Homestead Hack: Propping Tender Seedlings

by Texas Homesteader ~ It seems vegetable-gardening planting is finally going on all over the US now.  Aaaaaahhhhh the veggie garden – how I love it.  Here in NE Texas (zone 8) I typically plant heirloom seeds in my ‘Indoor Greenhouse’ in February and transplant those heirloom seedlings into my garden after the danger of […]

Homestead Hack: Cardboard In Compost

by Texas Homesteader ~ *Contains Affiliate Link Y’all know I have a compost tumbler and I’m a big advocate for making your own compost. It’s healthy for your plants, cheap to make & a great way to make good use of kitchen scraps and paper trash that would otherwise just be wasted. And it’s super […]

Homestead Hack: Saving Your Fingernails When Cleaning

by Texas Homesteader ~ We’ve all been there.  You scrub & scrub your stove but that tiny little stuck-on piece is being stubborn.  You scratch at it with your fingernail to dry to dislodge it.  But since your hands have been in the water, those fingernails don’t have the same ooomph as when they’re dry. […]

Homestead Hack: Paper Napkins in a Paperless Kitchen

by Texas Homesteader ~ Long, long ago I gave up disposable paper napkins in our home.  We’ve used cloth napkins exclusively since the kids were babies.  Then over a decade ago I was finally able to wean RancherMan off paper towels too.  I keep him supplied in plenty of repurposed rags to take their place. […]