Homestead Hack: Cleaning A Narrow-Neck Jar

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

Don’t you hate to have a narrow-neck jar that you just can’t reach with a bottle brush to clean? I’ve often wondered how you could effectively clean those wonderful but odd-shaped bottles & jars. 

Check out this Homestead Hack, y’all!

Tip for cleaning a narrow-neck jar. This narrow-neck jar was an odd shape so a bottle brush didn't help. But check out this Homestead Hack to get the job done! #TexasHomesteader

You see, my sun tea is always brewed in a repurposed salsa jar. It’s the perfect glass jar to use, partially because it’s hourglass shaped. 

That shape makes it much easier to grip and safely carry to the picnic table outside to brew our sun tea.

Hourglass shaped jar with tea bag outside to brew sun tea. #TexasHomesteader

But although I love the shape of the jar, it does make it very difficult to clean. Of course I rinse that sun tea jar well each time I brew our tea. But over time I start to see tea stains on the inside glass. 

So I sat out to find a good way to get the tea stains out for a crystal clear glass jar, ready to make sun tea again & again.

I wonder… Hummmmm…

Denture Tablets For Cleaning A Narrow-Neck Jar

I’d read that you can use simple denture tablets to clean the glass. You know the ones – you drop them into water with your dentures & it begins to bubble. Then it cleans the dentures overnight.

I’d bought some of those effervescent denture-cleaning tablets years ago because. Back then I’d read that you can use them to clean your toilet & help keep water stains at bay. (it worked well enough I suppose, but I found that a good ole toilet brush and baking soda works just as well. Much cheaper & less waste).

But since I still have several of those tablets, now I’ll try one to see if it will clean my sun tea jar with no scrubbing. So I pulled out one of those tablets and dropped it into my tea jar that had been filled with water.

It bubbled just as I knew it would. But would it actually clean those hard-to-reach areas of my jar? I sat the jar by the sink & left it overnight to do it’s thaaaang.

Jar Sparkling Clean Again

The next morning I went to check it out. A quick rinse and I was very pleased to see those tea stains were now gone! Now that was effer(dent)less! 

LOL – see what I did there??!

Tip for cleaning a narrow-neck jar. It was an odd shape so a bottle brush didn't help. But check out this Homestead Hack to get the job done! #TexasHomesteader

I still have a supply of these denture tablets at the ready for when they’re needed again. Periodically I’ll just toss one in my sun tea jar and allow it to soak overnight.

That should  keep my tea jar sparkly clean & ready to use!


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3 thoughts on “Homestead Hack: Cleaning A Narrow-Neck Jar

  1. Carole Heller

    Thank soooo much for this tip! Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Jennymacb

    I use a couple of tablespoons of rice, a squirt of dishwashing liquid and half the jar of hot water. Cover the top and start shaking like mad. Then simply rinse. Repeat if necessary for really stubborn stains.

  3. Patti

    Good Mornin’ Tammy, Just wanted to share this with everyone. You can also use 1 teaspoon of bleach in the vase filled with water or a dishwasher tablet cut in half with very hot water. Hope no one is seeing flooding down in your area! Patti


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