I first cut the boiled eggs in half and scoop out the cooked egg yolks. Then into my small repurposed bag I add my favorite deviled egg filling ingredients: 

      • Cooked Egg Yolks

      • Sweet Pickle Relish (or homemade Pear Relish)

      • Homemade Mayonnaise

      • A Light Squeeze of Prepared Mustard (if not using pear relish)
      • Salt / Pepper

When all ingredients are inside the bag I squeeze the air out of the bag and close it up tight.

A little squish & short massage of all those ingredients right there inside the bag and Boom! The egg yolks are mashed and all ingredients mix thoroughly right inside the bag. I’ve just made a quick yet delicious deviled egg filling with NO mess!

Plus, since everything’s mixed together right there in the bag there’s no need to dirty additional bowls or utensils. All ingredients are mixed & contained in that same repurposed bag.

What a great shortcut, I’m aaaaaaall about shortcuts in the kitchen, y’all!

Now comes the complicated part of actually assembling your deviled eggs. Get your pencils out, students…

Neatly Piping Deviled Egg Filling Into Hollowed Eggs

Cut a tiny corner off of the repurposed bag and ‘pipe’ the filling into the egg halves.

It’s easier to deliver just the right amount of filling without gooping it over the sides of the egg white which makes them less presentable. 

I just squeeze a little dollop into each hollowed half. It goes really fast using this bag method. And with NO MESS!

I've learned an easy, mess-free way to make deviled eggs. I can't believe I spent so many years making them the hard way! #TexasHomesteader

Finally I’ll garnish with a little sprinkling of paprika and I’m done.

When you’ve squeezed the last of the deviled egg filling from that repurposed bag you can just toss it in the trash. It’s ok, it’s already done double duty for me since it used to hold dry beans.

Using this method is so much faster than trying to put everything in a bowl and mix it all up, then trying to spoon the filling into the individual hollowed halves. It’s so quick, yet so easy and NO MESS, y’all!

Deviled Egg Flavor Option – Pico de Gallo

Traditional deviled eggs are good, make no mistake. But we sometimes like to make deviled eggs with a little extra spicy kick.

That’s when RancherMan whips up Homemade Pico de Gallo to stir into the egg yolks. It’s delicious! Everyone always raves.

We sometimes add spicy pico de gallo to our deviled eggs for a spicy kick. #TexasHomesteader

But whichever flavor you decide to make your deviled eggs, it’s certainly faster, easier and less mess to use this handy Homestead Hack tip. Give it a try!


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4 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Faster, Easier Deviled Eggs – No Mess!

  1. Jack

    Oh oh Tammy do I see a wasted plastic bag???

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL It’s a clean ‘used’ bag. I wash ’em & use ’em forever. Today I made deviled eggs for our family gathering & I used an empty clean bag from a bag of pinto beans. Whatever I have that’s pretty much served its time gets used for deviled eggs. I hate plastic so if it’s coming into my house, I’ll use it to its fullest before finally throwing it away. ~TxH~

  2. Sondra Langle

    Oh,, my gosh, I can hardly wait to try this. Thanks again Tammy for your great ideas.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      You’ll be pleasantly surprised Sondra. It’s so much easier to get the filling into the egg halves without smudging the filling everywhere. My mama always taught me ‘Presentation is half the meal’ so it’s important to me that it looks as well as tastes great. ~TxH~


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