Stuck-On Food? How To Easily Clean Cast Iron

by Texas Homesteader ~  To preserve the coveted finish of cast iron, the method required to clean it is different than other materials. But even so, it’s not hard at all. Just slightly different. The skillets in my kitchen are comprised of a single stainless steel skillet for making my Homemade Chocolate Pudding and such, […]

Pet Stain? How To Easily Make Your Own Carpet Cleaner Solution

 by Texas Homesteader ~  *affiliate link When we adopted our Mini-Schnauzer Bailey several years ago, she was plagued by painful bladder stones. This condition also caused her to relieve herself often in the house, and her urine was sometimes tinged with blood. A carpet-stain nightmare! I’m happy to say surgery to remove her bladder stones […]

Homestead Hack: Saving Your Fingernails When Cleaning

by Texas Homesteader ~ We’ve all been there.  You scrub & scrub your stove but that tiny little stuck-on piece is being stubborn.  You scratch at it with your fingernail to dry to dislodge it.  But since your hands have been in the water, those fingernails don’t have the same ooomph as when they’re dry. […]

Homestead Hack: Use All Of Your Spray Cleaner

by Texas Homesteader ~ Cleaning – we’ve all gotta do it #amiright??!! My favorite cleaner is much simplified from my younger days.  Back  then I’d prance down the highly-scented cleaning aisle picking up whichever cleaner spray had the most eye-catching label. But I recently wrote about how cleaning has become complicated.  So my cleaner of […]