Homestead Hack: Disposing of Confidential Documents

by Texas Homesteader ~  *affiliate link This time of year after RancherMan & I gather documents needed for our income tax return, we always do a quick cleanup of the remaining confidential documents that we no longer need. We utilize electronic bill-pay for almost all of our bills. And we enroll in paperless billing whenever […]

Homestead Hack: Sneak Healthy Vegetables Into Their Diet

by Texas Homesteader ~  I’ve always tried to make sure my family ate a well-balanced diet. Of course I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with eating some less-healthy foods… as long as it’s in moderation. Fried foods, sweets, salty snacks – all were ok as long as they were enjoyed in proper moderation. My goal […]

Homestead Hack: Don’t Flush Cooking Fat Down The Drain!

by Texas Homesteader ~ We’ve all probably done it – rinsing out remaining fat and letting it go down the drain. A quick flip of the garbage-disposal switch and the greasy problem is gone. Right? I’ve written before about how I’ve discovered how the problem Is NOT Gone when we flush things through our kitchen […]