Low-Waste Storage Idea To Neatly Store Boots

by Texas Homesteader ~

In my closet are several different styles of women’s boots. I have mid-calf boots & higher-calf boots. There are boots that go with leggings and boots that go with blue jeans. I’m not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. But c’mon, a girl’s gotta have fashionable footwear!

Recently I did a heavy Decluttering of my closet. I removed tons of items that I no longer wear and sent them off to a Thrift Store. Then everything that remained was returned neatly to my closet.

But oh those boots…

My boots slouched over and fell from the shelf, I needed a low-waste to keep them neat and organized. I used cardboard and it works great #TexasHomesteader

Now I’ve read all sorts of solutions to keeping boots from slouching over. Many people use cut-up plastic pool noodles. If I had access to pool noodles that were no longer being used I’d probably use that as a solution I guess. But I’ll not buy them because, you know, they’re plastic.

Have I mentioned lately how much I Hate Plastic? LOL

I suppose I could crumple newspaper and shove it into my boots when they’re not being worn. But What a pain to remove & replace that paper each time I wore a pair of boots. There’s got to be a better way.

Using Cardboard For Neater Boot Storage

Then I thought about corrugated cardboard. I volunteer for our local food pantry and there’s an endless supply of cardboard boxes and flats to hold all those cans of food. So I brought several home with me, flattened them out and cut them in half.

Then I folded each piece in half longways and slid them down into my boots. Perfect! The rigid cardboard holds my boots neatly.

My boots slouched over and fell from the shelf, I needed a low-waste to keep them neat and organized. I used cardboard and it works great #TexasHomesteader

My closet is now much more organized. And when this boot-straightener cardboard is no longer needed I just toss it into my compost tumbler and it magically turns into that precious Black Gold Compost for my garden. Nothing new needed to be purchased and there’s nothing to go to the landfill in the future.

Use Whatcha Got, Y’all!


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