Homestead Hack: Hiding Ugly Planters in Winter

by Texas Homesteader ~

It was gonna get into the low 20’s overnight so I brought in 6 plants I’d had outside.  At least they’d be safe from the cold.  But they were planted in repurposed red plastic coffee cans. I needed to put them at a southern window in our guest bedroom. 

But ugh, such ugly planters for inside! Check out this easy Homestead Hack for making it all look nicer…  Use Whatcha Got!

When you bring your plants inside for the winter, are you embarrassed by ugly planters? I was! See this Homestead Hack for hiding ugly planters when you bring your plants inside for the winter. #TexasHomesteader

To hold my planters I pulled out a folding tray table and lined it with a plastic bag to protect it.  At least moisture wouldn’t be able to damage the table during these plant’s stint inside.  I covered the plastic with an old towel to hide the lining.

But like I said, those red plastic coffee can planters are too ugly to be in the house.  And this is our guest bedroom! I really hated the look.  Maybe I can disguise it a little to make it presentable?

So I wrapped the whole group of them all in a single piece of burlap scrap to hide the coffee cans & tone down the glare of bright-red plastic.  Then I dropped pinecones, driftwood, etc in the empty spaces between the cans to hide the gaps.  It gave the appearance of being a single planter.

When you bring your plants inside for the winter, are you embarrassed by ugly planters? I was! See this Homestead Hack for hiding ugly planters when you bring your plants inside for the winter. #TexasHomesteader

I think it looks much better!  Burlap fits perfectly with my decor, it’s temporary and costs nothing.  When it’s time to take these plants back outside I’ll just roll up the burlap & drop the red planters back into their large, more decorative outside pots.


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10 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Hiding Ugly Planters in Winter

  1. Nancy

    Every time I read something that you use those containers for it makes me wish I drank coffee. I do have a friend that is a huge coffee drinker and will see if I can get a few from her.

        1. Texas Homesteader Post author

          I did, ordered that book right away. I’ve read a chapter or so but things have been way too busy to sit down & read it like I wish I could. Hopefully soon, it’s very interesting so far… ~TxH~

  2. candace

    I don’t drink the kind of coffee that comes in the hard to throw away red plastic cans any more but I have a stash of them in the basement from when I did. Not that my coffee delivery system container is a whole lot better for the universe but like you have said, we all do what we can and remember 1 plastic bottle and 76 billion of them. Dang, I have to think of a way to reuse more of those coffee containers at my house. I remember in the old days weaving things our of a variety of materials, maybe I could do something with them and make them into a back door mat. The windows are in the barn, the “boys” are working on the siding. We got key pad door locks for 2 of the 3 man doors yesterday and more wire so that “we” can put in an outdoor outlet and light. Gads the stuff that the men in my life can do. I need to remember to be more appreciative of all the stuff “birdman” does around here.

  3. Patti

    Love this crafty girl!! 😉 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We all had the flu and took turns as to who would warm up the chicken soup. Patti

    1. candace

      Patti – take special care of yourself with the flu rampaging around and from all I hear it’s a bad one this year.

      1. Patti

        Thank you Candace and Tammy! I haven’t felt that crappy in a long time. Every muscle in my body hurt, yuk. I broke out the Clorox to clean with, good thing I only use this for special circumstances. Patti

    2. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Ugh, Patti. RancherMan caught the flu right before Christmas. Thankfully his fever broke early enough to be fully non-contagious before our family gathering. Hope you & yours are feeling much better these days… (HUGS) ~TxH~


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