Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Decorating – Homestead Style!

by Texas Homesteader ~


We don’t typically decorate for Halloween, but the weaning calves weren’t hearing of it.

We weren't going to decorate for Halloween but the calves would't hear of it. They presented their own rendition of 'Spooky Haybale' #TexasHomesteader

They did their own rendition of ‘Spooky Hay Bale’.

Good job, kids!



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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Decorating – Homestead Style!

  1. Kati

    Tammy, thanks for the chuckles 🙂 Your post is just too funny!
    The only thing we do for Halloween is use it as an excuse to buy a bag of candy and go hog-wild on it.
    We’re much more interested in Easter and Christmas since He is the joyous reason for the Season.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      We only decorate outside during Christmas Kati. For some reason I’ve never really been one to decorate outside for the different seasons other than Christmas. But the calve decorating committee took things into their own hands (errrr… HOOVES!) LOL ~TMH~

  2. ColleenB.

    HA; How funny. Actually when I first took a quick look at it; (very quick glance) thinking it looked like one large head of an owl. What great talent your calves have.
    Halloween is that one holiday that I just never been able to get into. I decorate for Fall but not Halloween. My daughter got all of our Halloween decorations.
    Have a great day Tammy

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I’ve never gotten into Halloween either Colleen. Oh I’d let my kids dress up & go trick-or-treating when they were young but I never decorated for it. And once my kids were grown I never even enjoyed the holiday itself. When I was a kid Halloween was a blast for young ‘uns but oh it’s gotten so scary in real life these days. ~TMH~


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