How To Trick The Birds AWAY From Your Strawberries

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

I needed a way to trick the birds away from eating my garden strawberries before I can harvest. This simple trick helps preserve the strawberries – I painted small rocks red to look like strawberries & fool the birds.

I planted strawberries this year but I need to trick the birds away from eating them before I can harvest. I painted small rocks red to fool the birds. #TexasHomesteader

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Growing Strawberries In My Edible Landscape Plan

I’ve included *Everbearing Strawberries in my Edible Landscape. They’ve produced well for me.

Plus Everbearing strawberries produce a crop throughout the growing season, as opposed to just one harvest per year.

But I hate when the birds steal those strawberries riiiiiight before harvest time!

Strawberries grow in a galvanized raised bed. #TexasHomesteader

How do you protect fresh, ripe garden strawberries from the birds?

How To Keep Birds Away From Fresh Strawberries

Now I don’t remember where I saw this hint (so sorry to whomever opened my eyes to this hack) but this is brilliant.

I learned that you could trick birds away from your fresh strawberries by painting small rocks to look like strawberries.

It’s said that painting rocks to look like strawberries will fool the birds. You simply place the fake strawberries around your strawberry plant soon after you plant them. That way there are no actual strawberries available, only these hard rocky strawberry look-a-likes.

A few pecks on the hard faux strawberries and the birds decide that I’m such a lousy gardener that they don’t want ’em! LOL

So I decided to give it a try. It was super easy and fast (and CHEAP!) I simply gathered up a few small roundish rocks and a bottle of craft paint that I already had.

Painting Rocks Using Whatever Paint I Had…

To paint your faux strawberry rocks you need:

Several Small Strawberry-Sized Rocks

Red Craft Paint

White Paint Pen

Small Craft Paintbrush

Now the craft paint bottle I had indicated the paint inside was red in color. But to me it’s really more of a dark pink color… with sparkles! 😀

But I’m assuming the birds won’t mind. And I’d think the sparkles may attract more attention anyway. So I decided to give it a try.

Making A Homemade Temporary Craft Paintbrush

To paint my future strawberry rocks I needed a craft paint brush. But I found that didn’t have one in my craft drawer. Did I run to the store and buy one? Nope.

I pieced together a Temporary Paintbrush using things I had at home:

A small piece of terrycloth

a clothespin.

I’m a #UseWhatchaGot kinda girl!

I'm painting rocks to look like strawberries to trick the bird. So I made this quick craft paintbrush with a clothespin and a scrap of fabric. #TexasHomesteader

It probably wouldn’t work for any fine detail painting projects. But it worked just fine for my little craft. And it was FREE!

Plus after painting I tossed that tiny square of scrap fabric in the trash and returned the clothespin to my laundry room to continue its important work of hanging our clean laundry outside.

Painting Rocks To Look Like Strawberries

Anyway, I used my sparkly pinkish paint and my homemade paintbrush to paint each of the rocks I’d gathered. I decided on a couple of coats to make sure the rocks were solidly covered, allowing the paint dry between coats.

Then I took a white paint pen and put a little detailing on each one. I was hoping that this looks enough like a strawberry that it will fool the birds.

I planted strawberries this year but I need to trick the birds away from eating them before I can harvest. I painted small rocks red to fool the birds. #TexasHomesteader

If the paint doesn’t weather well I may have to add another coat of paint in the future. But I’m out zero dollars for this trick.

I had the rocks, I had the paint (sparkly as it was…) so if it saves my strawberries for RancherMan & me to enjoy, all the better!

Does Painting Rocks To Look Like Strawberries Work?

Over the years I’ve read naysayers pointing out that this hack doesn’t work. That birds aren’t really fooled by pecking on rocks instead of ripe, delicious berries. 

I don’t know why someone else might experience something different than me, but this little gardening hack for strawberries has worked beautifully here for years.

Does painting rocks to look like strawberries really fool the birds? #TexasHomesteader

It’s not because we don’t have very many birds visiting our yard, quite the opposite. We have many birds of all different species. And we have bird feeders in the yard and birdhouses to attract them too.

There are always lots of birds in our yard at any given time. However since placing these strawberry-painted rocks in my strawberry bed I’ve lost precious few of my fresh home-grown strawberries to the birds.

And don’t we all want to enjoy the bounty of our own harvest?


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3 thoughts on “How To Trick The Birds AWAY From Your Strawberries

  1. Nancy

    I am so excited, I just ordered my victory garden. It’ll be built in early May. Snow is threatening again tomorrow. Sure is strange getting snow the late. I got too use to the Washington weather. I can’t wait to start planting. Kaleigh is excited, too. She’s already picking out seeds.

  2. candace ford

    I don’t do strawberries – I had enough of them as a kid when the folks raised them – not a zillion acres or anything, but If I picked them and sold them I got to keep the money. Of course there was a lot of eating too. My issue in these days (MANY years later) is my blueberry bushes and the deer and elk that frequent our property. A friend told me recently that she had read and started using Irish Spring bath soap in cheesecloth bags hanging from her fruit trees to ward off the wildlife. So I’ve got bags of it hanging in my bushes. I hope it works. I can see two does out across the pasture from my front room window as I sit with the computer on my lap.


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