15+ Homemade Zero-Waste Options For A More Natural Clean

by Texas Homesteader ~  Are you looking to easily make your own simple homemade cleaning products from items you already have in your home? Homemade cleaners are typically cheaper, more eco friendly and result in much less chemicals in your home too. I’m sharing how I make everything from laundry products to body products to […]

Different Ways I Use Soapberries For A Natural Clean

by Texas Homesteader~ I was thrilled to find a soapberry tree growing in our NE Texas property. I found it far back in a remote pasture. The berries on the tree had already turned yellow in those cool autumn days. As a matter of fact, it was the yellow orbs that attracted my attention to […]

Pet Stain? How To Easily Make Your Own Carpet Cleaner Solution

 by Texas Homesteader ~  We found pet stains on our carpet. Even using a professional carpet cleaning service failed to permanently remove that carpet stain. But this inexpensive homemade stain treatment worked perfectly. And the stain never reappeared!

Homestead Hack: Saving Your Fingernails When Cleaning

by Texas Homesteader ~ We’ve all been there.  You scrub & scrub your stove but that tiny little stuck-on piece is being stubborn.  You scratch at it with your fingernail to dry to dislodge it.  But since your hands have been in the water, those fingernails don’t have the same ooomph as when they’re dry. […]