How To Make An Easy Laundry Scent Booster

by Texas Homesteader 

I have been making my own homemade laundry detergent for several years now. I love that it’s so inexpensive. And that it’s even effective enough for tough laundry problems here on the ranch such as manure on heavy denim fabric. 

I also love that making it is environmentally friendly and that it uses simple and easy-to-obtain ingredients. But there is one thing I really missed about my days using the commercial stuff:

the scent.

Now my detergent smells good, don’t get me wrong – it smells like, well SOAP. Clean and lightly scented. But sometimes you want a little more fragrance.

As it turns out making a scent booster for your laundry detergent is inexpensive and super easy.

My homemade laundry detergent smells great but sometimes you want a stronger scent. Making a scent booster is inexpensive and easy! #TexasHomesteader

I don’t want to add heavier scents directly to my homemade detergent because I really enjoy the scent of the SUNSHINE on my line-dried laundry most of the time. But sometimes you want your towels, cloth napkins or sheets to have a little stronger scent. 

I ran across this idea over at Simply Shellie and figured I’d give it a try since it only called for a few simple ingredients – epsom salt and a few drops of essential oil.

I used a favorite essential oil scent that I already had:  Lavender!

My homemade laundry detergent smells great but sometimes you want a stronger scent. Making a scent booster is inexpensive and easy! #TexasHomesteader

Easy Directions to Make Laundry Scent Booster

OK now that I have your full & undivided attention I’ll try to explain the complicated directions for making this scent booster: I measured out 2 cups of Epsom salts and stirred in 30 drops of lavender essential oil and stirred it around with a whisk until the scent was fully incorporated. 

Ta-daaaa!!  Really, that’s it! 

Next time I may add 10 more drops of EO to make the scent even stronger. hummm….  

I stored my Laundry Scent Booster in a glass canning jar and wrote the instructions on a label placed on the lid. After I made my lavender-scented laundry booster I made one with lemon fragrance as well. Oh the possibilities are endless!

So to give it a test drive I placed a load of sheets into the washing machine. I added my standard tablespoon of my homemade laundry detergent and then added about the same amount of my lavender scent booster right in with my laundry detergent. 

Then I washed the sheets as usual. But how did it work? Awesome! 

After the sheets were washed I hung them on the line beneath that big beautiful blue NE Texas sun. 

(breathes deeply)  Ummmm…  smells wonderful! 

And the subtle scent of lavender remained on my sheets when I made the bed with them later in the day.

My homemade laundry detergent smells great but sometimes you want a stronger scent. Making a scent booster is inexpensive and easy! #TexasHomesteader

So here’s how I made it: (but remember you can use whatever EO or FO scent you like, or even a combination of 2 or 3!):

Laundry Scent Booster

  • 2 cups Epsom salts
  • 30 – 40 drops of your favorite essential oil (I used lavender)

Measure 2 cups Epsom salts into a large bowl. 

Add approximately 30 drops of your favorite essential oil, (either one scent or a blend of two or more scents). 

With a whisk stir the Epsom salts to assure the essential oil is completely distributed throughout the salt. 

Store your laundry scent booster in a pint canning jar – be sure to label the contents!

To use – add about 1-2 tablespoons along with your laundry detergent, wash as usual.

My homemade laundry detergent smells great but sometimes you want a stronger scent. Making a scent booster is inexpensive and easy! #TexasHomesteader

So there ya go. This laundry booster was very inexpensive to make and took me mere minutes to mix it up.  SCORE!

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48 thoughts on “How To Make An Easy Laundry Scent Booster

  1. Carol Limme

    Does anyone know how to make a liquid form laundry scent booster, the powder form leaves a white looking residue on darks. I use powder form on whites & lights but I need a liquid form for blacks & dark clothing. In Texas especially in the DFW area for some reason the last 5+ years the city water leaves an after smell that the clothes start to smell like wet dog.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Hummm… I’ve never noticed that in our laundry Carol, so I’m not sure how to advise. But laundry that smells like wet dog? Ugh, I can see you wanting a solution! Hopefully one of our other readers has a suggestion for you. Can anyone offer this information to Carol? ~TxH~

  2. L Johnson

    I found something non-DIY…dollar tree in their bath aisle sells BATH SALTS in a jar. They have Vanilla Lavender and a couple of other scents. Or you go to the drug aisle and the have scented epsom salts. I have been using them both for 3 years with my DIY laundry detergent. Adding during washing reduces the sudsing and cleans your clothes much better and scents it delicately.

  3. Evelyn Edgett

    I wil be trying this soon. And yes, it will make a wonderful bath salt too. I am a massage therapist, and my teacher showed me how to make our own theraputic bath salts, using epsom salt, essential oil, and some baking soda. I make one with lavender, myrhh and frankenscence. Two cups of that in a nice warm tub for about 45 minutes, and I am like a boneless chicken!

  4. Lynley Kroft

    Great idea! I will have to try it and pass it onto everyone I see. May I share your idea on my blog?
    I use my dryer because I love soft clothes, towels, etc. Therefore, I tried a soaking wet to damp lite lint towel with a few drops (or a squirt) of DoTerra’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate. (NOTE: I am not a DoTerra distributor just a new customer). Then put my laundry in the dryer on low at the energy saving mode. I love the fresh scent. Thanks for your environmentally safe ideas.

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    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I haven’t, Stephanie. I have a dryer but I haven’t turned it on in years – I much prefer hanging my laundry even during the winter months. If you decide to give it a go maybe you can make a 1/4 batch or something so you won’t have much invested. But even if it doesn’t turn out for you in the laundry room, I’m hearing it’s a great foot soak or bath salt as well so it won’t be wasted one way or the other! ~TxH~

      1. JILL

        I’ve tried this in the drier and it doesn’t work. After further research I’ve learned that the heat from the drier kills the scent of the essential oils. Sorry 🙁

  8. Lady Locust

    I’m probably a little ADHD so I can get side-tracked, but don’t you love those old square-ish canning jars? They don’t move around on the shelf as much & seem to fit better:)

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      OMGosh YES Lady Locust, I’m like you and love the square-ish canning jars. I have several that I’ve dug up from where the previous homeowner on this property (whose home burned down sometime in the 1950’s) used to dump their household trash. I mark the bottom of those jars so I know that they’re for storage only since I don’t know how strong they would be to hold up to canning. But I make sure to use every one of them in some way and I love it. ~TxH~

  9. SallyAnn

    This sounds great! I just have one question…..will the epsom salts dissolve in the laundry if you wash in cold water? Thanks and have a blessed day!

  10. Gina

    I have actually been looking for something like this! I’ve made my own detergent for years and you are so right. It smells like soap. I missed the smell of commercial items. This is fantastic! I’m looking forward to giving it a try! Thank you! Pinned for later.

  11. Martie

    Wow…what a simple way to make your laundry smell amazing! I love lavender, and it’s an oil that i know won’t irritate my skin…it actually helps with eczema, which I have! I’m definitely giving this a try! Found this on Sweet Inspirations, thanks for sharing! I’m pinning! 🙂

  12. Gina

    Hi! Great to know you may use this mixture in the laundry. I mix this up and use it in my bath water now I will also add to my washer. It also makes a lovely hand-made gift when packaged in a pretty jar.

  13. Cindy

    I saw this online and am planning on trying it. Thanks for passing it along. Good to know someone else tried it and like it!


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